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  1. KarenS

    Houston Visit

    Today I went back to Central Market (had to show my California Mom that Texas does markets very, very well!- and she sure agreed). We had lunch at Goodes BBQ- my mom said, "now I'm in Texas". It was very good too. I was surprised at how green it is here (and all of the trees). I did not expect that. There are also some beautiful homes here. Are there any great bakeries to check out? Fifi, thank you- I will go there, I want to see the Gulf (can you recommend anything on a drive to Pt Arthur?
  2. KarenS

    Houston Visit

    So I am in Houston- I went to Central Market, what a wonderful place!
  3. I also swirl the hot caramel up the sides of the ramekin (so that it is not all sittting as a thick layer on the bottom).
  4. Get a small convection oven- you can do so much with them. A torch can also be used for so much- broiling oysters, heating foie gras etc... One or two burners will be plenty for you. My friend worked a "restaurant" on the beach with a toaster oven and a propane torch for 6 months- before the restaurant was finished. I love my delonghi convection oven (with rotisserie). I just keep the door open!
  5. KarenS

    Cooking for Diabetics

    My sister has had diabetes since she was six. Both my brother and I learned how to give a shot, "just in case"- and we never have had to! My sister is now 47- and has been giving herself shots for 41 years. I am well aware the need for regular scheduled meals and snacks. I live in Hawaii too- teach her to stay away from the two scoops rice- macaroni salad kind of plates. Tell her also that Halle Berry has diabetes. Once she learns to manage it (with your help) it will not be too difficult.
  6. Ganache is not an easy thing to make or understand. I do not advise chilling over ice or refrigerating. That alone could make it grainy. Ganache is best when allowed to set at room temp. If you must cool it -be gentle, and for not too long of a time. Chocolate does not function well when cold.
  7. I use strega, grappa, or brandy- as this is a modern Italian dessert, I have always felt that there is room for adaption. It comes from outside of Venice in the seventies.
  8. KarenS

    Malt Vinegar

    I too love it on greens (spinach). My favorite vinegars are champagne and rice wine vinegars (with good reds ands balsamic following).
  9. You put the marzipan in the bowl first before unmolding (or you would never have the "dome of whipped cream". This is meaning- a sheet of rolled out tinted marzipan. I've made princess cakes as wedding cakes, and the more pastry version.. Let me know if you need more help!
  10. Mixing is also really important. I don't leave the mixer running- but pulse it on and off with the alternating additions of dry and wet. I finish the mixing by hand. Over mixed cake batter will get rubbery. Wendy is right about oven temp- I keep my convections at 325 (except for one problem oven that needs to be 100 degrees cooler). I also rotate the pans in the oven half way through to further ensure even baking.
  11. KarenS

    Houston Visit

    Thank's everyone; this is the kind of information that helps "save" me. FUCK CANCER! I am sorry if being vugar offends anyone. This is a war, and I intend to win.
  12. I think that is is both Swedish and Danish. My cousin married a Danish guy.
  13. My grandmother (and my mom) never larded their roasts either. My mom always used a chuck roast- and marinated for 5 days. The smell of saurbraten cooking (with red cabbage and potato pancakes) reminds of being little- yum!
  14. I've also heard them called princess cakes- white cake w/ raspberry jam, covered with whipped cream that is domed on top. The whole cake is wrapped in tinted (pale green, pink) marzipan. My cousin had this for her wedding cake.
  15. KarenS

    Houston Visit

    Thank you- this is great! (and just what I needed)
  16. I will be in Houston for medical treatment at MD Anderson. I have never been to Houston (and do not want my illness to take over my life).I intend to check out food in Houston. I am a Pastry Chef in Honolulu. I love farmers markets, restaurants of all types (and would be looking foreward to some good Mexican food- something lacking in Honolulu). I love seafood, I am very fond of Gulf shrimp- in my opinion, far better then tiger shrimp? Where should I go between tests and Dr. appts? I would love some opinions
  17. H Salt Fish and Chips for me (I was 15, and was hired with a friend of mine). We had to wear double knit polyester sailor outfits (and sailor hats). My dad always wanted me to bring home the leftover fried shrimp. We were right next door to a KFC- they often wanted to trade food with us (I have never liked fried chicken). During college- I worked in a frozen yogurt shop (and concessions at the football games- you learned to add and make change really fast!). The yogurt shop made me very popular in the dorm...
  18. Valrhona manjari for just eating. I too don't care for Scharrfenberger, and to me El Rey tastes burnt. Dagoba seems chalky to me and not well rounded at all.
  19. Salmonella is most often found in kitchen sinks and on countertops. It is spread most often by people who wipe their counters with sponges or wet rags. It is also found on the outside of eggshells (organic or not). Large amounts of sugar (and chocolate) will kill certain organisms for a period of time. I think your torte will be fine.
  20. Hey, I'm drinking Peets coffee right now! (french roast) It's the best (I grew up in Berkeley and used to stand in line with one parent or the other- while they patiently waited for their beans).
  21. I'm trying to absorb the "never have had fresh seafood" quote. In my opinion- you should really try to change that! I could care less if I never ate beef/ pork/chicken/ lamb again. But not eating seafood would make me very sad (you can order it online you know).
  22. I wouldn't poach mango or bananas (and with bananas, I use whole underipe apple bananas with the skin on- it it easier to cut them thin on the mandolin this way- take the skin off afterwards)
  23. Poaching will result in a crisper, prettier chip (the result is more like candy then dried fruit). When poached they will dry almost transluscent- and keep a better color. Check out the French Laundry Cookbook, they do it that way- I switched and liked their technique better.
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