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  1. No one is forcing anyone to buy Tosi's product. If you are personally offended, don't buy. Simple. No need to make a huge fuss over it. Last time I checked, it was ok to be individuals with personal opinions on things and no one could sue the cement for falling on it and scraping their knees. Life is just too sweet to live it that way.
  2. No offense intended.... but, When did we become so super sensitive and easily offended that an unintentional slang word makes everyone run crying to their mamma's ? There was no obvious "slam" meant here, so why should she be vilified and have to apologize? Please people, take a deep breath and chill, enjoy the beautiful offerings others have and if you find offense, don't patronize. All is well.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Padma seriously loses cred for dressing so blatantly sexual? She has many times before, but for some reason this was more "in your face". Brave.... you're pandering again and letting me down. I love Top Chef but this is the sort of thing that to my mind, takes away authenticity.
  4. No Freekin Way!! All ready?! Woots, heading to the woods................
  5. nonblonde007

    Lobster Roll Help

    I'm not squeemish, I'll eat anything once. However, and here it come, I bought Monkfish from Whole Foods and it was Full of worms! Not just one or two strays, but dozens. It's been 3 weeks and I still can't eat fish. (damaged my psyche....shudder). So, just saying, be cautious if your going to use Monkfish or Cod. It's rather common in both, it seems.
  6. Thank you guys so much! I haven't had internet until now, so making my list based on all the recomendations above.
  7. Hi all. I will be spending a few months in the Red Bank area, please tell me all the "don't miss" places I should go! I am 3 blocks from the downtown area of Red Bank and the roads totally confuse me! *hint* I get lost easily. I miss Vietnamese, sushi, a Real butcher, anything that can't be got in rural Arkansas. Fresh seafood..... drool. Thanks guys.
  8. Marie-Ora, Thanks for sharing that!
  9. I am so happy this thread came back to life!
  10. Thank you Andi! I was worried about using them, no more.
  11. Wow, I opened a jar of my lemons, about 6 months old, and they are in Jell! All of the liquid surrounding the lemons is a very thick jell. Any ideas? I have done many jars and this is a first for me.
  12. Industrial size bottles of ketchup and steak sauce. Generally a sign that the taste Needs to be covered up!
  13. nonblonde007

    Yellowfin Tuna

    Thank you. Not a fan either, but it's pretty much all there is around here.
  14. nonblonde007

    Yellowfin Tuna

    Thank you, I wish I knew how it had been handled the long road to Ar.
  15. nonblonde007

    Yellowfin Tuna

    I just bought some Ahi Tuna, frozen and sealed from Wallyworld, (don't shoot me, it's all there is in this central wasteland). I would love to sear it and serve rare. I searched and can't find the answer I need.....Is it safe to serve mass frozen cryovaced tuna rare?
  16. What I can't find is how long to roast and what temp for such a small piece of lamb. I would like it medium rare, at least I understand that is how leg should be, and I could be wrong. Should it be broiled? Or again, wrong cut of meat?
  17. I bought a small 1 1/2 lb, butterflied leg of lamb that I would like to fix. I searched the forums and can't locate a way to prepare it other than on the grill and mine is not working at the moment. Does anyone have any great recipes and preparations for this small cut they would like to share with me? I am open to all suggestions and have many ingredients. Thanks all.
  18. Annabelle, I couldn't agree more.
  19. "Oh, and Oseland is a snob in case I forgot to mention it a third time. Is it possible to double-cancel a magazine subscription?"
  20. The world is not ending tomorrow. Camping has said the world won't end until August. Saturday is the Rapture. Which means, for the rest of us, raiding the fridges of the Raptured! Hmm, on second thought, probably all they'll leave behind is three-bean casserole and Spam. That's just not very nice. Believe or no, (I don't) that is just the stereotyping that has this country in such a mess. I am embarrassed for such a thing. You should rethink your wording in case you didn't mean it so, which is easy to do. If it were my last day.....I want to try everything I never had the chance to. Plus, there must be Uni, Salmon eggs and sashime, Pho, Perfectly rare steak and Icy cold pure fresh water with lemon. (An egg yolk thrown into the mix somewhere wouldn't hurt my feelings at all!)
  21. I'm still gazing longingly over that picture.............."sigh".
  22. Andiesenji, I used your method this morning and OMG! Simply delish, I did crumble a bit of blue brie on it also. My mew go-to for scrambled eggs, thank you.
  23. Better Than Bouillon is my "secret ingredient" in many things. I've kept mine in the fridge for several weeks (never lasts much longer than that), but I always use a clean spoon for every dip so as to introduce no contaminates. I will also sneak anchovies into many dishes to give it a little umami.
  24. Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. They are Great for a gag, just don't actually eat them...... Yes, I did. The "Rotten Egg" Will make you green! http://www.mugglenet.com/info/other/beans.shtml
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