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  1. Thanks, Richard! I'll do a bit more research on the Breville (it looks the same) and the Silvia - and look forward to hearing what others think as well! Linnea
  2. Richard, Thanks for asking! Screening out the capsule / super-automatic machines (which are not what I'm looking for), we are left with a few machines by Gaggia, FrancisFrancis, and Breville: Gaggia - Espresso Dose, Baby Twin, Classic Espresso, Baby Class, New Baby FrancisFrancis - X1 Ground Breville - Espresso Machine (?), Cafe Roma Espresso Maker Out of that selection, I am most intrigued by the Gaggia Espresso Dose machine - because of its claim that "The Dosage button allows the machine to memorize the preferred amount of coffee that goes for 1 or 2 cups of espresso." I've also always (since I can remember!) loved the LOOK of the FrancisFrancis machines - but again, I'm looking for the ability to create a short Italian-style espresso rather than a more voluminous American shot (apologies as I'm SURE I lack the vocabulary to properly express this!). I really appreciate your advice - even if it is that you don't think ANY of these will do what I want and I should save up for something entirely different further down the line! Thanks! Linnea
  3. My fiance and I are in the process of building a wedding registry at Sur La Table - and we could really use some advice about espresso machines! Apologies in advance if this is a redundant question - I couldn't manage to uncover any answers in the coffee/tea thread... The question: Espresso I've had in Italy always seems much more concentrated (more flavor and MUCH less liquid) than 'espresso' in the US. I really prefer the Italian style - is achieving that as simple as just putting less water in the machine? Or do I need a machine that is specifically designed to produce that kind of espresso? If so, any particular brands? We're looking to stay in the <$800-or-so price range - this will be the most expensive item on our registry by far and we know that it will be an EXTREMELY generous gift - but we're hoping for a high-quality machine that we'll be able to enjoy for years to come! (Because after all, isn't good espresso an important part of a happy marriage? )
  4. I don't know how I am going to hold out until June - these posts are making me hungry already! Sudeste sounds especially amazing - you've basically described my idea of a perfect day, Marco_Polo!
  5. Thanks, therese - that's good to hear! I'll report back... Definitely hoping for some sun as we've been having an especially long rainy patch here in London!
  6. Just wanted to mention my delivery-only neighbourhood (Marylebone) favourite: http://www.752pizza.com/menu-pizza.html So far I've been consistently impressed w/ both their traditional and more creative pizzas - but I'm lucky enough to be going to Sicily next week, so I'll see how they compare w/ the real thing!
  7. Thought I would bump this thread up as I'm going to be in Glyfada working on a project for a week in mid-April. I'm going to try to make it in to Athens as much as possible (never been to Greece before!), but have no idea how late I'll be working - so any recommendations for good lunch or dinner spots in (or near) Glyfada would be much appreciated! Based on the above posts, I'm sad to hear that there are at least a couple of spots to avoid!
  8. I've not been to Sicily yet, but my boyfriend and I are visiting in a week, so I've been doing lots of research! Sant'Andrea in Palermo seems to be highly recommended (located at Piazza Sant'Andrea 4). I'm determined to try spaghetti with sea urchins at least once in Sicily, and they're meant to have it, so... Other than one night in Palermo, our itinerary doesn't overlap with yours (we're heading to Scopello, Agrigento and then Taormina) so I can't offer much more help, but hope you have a great vacation!
  9. Does anyone have any good restaurant recommendations for the Algarve? I couldn't find much mentioned in past thread searches... I'm not going until June (staying in Vilamoura) but it's cold and rainy in London, so I'm already looking ahead to summer!
  10. My boyfriend and I did our truffle hunt last week in La Morra with a trifolau who came recommended by our hotel (Corte Gondina). We had a fantastic time - in about two hours we found three small yet (we thought) quite respectable-sized white truffles (somewhere between a large walnut and a small apricot in size, maybe?)- and a couple of black ones as well for good measure. So, depending on your expectations, based on our experience I would be optimistic about your chances of finding at least a couple of truffles!
  11. Thank you! I am looking forward to it.
  12. I've found the recommendations on this forum to be very helpful and am wondering if anyone has any tips on truffle-hunting etiquette. Perhaps a silly question, but I'd like to minimize my chances of acting like a 'clueless American' and unfortunately I don't speak much Italian so would appreciate knowing what to expect. My boyfriend and I have booked a truffle-hunt through the concierge at our hotel in La Morra, and I am basically wondering if there is anything in particular we should be aware of: i.e. is it appreciated / considered rude to tip our guide, are we encouraged / discouraged from befriending the truffle dogs while they are working, etc. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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