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  1. Keep in mind that you can save money on AC by shopping for seconds. http://www.cookwarenmore.com/
  2. I believe this will answer most of your questions: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/foodmonthly...,807445,00.html
  3. Depending on the volume of these chemicals you want, you can get smaller portions of these items from http://www.willpowder.net/ I am assuming they will ship to Canada.
  4. Great, thanks! Now I'm glad I asked. I can't wait to try kobe.
  5. Looking for some advice here... seriously, all this kobe looks awesome. I have yet to buy any, but I really want to. From these pictures it looks like the fat actually exceeds the amount of meat. Is it even possible to cook this like a steak? Sear both sides and serve. Based on the pics this stuff looks more like a pork belly where I'd slice it thin and pan fry it. Can someone who has actually bought and eaten this stuff enlighten me on how best to prepare it? Thanks!
  6. No apologies necessary All this talk of sauerbraten makes me hungry to make some
  7. One correction, the recipe says: "Add the sugar to the meat and marinade, cover and place on the middle rack of the oven and cook until tender, approximately 4 hours." So it is cooked in the marinade. When I made this it actually was quite sour. The amount of gingersnaps I added mostly determined the sweetness of the sauce.
  8. I have had very good luck with Alton Brown's recipe. It's available here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/re...tml?rsrc=search Be sure to read the reviews for some extra helpful tips.
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    Celery root is also good. It is also known as celeriac. It is the part of celery responsible for celery seeds. It just so happens that I bought some recently and made a mashed potatoe/celeriac dish. It's a nice change of pace.
  10. logicalmind

    Dinner! 2007

    This is my first food post (second post ever on this forum). I made a lamb stew yesterday with the only twist being that I added pearl onions near the end and included carrots. The toast points in the picture are seeded rye bread toasted brushed with clarified butter. If anyone wants the recipe let me know.
  11. In my experience, meat chunks sold as "stewing beef" are very lean and cut from the round. I prefer to use cuts from the chuck. I try to get a large piece of chuck in cryovac from a place like costco or sam's club then I cut it up myself into cubes. Since the chuck i s actually a few different kinds of muscles the stew ends up with varying textures, which I like. And with the trimmings I make beef stock (by also adding beef necks from the local ethnic store to get collagen, very cheap). If you want your meat all one texture you can just use chuck steaks. Usually anything around the blade is best. Again, make some stock from the trimmings.
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