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  1. Well, I know that parmigiano reggiano isn't added to seafood risotto, unlike other types, but that would be safe anyway AFAIK.
  2. Hello, forgive me for starting a new thread on this, but I couldn't find any information with the search function. As I mentioned in some of the other threads here, I am going on vacation to Italy shortly. However, Mrs. IrishAdventurer is pregnant and obviously can't eat lots of the things she'd normally like, such as gorgonzola and cured ham. While she can take precautions and avoid foods like that, how careful do we need to be when eating out? Obviously we can tell the staff that she is pregnant, but different countries have wildly different ideas of what is 'safe' when pregnant. Ireland and the UK are a bit more strict than mainland European countries in my experience (at least in terms of the medical advice), and I guess I'm really wondering what precautions the Italians take when pregnant, and whether restaurant staff will follow that advice. She'll avoid ravioli with ricotta I'd imagine, but would probably like to eat seafood risotto: would that be considered 'safe', in general or by the Italians?
  3. I am not a canning or jarring expert, but maybe I can make a contribution here: you seem to be describing the process of sterilising the jars in boiling water, and the lack of bubbles at this stage is what worries you, correct? If this is the situation, I wouldn't worry so much. You are trying to ensure that no bacteria, or air (which would cause oxidation) is present in the sterile jars, but I don't think the bubbles themselves matter: bubbles are formed in boiling liquids when there is some nucleation point for the bubbles to meet and escape, like some kind of minor variation in the glass, or indeed in a saucepan/pot of boiling water. The lack of bubbles on the glass (assuming the water is boiling) might mean it's very smooth, and thus can't provide any nucleation sites for the bubbles to escape.
  4. I'll be staying near Ravenna for a week in September, and am definitely planning a few day trips to Bologna. I am not sure how many evening meals I would manage to fit in, and I certainly won't be going for tasting menu type places, but are there any particular recommendations for trattoria style places, especially for lunch?
  5. It's gotten MUCH MUCH MUCH better. ← Really? Wow, that's very impressive, because we had a fantastic meal there. If I'm ever back in NYC I'll definitely go there again.
  6. Oh my God, I am now extremely jealous...that, even by TFL/Per Se standards, looks like an absolutely incredible meal. The mind boggles at what the tab would have been, but as I am sure you appreciate, you are a very lucky sod Stephen!
  7. Thank you HappyLab and oakapple for the update. We had a wonderful meal there in November '06, with many happy memories, so I was very curious to know what happened.
  8. Can anyone provide some price information on L'Ami Jean, and tell me whether reservations would be a must?
  9. Thank you very much indeed John, that information has been passed on with high recommendations. I hope it is well-used, I'll let you know.
  10. Roughly speaking, the ratings emulate Michelin's 1-3 stars, however: A Nous Paris awards 1-5 dots, one being lowest - five highest, and Figaroscope awards 1-4 hearts; 1=Hold on, 2=To your forks, 3=Reserve right now and 4=Run; there's a busted/broken heart labelled Ouf, a kilo gained (ie for nothing). Regarding the 14th; I'll pop that topic up for comments. ← Thanks John, that helps. So one heart isn't actually a bad review, simply that the restaurant is nothing special?
  11. Actually, please disregard that last post: my friend has just informed me that he's thinking of staying more centrally based on other recommendations he has received, purely for logistical reasons. So, now it's easy: your preferred central-ish restaurants where you can get decent food without crazy money, for people who like to eat out without being serious foodies? Two or three suggestions is fine, this won't be a culinary highlights trip, more a "we need to eat, so let's eat nicely" kind of thing. Would the area around Les Halles still be worth concentrating on (if it ever was?)?
  12. This may sound a very redundant question, but since I heard several months ago that Scott Bryan was no longer the chef, I wondered what happened to him or where he went to? I haven't been able to find any information about it.
  13. Jesus, an extended tasting menu at Per Se? That's like sticking hand grenades to the outside of a cruise missile! I am just jealous though...
  14. Hi everyone, I'm reluctant to start a new thread about this, so if I may, I'll ask a question here: a very good friend of mine is bringing his girlfriend to Paris in a few weeks for her 30th birthday. He asked me if I could find some information on places to eat in the 14th arrondissement, where they're staying. They're not serious foodies (which is why he asked my advice!), which is also why he'd prefer places near where they're staying. I've checked quite a few threads here, looking for information, but most of the things I've found out about the 14th was about places to be avoided (L'Auberge for example) rather than places that should be visited (like La Regalade). Does anyone have any up-to-date recommendations? I apologise for the limited criteria, but it's just a few recommendations to fill up a weekend's worth of evening meals. I have suggested somewhere like L'Atelier Joel Robuchon of course, just in case...
  15. Thanks for all the great info. I'm currently trawling through these threads looking for decent places in the 14th for a friend of mine, and I wanted to check one thing: the 'heart' rating mentioned here goes from one to five, with 5 being the best? Just wanted to check, as I live in Germany and it's the other way around, whereas most places of course higher is better.
  16. One final follow-up: does anyone who has been there know how much lunch will cost? And how much wine pairings will add? Can't get information about this on their website, which is slightly worrying...
  17. Thanks a lot to everyone for the advice. I'll let you know how I get on....once I start to explore properly, I'll post my results up here...
  18. Update: I hadn't heard anything since I contacted them, so I asked a German-speaking colleague to call and inquire. Apparently they are booked out for dinner through to January next year But, I was (apparently, haven't received the confirmation yet) able to get lunch reservations for the day I wanted, which is a Saturday, so that's not too bad Now, any advice on where to stay in that area, and perhaps somewhere simple for dinner that evening?
  19. Thanks for the feedback, and thanks also to the person who PMed me some useful information. I contacted the Schwarzwaldstube last week, asking for reservations, but I haven't heard back from them. I think the website says they will fax back within 3 days, but it has been longer than that. Should I contact them to clarify, or start trying elsewhere? IA
  20. Hi, interesting thread, and I'm trying to get some perspective on how harshly Michelin judge Spanish restaurants. Does Cinc Sentits in Barcelona have a star?
  21. Hi, long shot I know, but I'm hoping some UK-based member might have a spare copy of the Food Monthly Magazine from last Sunday's Observer (it's a British Sunday newspaper). I didn't realise it was this week already, and forgot to ask someone back home in Ireland to get it for me (I live in Germany, and the Observer doesn't come with it here). Does anyone have a spare, or a copy they aren't keeping? I'll happily pay whatever postage costs would be involved. I know it's all available online to read, but it's not the same... IA.
  22. Hello everyone, having searched for some information on places in the Schwarzwald in Germany, I noticed that most of the information is a little old. I plan on spending a weekend in the Schwarzwald (the more northern/western side of it) in April, to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, and I'm looking for recommendations for places to eat and stay, including starred restaurants. I notice in another thread that Freiburg seems like a hotspot, any particular recommendations? I'm living in Rhineland-Pfalz, and have a car, so out-of-the-way places aren't a problem. Edit to add: I'm sure someone will call me crazy for leaving the Pfalz to find nice places to eat, so if you'd like to suggest places there, feel free...
  23. Hello everyone, just back, and had a great trip. I'm happy to describe everywhere we ate, should I do it here, or add another thread? Sorry, I'm unsure of the conventions. @Silly Disciple, we went to your stall, it was great. I posted in your thread here.
  24. Just back from BCN, and visited the stall last Wednesday. My wife and father both agreed that the pasta was top-notch, we really enjoyed it, and it was very good value too. Keep up the good work!
  25. Hi Saborosa, do you know if we're likely to taste the suckling pig if we have the tasting menu? I certainly hope so!
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