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  1. I've never been to San Sebastian (it's high on the list, I can assure you), but the impression I've gotten (I know a few people who have been) is that it's almost impossible to have a bad meal there...enjoy!
  2. Well, there are certainly some organic beers brewed in Britain and Ireland (I'll check up on those for you), but one beer you can certainly include is Budels Bio, from the Budels brewery in the Netherlands. It doesn't taste bad either. Apparently, even the energy used to brew it comes from renewable sources...
  3. I wouldn't rule out a legal challenge though: I read today about a Swiss village that is actually called Champagne (unlikely as it sounds), that lost a legal challenge to call wines produced there 'Champagne'...
  4. Leffe, Hoegaarde and Stella are all owned by Interbrew, the Belgian equivalent of Anheuser Busch or Budweiser. While they do still produce some good beers, most of them are now generic, mass-produced imitations of decent beers, or previously good beers (like Leffe). As regards bottle versus keg, you can, in the Netherlands and Belgium get some very good beers on draft, generally the seasonal ones. But for export, I'd certainly stick with the bottled stuff: it's less likely to be mass-produced (once you avoid the marketed, mass-produced ones, obviously), and it should keep better I would say.
  5. Hello Susan, glad to hear you enjoyed it. When I was reading the guidebooks, Comerc24 is definitely the one that stood out for me, but then I heard very mixed reports and that's why I looked elsewhere. I wouldn't quibble about prices for any of the restaurants discussed and recommended on this thread, except I'll only be in Barcelona for 3 proper evenings (when I won't be flying in, or home), and don't think I can justify two meals like that in such a short trip. However, from what I'm anticipating, I'm sure I'll be back there before too long to try the others! Anywhere else you'd recommend? Nice bars for sampling Cava, for example?
  6. Hello again everyone, well, Cinc Sentits mailed me back yesterday, and I got an 8.30 reservation for the day I wanted (had asked for 9), so that's great. I'll definitely have to check out that mushroom stall, and dharold, if all that seafood was only €50 per person, and I'm down near the port, I'll definitely check out that Salamanca place (which is actually the name of my favourite tapas restaurant in Dublin!). I would like to eat in more of the places that you've all recommended (particularly any places run by El Bulli alumni), but i'm facing into a potentially expensive relocation in the next few months, and the missus doesn't want to go too mad...I don't doubt that we'll eat very well after all your advice, I've got a list twice as long as the number of meals we're going to have!
  7. Sounds good, we'll definitely check you out... A mushroom guy you say...intriguing....
  8. Thanks again Silly Disciple. I'll see what comes back from CS, and I'll call ABAC next week. Where is your stall in the Boqueria? Is it just fresh pasta to take away, or do you serve pasta dishes too? My wife is a real pasta fan...
  9. Hello ladies and gentlemen, glad to see a thread discussing Per Se, even if it is in the context of rising prices. My wife and I ate there last November, and I knew then, at 27 years of age, I'm unlikely to have a meal better than it for the rest of my life (unless I get reservations for El Bulli sometime!). It was $220 per person when we were there, extras and wine brought our bill up to about $860, and I'd spend it again tomorrow if I had the chance. I know it's a lot of money, but some of the dishes were just mindboggling...anyone had the Snickers Bar there? We had that Gimenet Blanc de Blancs champagne too, it's wonderful, and I had a glass of that '89 Bert Simon Riesling with a foie gras terrine course, it was lovely. Edit to add: I wasn't aware of a wine pairing option. We had the champagne to start, I had the dessert Riesling with the foie, and we had a bottle of red and a bottle of white for the other courses. Two full bottles of wine might sound excessive to American palates, but it seemed a good idea at the time, and what we had was superb. I agree about the lobster though: while I liked it, and don't mind seafood with bite, I did think it was a bit chewy. But the overall experience, from the service, ambience, dramatic view over Central Park in the rain, was absolutely magical. People here couldn't believe we could spend that much on a meal, but I told them: go, and if you don't enjoy it, I'll pay for it myself. I'd say that to anyone.
  10. I may well be going over old ground, or revealing myself to be way out of my depth, but I ate in Veritas in NYC last November, and had a wine from Larry Ellison's nephew's vineyard. I can't remember what it's called, but it was very impressive. I'm sure you could find out what it's called, it's not a big secret he set him up.
  11. Are you only looking for organic beers brewed in the US?
  12. Hi again Silly Disciple, I meant the more modern style of cooking, influenced by people like Adria and Arzak, and cooked in places run by former El Bulli and Arzak chefs. I understand quite a few of those places we've discussed fall under that heading. Perhaps I'm misusing the term however. But yes, more modern-style food, rather than 'simply' very good traditional cooking. I'm tempted to call ABAC alright, especially if I might not get a table at Cinc Sensis. Silly question, but when would be best to call them, time-wise?
  13. Thanks for those recommendations dharold and Silly Disciple. @dharold, may I ask how much that platter cost? It's certainly very impressive. @Silly Disciple, you obviously know a lot, being a local, are there any places that you'd really recommend, that aren't nueva cocina (I thought most/all of those you mentioned are)? Also, what's the best way to book ABAC? Their website seems to be broken or missing....
  14. I've sent a mail to Cinc Sentits, they're closed til the 27th, so fingers crossed I'll get a positive response. Reading some of the other threads on here, Alkimia sounds interesting....any opinions on that? I'd like another place (apart from Cinc Sentits) that has a tasting menu, but I don't think I'll be able to spend the kind of money that some places are charging. Alkimia seems a bit more affordable...?
  15. Hi everyone, thanks for the advice. I have a few follow-up questions: when making reservations, is it okay to simply call up, and ask them in Catalan if they speak English? Also, can I simply call into Jamonisimo to try some of their hams, or do I need to book there too? I thought it was just like a store, but their website makes it look like you can make a booking for a tasting...
  16. Congrats, Santorini really is lovely. I was there in May, but we didn't stay in Oia or Fira. We did eat dinner in one place in Fira though, I'll check the name at home. However, my advice would be avoid any conspicuously touristy places, and you should be okay. I don't know if there are any renowned restaurants there, but we found the food to be of a very high standard, and that was based on the resort we were staying in. Try the local vinsanto, it's excellent!
  17. Hello everyone, I'm hoping you can help me. I'm going to Barcelona in two weeks for 4 days, and while I've gotten some bit of an idea of where I'd like to eat, I really don't have time to do the research I'd like, as I'm very busy with work at the moment. I've read some of the threads here about Barcelona restaurants, and it has helped (had wanted to go to Commerc 24, but have been pushed towards Cinc Sensis instead), but I suppose I'm looking for the "do not miss" places. Not necessarily the most expensive, but just really good places, either for simple tapas, good food, or the 'clever' stuff. I've seen that former El Bulli and Arzak people have places in BCN, but which of those would you recommend (I'd imagine I'll only be able to go to two places that require reservations), and will I get a table there with only two weeks notice? There'll be three of us, all adventurous with food. Also, where is Jamonissimo? I saw this on tv and said I have to go there, but haven't been able to get an address. I know this is probably a selfish/lazy first request, but I'll promise I'll give my knowledge back to the forum in return!
  18. Hello everyone, newbie and first time poster, but on the subject of cat versus rabbit, I read an article recently (not actually food-oriented) about a day in the life of a vet (in the Guardian or the Observer newspapers in the UK). It included an anecdote where he was eating 'rabbit' at a friends house, and realised it was in fact cat. So perhaps if someone has access to information on how to differentiate between the two, they'd like to share? Just in case I ever buy rabbit...
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