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  1. Miami's legendary Rascal House will close down this coming Sunday. Bad news for all Florida deli lovers. Where will you go next winter?
  2. Check out iNoodle on Bloor, between Euclid and Palmerston. Opened in the past few months and is a fine fine ramen spot.
  3. It's official, the deli will open next monday, the 17th. Fress on brothers, fress on.
  4. I've seen a fair bit of mango in the cheap places here in Toronto. None of these are Japanese owned by the way...mostly Korean or Chinese or even gaigen. I went to Japan last year and had the chance to see what real sushi tastes like. Nothing like we have here, that's for sure.
  5. Great photos posted by Jason Perlow from Off the BroilerKatz's Pics
  6. Guss's pickles in the Lower East Side (the place with the barrels on the sidewalk) is fighting United Pickle for the rights to the Guss's name. New York Times
  7. These were some harsh reviews, but having eaten there twice in November I can vouch for this place. It's an absolute blast, and if you're strictly eating meats, the food is great. In terms of chopped liver, I'd say it's top five in the country for restaurants and delis. Also, the rib steaks and skirt steaks are great. Go, get wasted, dance, and fress. And don't be stingy with the Schmaltz.
  8. Don't waste money on a "work of art" cake that tastes like stale drywall. I was at a great wedding this weekend, and they just had the local supermarket make their cake for them. Cost less than $200, look good, and tasted like supermarket cake. But i'll take that any day over the $1000 cakes i've had at fancy weddings which I am too drunk to see and taste awful.
  9. Al Langer, the founder of Langer’s Delicatessen in Los Angeles, passed away this Sunday. He was 94 years old. His loss will be felt accross the entire Los Angeles delicatessen community, around the country, and the world. For Al Langer was a pastrami perfectionist and anyone who tasted the fruits of his labors will forever be in his debt. Share your Langer's memories here.
  10. The deli world lost an icon this week with the death of Al Langer, 94, the founder of Langer's Delicatessen in Los Angeles, home to the finest pastrami sandwich in the land. Alef Hasholem
  11. It's not strictly demographic. Brooklyn retains a large Jewish population, but the traditional Jewish eateries are mostly gone. A large difference has been the split that Glatt Kosher created in the past decades, which basically created a very expensive, very niche food for the observant, which many Jews do not eat because of cost and sadly quality.
  12. I'd have to go with: Square potato Knish eaten from NYC street vendor Thin crisp potato latkes with sour cream or apple sauce Proper puffy oven roasted, rosemary flecked potatos cooked in the fat of the animal it happens to be roasting with.
  13. technicalities about where and when aside, does the demise of New York's food institutions stir you? For a city that's known as the unique and historic exception in a nation of chain outlets and fast food, seeing the Gertel's and others replaced by more and more Subway's and Cold Stone Creameries sure saddens me. What are your favorite NYC institutions that have gone by the wayside over the years?
  14. 2nd Ave Deli closed...now it's Gertel's Bakery? What next, and where is this headed? Can anything stop the tide of institutions closing down and should they be preserved?
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