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  1. You know, starting teachers where I live make about twice as much as starting bakers do. Teacher pay actually looks pretty good now that I've been working in the kitchen.
  2. Pephemie

    Brussels Sprouts

    I had a warm brussel sprout salad with torpedo onions, bacon, and some sort of balsamic vinaigrette that was pretty good. But my favorite is just pan roasted with a little salt and pepper, and topped with butter at the end.
  3. Heh, I had a little disaster when I tried to swap powdered pectin for liquid pectin in a pomegranate jelly recipe. It clumped up and I ended up having to strain it out . Apparently I'm not a very good jelly maker!
  4. Technically employees can invite two people a month, though I know just about everyone abuses that. I keep wondering if I'll have a job in 6 months. I am a Bon Appetit contractor, not a Google employee. In response to Carolyn, some of the things I've liked that I made recently: salty chocolate cookies and apple-quince galettes. Update about cafes... I guess Bon Appetit been cracking down on illegal immigrants and paperwork issues during the past week. Our cafe lost prep guys (which sucks, everyone has been working OT to make up for it). I heard one cafe lost 15 workers in one day.
  5. Um, I might suggest going to a cheaper community college sort of culinary school. I have a friend who went to the CCA in San Francisco, spent about 40-50k, and is paying over half of his monthly salary to student loans. He's been working about a year and a half for our company and has only gotten a 36 cent raise. It might be different at other schools, but still, the investment to payoff ratio sucks. I got 10/hr at my first job. I am now making 14 as an assistant, a year later. Which is enough to live on, but I could easily double that pay doing well... just about anything else. Even entry-level postal workers make 4 or 5 dollars more than me, so it's tempting to leave this field sometimes. The chef I was working under was making 17/hr, before she quit and found a job for $20.
  6. So Google had their cafes do a model gingerbread campus this year. I got stuck with two (my cafe and another buidling) with no gingerbread house experience whatsoever and kind of freaked out. But I think it turned out pretty nice for my first try... I forgot to cover up that one seam on the front. Bah! Tim-- for that isomalt greenhouse, how did your wife cut out the pieces? or did she do big slabs of isomalt and just pipe on the metal grid supports?
  7. What sort of components go into this banket filling? (how cute, "banket" reminds me of how little kids say "blanket")
  8. Awww!! How cute! How old is she?
  9. Hm, I was comparing that Fine Cooking recipe to the one I used to make at my old job, and they're exactly the same, except that our recipe had 2x the amount of eggs and yolks. I don't recall there being any weird metallic taste but I wasn't looking for it, so I suppose I'd have to try again. We never waited for the curd to cool before adding the butter, and the product definitely got grainy after a vacation in the fridge. Testing the Fine Cooking recipe tomorrow at work with some satsuma mandarins...
  10. I work at Google, in one of the kitchens, so I thought I'd butt my head in here in case anyone had questions. I think we have about 17 cafes now.
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