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  1. KLwood

    Coke Hacks

    Ginger sounds nice,, like a cross between a Ginger Beer and a Coke.... My personal favorite is a tad of Amaretto in a Diet Coke , or some Almond Syrup for the non -alcoholic version.
  2. KLwood

    Fun with a Benriner

    This may seem pretty obvious, but i recently started using mine to get an even ' shred ' for braised cabbage and coleslaw. It also works like a dream for slicing corn off the cob.
  3. They can premiere it between rerun of Mansquito and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.
  4. He may want to consider the Diamond Hone available from Edgepro.. Its great for harder steels
  5. On my recent trip to NY , which always includes a visit to the Manhattan Sur La Tab , I found this little goodie in the Wine accessory aisle.. Not in the SLT catalogue but heres a pic and yes its a small switchblade foil cutter that would be the envy of Hannibal Lector.. Im sure that the NY Po Po are just thrilled about that . Did I buy one ? Hell I bought 3 .... Christmas shopping is done, I have nothing against auto knives, Im a knife collector and own several, but it was interesting to see one in a cookware store in Manhattan and not at my local Gun Show. Coming soon.. The Brass Knuckle Spice Grinder
  6. Just try a google search for Dick... what could possibly go awry ? I found THIS LINK for All Things F. Dick , they make a pretty impressive line of cutlery and meat processing supplies, including several models of Captured Bolt guns a la 'No Country for Old Men' ... Heres a link for a U.S. retailer Clickedy
  7. KLwood


    Whats the Pecan item on the right ?? looks great .
  8. KLwood

    Dried Fava Beans

    try here Linkey or here linkey that still seems a bit pricey though , a decent Supermarket will special order items as long as theyre from a company that they stock... and Goya is a pretty popular brand its worth asking, although youll probablly have to buy a 'case ' of said item... not necessarily a bad thing, Favas are actually pretty nice on their own , they remind me of really good Lima beans . I feel your pain, I recently caughed up WAAAY the Hell too much at Kalyustans for a package of Fava beans in order to make some Authentic Falafel ( fabulous By the way.. hit the Egullet Falafel cook off thread ) .. Go with the peeled ones .. trust me . Although the 'Whole Bean' ( unpeeled ) variety seemed like it could have been planted successsfully after an overnight soak since they seemed to 'Sprout ' as well as anything Ive ever done for a salad .. Nasty looking plant from what I found, so they all went into the Cuisinart Edit to add " Heres a much better link direct from Goya Goya E Store
  9. Another vote for Woodys Cook In Sauce, Apparently the stuff has quite a following and theres a real uproar on BBQ message boards about its unavailability.. The only online source I found was HERE Although I also came across an ' Aproximate Recipe ' HERE
  10. Try this one from the current isue of Bon Appetit Cauliflower Steaks With Cauliflower Puree this one was a big hit, although that recipe doesnt have any Salt in it- I added salt to taste and some Microplaned Garlic to the puree, but Curry would probablly be nice as well.
  11. KLwood

    Pig Stomach

    I would Love to hear more of the story, it sounds like a Classic. Naturally, Im sure you plan to share whatever dish you come up with to your son , keep a camera handy.
  12. Try having your guest pop out the breast and feed Junior in the middle of a restaurant " so he wont get fussy while we eat " I dont know who was freaked out worse, me or our waiter. One of our alltime favorite family stories is the tale of my notoriously High strung Cousin stabbing my world class Asshole Uncle with a fork in a restaurant after a dispute over smoking while others were still eating. ( this was a few decades ago, but it still hasnt lost its nostalgic charm ) I once went to a restaurant with a guy that passed out cold after a second cocktail ( hardly his first two of the evening Im sure ) before the food arrived. Just what is the proper tip for a waiter that literally helps you carry your guest to a cab ?
  13. KLwood


    Yup, In case you cant make out my drunken scrawl, its 2 oz. Aperol 1 oz. Beefeater Gin 3/4 oz. Lemon Juice Dash of Angostura Bitters - dictated by the bartender at Pegu Club, and safely crammed in my wallet until now, and its my favorite drink for now also, but that may change after I hit Tailor this weekend .
  14. It never crossed my mind to try this technique with beef, but Im all over it . How about with a beef Loin ? I suppose it would be prudent to have a temp. probe in the loin to begin with and then form the salt crust around it... can you give some more details about the technique as it relates to steak ?? what is the Holdover cooking allowance ??
  15. I have that exact model also, and its a huge improvement over the type that have to be kept in the freezer, although this baby is LOUD, its a small price to pay for fresh ice cream on short notice. I second the recommendation about getting the mixture as cold as possible before adding it to the machine, it really seems to help the texture and speeds things up quite a bit. I also picked up a copy of "The Ultimate Ice Cream Cookbook " by Bruce Weinstein which covers a couple of types of Ice creams as well as Sorbets, and contains about 500 recipes.
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