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    Breakfast 2021

    @blue_dolphin Here you go!
  2. I will celebrate my 15th Gully anniversary next month! I lurked for good year before joining, but that doesn't count. I haven't posted much in the last few years but reading the forums is part of my daily routine. I love you guys! So many of you feel like family to me just from your posts, and I have learned and grown so much as a lover of food and cook. Raise a glass to many many many more years! eta: My favorite thread is I go back and re-read it every so often when I need a laugh. 😄
  3. nonblonde007

    Dinner 2020

    @Kim Shook How do I make this? It looks Amazing!
  4. I have a long lost sister!!!! Add citrus.. Lemons or grapefruit with sea salt.
  5. @liuzhou My dishes sit unwashed in the sink and DH is grumbling for dinner.... Thank you for the mini vacation, I only tore myself away in protest because I could hear the divorce papers being drawn up >.<. Need to find a better time to binge watch, This is an amazing set of vids, Thank you so much!
  6. Good point! I'll keep searching it. Thank you!
  7. Thank you everyone, that is what it looks like it might be, tho it was sold as kitchenware.
  8. My Daughter in Law found this lovely dish and came to me wondering what it is. I am clueless! Does anyone recognize what this would be used for?
  9. I'm not "willfully distorting the issue". I guess I am just jaded with all the silly entitled issues causing honest people just trying to do their thing and hope people enjoy it, so many issues. Please forgive if I came across too harsh. When I offer a service of something that I truly love and believe in, it hurts to have to alter my creations to cater to someone who likely has no medical reason for the request, just a preference or a whim. I would of course accommodate an allergy whenever possible. However, upsetting the entire routine of the kitchen because you don't like peppers or something is a very spoiled childish thing to demand. In my humble opinion. In our day and age, there are so many options for people who have "preferences" in their dining experience. Please choose something that you will be happy with, rather than a place you know will disappoint. Seems like common sense to me. If you don't care for Blues rock, you don't go to the club featuring it. I applaud Achatz for making a stand.
  10. No one forces where you choose to spend your money to eat. If you don't like the menu, go somewhere else, simple. It would be rude to go to a friends house for dinner and demand changes to the menu, why would it be acceptable to do it at a restaurant? This whole "entitlement" thing has just gone too far. Where are the Manners people?
  11. You have the Stinkhorn, I was infested with them myself this year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phallus_impudicus
  12. No one is forcing anyone to buy Tosi's product. If you are personally offended, don't buy. Simple. No need to make a huge fuss over it. Last time I checked, it was ok to be individuals with personal opinions on things and no one could sue the cement for falling on it and scraping their knees. Life is just too sweet to live it that way.
  13. No offense intended.... but, When did we become so super sensitive and easily offended that an unintentional slang word makes everyone run crying to their mamma's ? There was no obvious "slam" meant here, so why should she be vilified and have to apologize? Please people, take a deep breath and chill, enjoy the beautiful offerings others have and if you find offense, don't patronize. All is well.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks Padma seriously loses cred for dressing so blatantly sexual? She has many times before, but for some reason this was more "in your face". Brave.... you're pandering again and letting me down. I love Top Chef but this is the sort of thing that to my mind, takes away authenticity.
  15. No Freekin Way!! All ready?! Woots, heading to the woods................
  16. I'm not squeemish, I'll eat anything once. However, and here it come, I bought Monkfish from Whole Foods and it was Full of worms! Not just one or two strays, but dozens. It's been 3 weeks and I still can't eat fish. (damaged my psyche....shudder). So, just saying, be cautious if your going to use Monkfish or Cod. It's rather common in both, it seems.
  17. Thank you guys so much! I haven't had internet until now, so making my list based on all the recomendations above.
  18. Hi all. I will be spending a few months in the Red Bank area, please tell me all the "don't miss" places I should go! I am 3 blocks from the downtown area of Red Bank and the roads totally confuse me! *hint* I get lost easily. I miss Vietnamese, sushi, a Real butcher, anything that can't be got in rural Arkansas. Fresh seafood..... drool. Thanks guys.
  19. Marie-Ora, Thanks for sharing that!
  20. I am so happy this thread came back to life!
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