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  1. Everything was as it always is except the eggs: stainless sauce pan, whisk, serving ladle, pottery serving vessel, local butter (same butter we always use and there was no taste difference in the butter) and fresh lemon juice. The only difference was the eggs. The hollandaise was served with asparagus and grilled lamb chops, same as every Easter. I'm not sure that if you eat grocery eggs regularly that you would pick up on a particular taste unless you ate other eggs for a while then went back or maybe did a side by side. Like anything else, our taste buds get used to what we have on a regular basis. Other than the eggs, the only thing I can think of is that something else we ate effected the way the hollandaise tasted. We had a fresh herb/chimichurri-ish sauce of garlic, rosemary, mint and basil. This is a sauce we almost always have with lamb chops but not one that I myself usually eat though I did yesterday. That is the only thing I can think of that was different for me than usual. Also, only two others noted the metallic taste but it seemed much less intense to them as it was to me. This is the kind of food/tasting mystery that I find fascinating but also that drives me a little batty.
  2. I had a hollandaise sauce yesterday that had a foul, metallic taste that was so strong it made the sauce inedible. My mom made the sauce and she made it the same way she always does (stainless pot and whisk) except for the eggs. The eggs that were used were commercial/grocery store eggs. I'm thinking this horrible taste must have been from the eggs. It's been years since I've consumed grocery store eggs and I'm wondering what about them could have such a strong metallic taste? Any ideas?
  3. I've done a site search and looked through past posts on dining in Cannes but have found very little so I'm wondering if a new post/query might find new input. I will be in Cannes for two weeks in October. My time in Cannes will be an even mix of cooking in and dining out. I would be appreciative of any and all suggestions for dining out. I enjoy all types of cuisine and am just as happy eating on the street as eating at a fine, starred restaurant. Most of the dining on this trip should be in the lower to moderate price range though one or two splurges is likely. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  4. After being a Fage consumer for the past several years I just tried the Trader Joe's Greek Style Yogurt and I am in love! It's even richer and creamier than Fage. I love the velvety texture. I am dying to know who makes it for them. I've scoured the internet but haven't found any tells. The only other yogurt I've had that is the dense, creamy and delicious is Liberte, hmmmm I wonder...
  5. Nancy, I will double check with Steve and get back to you with our final plans. I have two different fish sauces that I can bring if it will. Save a trip to the Asian market. Not sure what time I will get to the gathering but my guess is around 3. Tom, I can bring a few bread baskets.
  6. Boo I'm hoping to be able to finish up my day Thursday to maybe meet up with the group for the crawl but I won't know until last minute. I hope you can make it to the brunch but if not it would be great to get together sometime. At least we should be at happy hour together!
  7. Hi there. Steve and I are both in for the group meal on Saturday. I will not be able to be part of the shopping excursion as I will be working my stand at the market but hopefully I will see everyone there! I'm not sure if I will be done with my market day in time to cook with everyone but I will sure try. In any event, I plan to bring pies! Steve and I would also like to attend the Sunday brunch. Steve would like to attend happy hour at VTR and dinner at Greenhouse Tavern. If I finish baking early enough I would love to join everyone at VTR but I won't be able to make it for dinner.
  8. Ever since I was a little girl one of my favorite things has been beet stem pancakes. Chop the beet stems, toss with a little more than equal amount of flour then add water until batter is about the thickness of pancake batter (batter works best when it is on the loose side). Drop spoonfuls of the batter into hot oil and fry on each side until dark brown. Salt as soon as they come out of the pan.
  9. Add me to the list of those who eat the tails when the shrimp has been fried, grilled also works. I actually like the tails.
  10. I just spent a few minutes on the site and it seems that everything is gone already. They are indeed closing. http://www.teachat.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=8455&start=30
  11. It was a busy trip and I only had the chance to stop at the Ten Ren shop in Brooklyn and that was a big disappointment. I was immediately told that the smallest quantity I could purchase of any tea was 1/4 pound. I was surprised given that I can order sample quantities of any of Ten Ren's teas online but I wasn't going to argue with the women; I just left.
  12. Wow, that's drastic. i too hope this isn't a last hurrah. While they may not be my favorite tea shop to order from I've enjoyed many of their teas. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Not tea per se but my sick drink is steeped ginger. I don't bother peeling the ginger just slice into discs and let it simmer in water for a little while. Maybe a small amount of honey but not necessarily. I use this mostly for colds but often drink it just for the comfort of it. For a funny stomach I like whatever silver needles tea I have on hand. Lately I've been drinking Norbu's silver needle tea and it is greatly comforting on a cold night funny tummy or not.
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