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  1. shaw10805

    Stupid Chef Tricks

    how about tempuring the roux with the liquid in a mixing bowl and then incorporating it into the sauce
  2. shaw10805

    Brussels Sprouts

    blanch and shock them, saute with bacon lardons and onions. deglaze with apple cider reduction
  3. Cooking the pasta ahead of time is fine, just lightly mix it with oil to keep from sticking. You can't cook the spuds ahead of time for mashing, that has to be fresh. The vegetables should be okay, but if you're roasting potatoes and carrots, you have to hold them in water. good luck
  4. Hear in Maine we steam cook a lobster in boiling water for two minutes, then back it in a vacuum tight bag with a little up butter, and poach it again...it's unbelievable
  5. macaroni and cheese meatloaf shepard's pie chicken pot pie SOS (sausage beef gravy on biscuits) chipped beef on toast chicken and broccoli casserole zucchini/summer squash salad broccoli cobbler pudding bread pudding chocolate cake i used to work at a golf club that had a lot of older clientel (we used to call the dining room "god's waiting room"). we used to keep some specials "denture friendly" it was kind of pathetic, but that's what restaurant service is all about right? hope it all works out for you
  6. shaw10805


    I'd say poach them in stock or water with some aeromatics...after poached for 10 minutes or so, put them in a pan with some sort of weight on top of them to give them durability and texture. Dredge in flour and pan fry. Saute'd mushrooms and onions would be delightful.
  7. shaw10805

    Dinner! 2007

    it was a pretty wet day on the coastal north east today...flood warnings and falling trees....i followed it up with a big stick to your ribs batch of beef stew, it really hit the spot.
  8. i've heard of putting partially cooked lobster tails, and clarfied butter in a vaccum packed back, and finish cooking in poaching water.
  9. i will always check to make sure i'm using sugar, before i try to make simple syrup
  10. shaw10805

    Oysters Rockefeller

    i saute chopped bacon and onions, deglaze with annisette liquor, add spinach and finish cooking. i stuff the oysters with the spinach stuffing, and half way through cooking, i spoon on a little mornay sauce. it comes out very nice.
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