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  1. Are there any well traveled cooks out there that have sampled some of the seasonal foods the Germans serve at their Christmas Markets? For any that haven't been to Germany over the Holidays it is a winter festival that just about every German city hosts in their town center. They have all sorts of great food at the markets--a lot of typically seasonal stuff wurst, crepes, and chestnuts. And lots of booze because, after all, it is cold outside! I am looking for a close recipe for one of the dishes they serve called "Champignons mit Knobi" which is champignon mushrooms topped with a creamy garlic sauce. From what I remember in watching them, they usually use big copper kettles where they do an initial boil of the mushrooms then follow it with a quick roast. Then top with this garlic sauce and sprinkle some paprika on top. The liquids they use for the boil (probably broth) and the seasonings all come from these pre-mixed batches of suff that I could never figure out. The sauce looks like a Béchamel sauce, heavy on the garlic, but there is a lot of other seasonings in there. Anyone have a close recipe? Thanks in advance! /Tim
  2. The khymos recipe file has a new version 2.1 as of June 2008. If you are starting out with hydrocolloids, it is THE resource you need to start with even before buying anything. Guide is located here: [ http://khymos.org/recipe-collection.php ] /Tim
  3. But the key is to ensure you at least have your facts straight or have an unverifiable story. I remember going to a restaurant at the top end of the list of best kitchens. We did a wine tasting and the Sommelier was always very descriptive and it sounded like he had trudged around the mud in his rubber boots. I knew a particular wine area very well however, which was a reason I was looking forward to a specific wine in the tasting menu. And on he starts describing how this one variety comes from the North slope which has more clay content than the Southern slope. However looking at the vines they had very similar qualities blah blah blah. So I then said that from the Northern slope one had a very good view of a valley and did he see this particular landmark? The Sommelier stuttered a bit then went tut-tut and explained that he had only ever seen pictures and had never even been to Europe. Did I feel taken for a ride! /Tim
  4. I was interested in the kit and hoping that someone would have caught a picture of it. I am particularly interested in the Pearl Dropper since good tools are still things everyone is looking for. I read in the NYT that it looked like a cheese or pepper flake shaker. The magnetic agitator sounds like a good addition and I assume that is like one of the lab stirring machines with a spinning magnet in the bottom. Otherwise I would think that they would have all the chemicals in pre-measured portions of some sort because I cannot see a bartender fiddling with a gram scale in strobe lights. /Tim
  5. Jello is gelatin mixed with flavorings. Would I be deemed of purer heart if I used some Texturas Gellan and mixed it with a lemon lime reduction? Now admit it. The image below features prominently in your dreams ever since you ate too much Jello when you were a young pup in diapers. Your mother should not have turned her back on you, because apparently this incident scarred you for life! /Tim
  6. Oh I agree. The "hydrocolloids" have gone way overboard. I wanted to use it on a dessert more as a garnish as opposed to serving a plate of the stuff. And I think that is totally appropriate. I was thinking of a chocolate crepe sprinkled with a dash of powdered sugar with a dab of lemon-lime foam off to the side. Was going through espume recipes though and I had a thought that why couldn't I just throw some Jello into the darn thing and whip away. At least so I thought. Maybe I think too much. /Tim
  7. I've been playing with my new ISI Whipper with creating foams and other whipped items. Has anyone tried using Jello for a foam base in a whipper? Many of the techniques for creating foams are combinations of fruit juice with cream and gelatin. I was thinking about something time saving and quick by just throwing together Jello with heavy cream. Any thoughts? /Tim
  8. Thanks. Koerner is in New Orleans and I am happy to help a business there. They sent me three friendly emails about the progress of my order and a tracking number. Can't ask for more than that. /Tim
  9. I just asked a few days ago to check and got a reply today. I've got six different reminders set already, including one hanging on my cat! /Tim ------------------------- Apreciados Señores, 2008 RESERVATIONS: You can send your request on mid October to bulli@elbulli.com and we will give you an answer as soon as possible. Due the experience of receiving an extraordinary demand at the first moment that surpasses our limited capacity, I must explain you that it will be impossible for us to find solution for the most of requests. The problem that we are living around reservations is increasing year after year due we must distribute our capacity (50 people each service – 8000 seats each season). We keep our 50 % of capacity for our customers and the other 50 % for people wishing to visit us for the first time. We try to solution the most possible of requests but finally, due our limited capacity, the demand awaiting a solution surpasses our possibilities and even makes us impossible to have a waiting list as we will need too many years to absorb it. We thank you sincerely for all your interest. Sincerely yours, Luis Garcia 2008 - Open form April till October Only dinner service 7.30 – 9.30 p.m. except on Sundays of April, May and June that we will be open for lunch (1.00 – 2.30 p.m.) and closed for dinner. Monday and Tuesday closed ElBullirestaurant Cala Montjoi - 17480 Roses Tel. +34 972 15 04 57 Fax. +34 972 15 07 17 E-mail: bulli@elbulli.com Web: www.elbulli.com
  10. Hi, I am new on the board but wanted to say that I found a number of the threads very helpful. I had a question and a comment. I was just getting into the Spherification technique and wanted to know if anyone had used the Gluco product yet and had any tips. I had a meal (session, show, ???) at Alinea early this year and it peaked my interest! I am going to experiment with the reverse spheres and was curious to know if there was any experience with shelf life of the reverse spheres. I heard mention of at least a day, but was wondering if there was any additional recommendations about storage. Does anyone have any tips about proportions for the Gluco? I also wanted to report that in case any didn't notice there is another product line available for those in the U.S. Paris Gourmet has a lineup called Cuisine-Tech. Small orders can be made through [ www.chocolatecrafter.com ]. Products seem the same but the tool kit from Cuisine-Tech seems a little more useful than the Eines from Texturas. Prices are somewhat less as well. Only thing I could recommend for either toolkit is to throw in a gram scale since they can be obtained pretty cheap. Actually I wish we'd just go metric and be done with it! The Cuisine-Tech toolkit comes in a handy bucket as well. (Uh, Gaston! A bucket for monsieur. There you are, monsieur.) For smaller quantities of the Texturas, I had a wonderful experience with [ www.koerner-co.com ]. I also checked with [ www.rogersintl.com ] but they would only sell wholesale to businesses. Rogers referred customers to Tienda who had what looked like a 200% mark-up on the Texturas products. Since I live in Washington I was going to check out minibar in September. Though after reading up about all the techniques I am afraid that it will all have lost its magic for me. Cheers! /Tim
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