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  1. My DH eats bananas like a crazy person & really, really wrong. Instead of peeling or cutting it like normal people, he breaks it in half. With his bare hands. It never squishes either, it just breaks cleanly across.


    I tear off & eat part of the pizza crust first, then the pointy part.

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  2. Ooo I love her channel, it's so soothing!


    If you like Liziqi, check out Dianxi Xiaoge on YouTube. Similar to Liziqi, but she's a bit more interactive with viewers. Dianxi Xiaoge is in the Yunnan region and goes around with a gorgeous enormous Alaskan malamute. 

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  3. I'll be following along with interest!


    I've only recently started making scallion pancakes, but I did try the Serious Eats one. That was a massive failure. The recipe calls for waaaay too much onions - a half cup onions per pancake, without making a roux or sizzling them, ended up a big huge sticky wet mess. Also bland - needs salt. Rolling technique is fine, though.


    I'm going to try the roux version with vegetable shortening next time.

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  4. Yum! Love red cabbage! We had leftover red cabbage yesterday. No apples this time because I'd forgotten to get one. I use way more vinegar, some sugar, and veg/chicken stock. I like the idea of adding mustard, never thought to try it. 


    If you have some beets lying around, throw those in there. Gorgeous colour!

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  5. 2 hours ago, scubadoo97 said:

    Going out for Valentine’s Day is for suckers.




    Usually we'll order pizza or fried chicken and put on a movie, but spouse has a course that day till late. So dinner for me will be a couple glasses of wine or cocktails (or - let's be honest - both!). 


    If I can get some decent liver, maybe liver & onions. He hates liver.





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  6. Fish sauce chicken! Lime juice, cilantro, fish sauce, chilis or chili paste, sugar, tamarind if you have it. Slather it all over and pop it in the oven. Glaze with extra sauce/marinade. One of my go-to dinners.

    I don't put ginger in it, but I don't see why you can't. Or stir fry with bok choy & garlic for a veg side. Plus rice.

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  7. I love this topic!


    One of my Super Bowl snacks was a complete disaster. I never thought I'd complain about brie being too melty.....


    I made brie & cranberry baked in wonton wrappers. All the brie leaked out, the wrappers didn't get brown enough, just a big greasy mess. Ugh....good thing I had back-up cheese for a cheese plate.

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  8. Doing a taco bar this year. Making carnitas and a bean/squash veg option, with all the usual things that go with it - pineapple salsa, guacamole, cheese, etc. Also making sweet & spicy wings, skordalia (hubby's request - weird, I know), brie baked wonton, and rice krispies treats.


    I hope the avocados ripen in time.


    No horse in this race again, but nominally rooting for San Francisco, because of the whole west coast thing....

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  9. Onion confit.


    I'd browsed the forums a bit, but joined as a member because of this onion confit thread.


    First time I made it in my slow cooker, it perfumed my apartment for nearly a week. I thought the smell was divine. Drove my husband bonkers!


    Time to make onion confit again - but in my InstantPot (purchased also because of EG)!

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  10. Still deciding the menu, but right now it's looking like I'm doing cubano sliders, baked chicken wings, crispy brussels sprouts, either shrimp cocktail or smoked salmon platter, cheese/charcut platter. Still need a couple non-meat dips. Deciding between a hot spinach dip or classic spinach in a bread bowl. A few other things maybe, not sure what, but it should be non-meat.


    It's a bigger group this year, 14 bodies in our small apartment, hope we can squeeze everyone in. We'll need more food this year (despite husband's protests - Superbowl is about the food as much as it's about the football), so is it better to do more quantity or more variety??


    Can't decide on chicken wings flavour. My go-to is sweet-spicy, but I want to do Thai chili brussels sprouts. Is that too much sweet-spicy food?


    Go Rams!


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  11. Just remembered the cousins told us to go to Raohe Night Market (by the temple) and skip Shilin. Shilin is the bigger, more well-known one, but they said it's touristy. Raohe has pepper pork buns located at the entrance by the temple, and they are really good.

  12. I'm so excited for you - Taiwan is awesome! We're planning a trip end of the year. Looking forward to your trip report!


    Where in Taiwan are you visiting? I don't have restaurant recommendations, because we spent a lot of time with relatives, and I have no idea where they took us. But I can promise you the food is incredible. Vegetarian food is everywhere (Buddhism is one of the major religions), and plenty of seafood. You'll have lots of options. My Mandarin is terrible, but a lot of young people speak some degree of English, so we got around by pointing at food and asking young people.


    -Go to the night markets. This is a must do. Eat everything. Go to where the lineups are. 

    -Eat Taiwanese breakfast, it's the best - soy milk (sweet or salty), fried cruller, oven pastry, egg pancake

    -Stinky tofu. Deep fried with pickles. It's funky, but not that funky. You can smell it at the night markets, follow your nose.

    -Oyster omelettes

    -Oyster vermicelli in thick soup

    -Shaved ice

    -Tea and bubble tea (boba tea/pearl tea). Taiwan is also known for their amazing oolong teas

    -Japanese food is excellent

    -Din Tai Fung for the xiao long bao (steamed soup buns). There are a bunch of DTFs in Taipei, but the original one is on Xinyi Rd, by the Dongmen metro station. They also have seafood and veg buns. They open at 10am, but lineups start early. 

    -Pork sauce on rice (lu ruo fan)

    -Pineapple pastries (another Taiwanese specialty)

    -Mochi - sticky rice flour confections, sometimes with stuff in the middle. You can get it on shaved ice too.

    -Fresh fruit - really good

    -7-11!! 7-11 in Taiwan is NOTHING like the ones in N. America. I can't even describe it - you just have to check it out.


    OMG, I'm so hungry now....

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  13. I've never had an issue with overly salty bites, but then I'm also not dunking the entire chunk of ham in the cheese either. Just the top bit. Also, I alternate between bites of ham/sausage with bites of bread, veg, poached chicken, etc. Or it might be the cheese blend we use isn't too salty either. Or our meat chunks are on the smaller side.

  14. I love cheese fondue! My family has it on a regular basis. For Christmas dinner this year, I've requested either cheese fondue or Chinese hotpot. Mom vetoed both. >:(


    I don't see any reason not to try Spam...there's only one way of finding out. We dip all sorts of things - poached chicken/turkey breast, sausage chunks, ham, potatoes, steamed brussels sprouts & broccoli, tortellini, different kinds of bread.... Plenty of wine.

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  15. The flat cabbages are labelled Taiwanese cabbage here as well. I like them better for stir-fry than the round green ones - leaves are thinner and crisper.


    What are some Chinese preparations for red cabbage? I have one in the fridge right now, was planning on German-style red cabbage, but wouldn't mind doing something different with it.



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