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  1. brown sugar is great on oatmeal oatmeal
  2. oh boy- love this topic... Anything high fat- pizza, chinese food, chips all washed down with wine!! We live on an island and the only chinese food is on the mainland- That time of month, we pay to have the food flown over- takes a little more time than regular take out- but does the trick!
  3. This is a new one for me- You seem to have already made generous contributions. Times they are a-changing though- just yesterday a friend told me about accepting an invite to a large Thanksgiving dinner party and being charged $200 a head by the hosts. It must have been some Turkey- Maybe cooked by Marcel from Top Chef???
  4. I just watched the thanksgiving show for the first time last night- the cooking seems to be a notch below last season- but the personalities are getting interesting. Anthony Bourdain rocks- Loved him as a judge. I don't understand why, if Marcel was the only one who attempted to pay attention to the assignment(cutting edge etc.) that they gave the win to the elia's mushroom soup- was it the only edible course?
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