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  1. I cook Pork Saltimbocca from time to time and I don't know what wine would be best to drink with this. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would work well with the main elements of this dish....pork, parma ham, sage and madeira? Thanks.
  2. It might not be the most original idea but I will be making some jams/jellies. I have recently bought 'Mes confitures: the jams and jellies of Christine Ferber'.The book is divided into seasons and there are some lovely recipes for this time of year. I am actually very new to jam making so jams as a present from me will be completely unexpected.
  3. I have a very old design 'La Signora' caffettiera and it needs a new rubber seal. Does anyone know of anywhere online that supplies replacement parts for stove top coffee makers? This coffee pot is a thing of real beauty (and makes a good cup of coffee) and I'm loathe to throw it out when the seal finally falls apart. Thanks.
  4. Have a look at 'The Cook's Book' which focuses in detail on step-by step techniques, with photos. Various chefs from around the world have contributed but is aimed at the home cook. The editor is Jill Norman. It's had great reviews on Amazon. I'm very tempted myself, but am running short on cook-book shelf space. Edit: You could also consider "Cookwise" by Shirley Corriher. Her interest is on ingredients and how they work together with the emphasis is on why recipes do/don't work and how to prevent problems in the first place.
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