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  1. Thanks all, This is for an outdoor event so I can't really sous vid it. I will have my trailer cooker (smoker) there so I can use that as an oven. The client is providing the lamb and i won't get it until the morning so an overnight brine isn't possible. I may look at some kind of infused injection. Right now the plan is to cook them in the smoker then do a quick high heat sear on the grill. Any sauce (not mint) suggestions?
  2. I have to do grilled leg of lamb for an event coming up and it's something I don't do very often so i turn to you wise folks. I find leg of lamb to be on the lean side so I was considering larding it. Would you use garlic infused lard or perhaps duck fat? Anyone have any killer recipes?
  3. I'm with you on this one. It's the sanctimonious attitude that bugs me, not the words/incantations. Lately, I respond, "And may the force be with you." "This is not the tip you're looking for"
  4. Not related to The Stage Deli from NYC - They had two satellites - one in The Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and the one in the Ceasar's Forum shops. The AC one is long dead and the Vegas one closed down some time in late 2009 / early 2010.
  5. The Stage in Caesar's closed in 2010. Carnegie's in The Mirage crushed them.
  6. I got mine from Culinary Classics. They screwed up the first one but bent over backwards to make sure the other 3 were exactly as I wanted them.
  7. Update: I ordered a 50 micron and 100 micron filter bag from McMaster Carr. The 100 was back ordered so I tried the 50 over the weekend. It took everything out leaving me with an almost colorless liquid which was great but it took a long tome and a lot of pressure to work all the solution through the bag. The 100 is up next and if that works a 100 super bag may be in my future. Now the down side. The specific gravity of the filtered solution overwhelmed the spray nozzle of the pump up sprayer. It worked, but just barely. I don't want to go to a HVLP chocolate sprayer but I will if I have to. Anyone have any luck spraying low viscosity high specific gravity (lots of sugar in solution) glazes through a hand sprayer? If so which ones?
  8. I was concerned that the super bag might be too fine as I don't want a clear liquid, but I'll try a 400 & 250 poly filter bag from McMaster Carr. Thanks!
  9. I have a project where we are trying to spray a sauce through a glaze sprayer to convey a certain look. The sauce has particulate in it (fine spices, fine ground pepper etc) which is clogging the nozzle. The sauce flows through the pick up and check valves fine. What's the best method to remove these particulates? Chinois ? Chinois & cheese cloth? I don't really want to go to a superbag. Any thoughts?
  10. Surprised no one has mentioned Interstate BBQ & Neely's.
  11. Tom is a chubby chaser, eh? You might be on to something here. Remember how he threw every break possible at Tiffany in season 1?
  12. i agree. will have to check judge's comments about how they attempted (or IF they attempted) to balance this out. having an extra day would be an enormous advantage, it seems to me. Not only having the extra day to rest and plan but to be able to go eat at and observe the other team's effort and process would be a huge advantage.
  13. He hasn't. Well, I don't know. Wikipedia seems to think he has. Although elsewhere I did notice a reference to "...was on a team that..." Another reason one shouldn't put too much stock in Wikipedia.... He was at Memphis in May with David Cox's team in 1991 (Dave won the Grand Championship that year with ribs). Nathanm won an award in one of the side dish categories for pasta - that doesn't exactly make him a BBQ champion.
  14. If you come out give a wave, I'll be slaving somewhere at Jack's Old South location.
  15. I'd really like to know who from KCBS taught that class (feel free to PM) as this is totally incorrect. According to the class instructor's guides from 2009, 2010 & 2011 judge candidates are supposed to be specifically instructed NOT to shake samples or try to dislodge meat. Presented on the bone means that it's on the bone when presented in the turn in box. Enough KCBS competition hijacking of this thread.
  16. This is incorrect. Competitors are not disqualified for overcooking, but their scores will reflect it.
  17. Back ribs are leaner than spares so they are pretty easy to dry out If your rub has a lot of salt in it it can pull moisture out of your ribs if you leave it on that long If your ribs were falling off the bone they were overcooked and that contributed to the dryness That being said, spraying the ribs will help keep the bark soft but every time you spray them your cooker has to come back up to temperature so you increase your cooking time.
  18. It really pushes my hot button when we arrive (on time or a little early) somewhere with a reservation and they shuttle us into the "reservation que" where the host/hostess explains that the wait is only 20 minutes vs an hour if we didn't actually have reservations.
  19. No, but remember that Gail is like a 5 year old with a handful of change containing one shiny quarter that captivates her. I don't know if she's edited to look like a tunnel visioned fixated stoner ("ooooh pepperoni sauce", "I don't like runny eggs" "My fish had a BONE in it") or if she's really like that but for the past several seasons it seems she picks one thing either positive or negative about one dish and just beats that one point to death.
  20. What would be the appropriate protocol for a handbag/coat? Of course, in the ideal world, there would be hooks attached to the bar for handbags. But a coat? What do others do with theirs? Should said bar become crowded, then I would definitely attempt to move my coat... How about the coat check? (if they have one) We used to get that all the time, people would bypass the staffed coat room and want to take up a bar stool for their coat/hat/gloves to save $1.
  21. I'll probably get stoned for this but I just don't get all the In-N-Out love. I ate at the big one in Vegas off Tropicana once and it was the worst fast food I've ever eaten. The burger was simply terrible, I threw all but one bite away, the fries were soggy and greasy and for this I got the privilege of waiting 25 minutes for my food. Five Guys is another "I don't get" - expensive dry cooked-to-death burgers and the worst fries in existence - soggy, undercooked and swimming in grease. Any of the national chains such as McDonald's or Wendy's are far superior to either I-N-O or 5 Guys yet praise abounds. Please enlighten me as to what I'm not seeing.
  22. The diving for conchs was ridiculous. I shuddered at the thought of one of them not being able to swim at all (but I suspect there was a questionnaire at some point). But it didn't seem to to affect any of them adversely, so no harm, no foul. Considering that it looked like the water was all of 5 feet deep I suspect that wasn't a problem. Do you suppose there was a briefing on what a conch actually looks like? Cheftestant "I got one! I got one!" Producer "That's a stonefish"
  23. It seems like that for this season of Top Chef "retread" , it's not only the cheftestants that are recycled, but the writers are using every rejected and half baked challenge concept that was sitting around the office.
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