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  1. Ed, are you trying to discredit yourself? Is it wrong that I like Bacardi 8? It's rather cheap and tastes ok to what I can tell...more enjoyable than Bacardi Gold at least. Is this the bottle in question? I don't really understand what's wrong with it aside from the fact that it seems to be slanted.
  2. Hmm...perhaps I have to give the Barcanbourt 5 Star a try...although it's $40CDN here, more expensive than Havana Club 7YO/Appleton Extra, and the same price as Mount Gay Extra Old and Flor de Cana 12YO.
  3. Personally I go by several factors (if I have not tried the rum before). The first is reputation by tasters that I respect. If I see a rum that is well spoken of by say Ed Hamilton ( ) then I would be more inclined to buy it than a rum that has not received such kind words. Second is price. If there are two rums that I really want to try, but have a large price difference, I will probably jump for the cheaper one first. Lastly, is the rum label/bottle. If it's packaging is all fancy, I may be more willing to buy it than a plan package if I know nothing of the rum and prices are similar. It is definitely not a good indication of what's inside the bottle, but I guess I am a sucker for frills. In regards to stated age, it does not factor into my decision at all. I find that the age doesn't always mean it will taste better than another.
  4. no meat products = no chorizo as well?
  5. The Reef is on Main Street, close to Prince Edward Ave. It is on the east side of QE Park, and slightly north of it. I believe the large liquor store you are talking about is the one on Cambie St that's west of QE Park and slightly south. I did happen to go back to the Reef this past weekend. Tried their Akee and Salt Cod dish which was interesting and quite good. Also tried Gosling's Black Seal for the first time. Tasted pretty good neat, but didn't work at all with the lime wedge I added after. Didn't have much to drink as I headed to a small get together afterwards with a bottle of Appleton VX. Everyone was quite surprised with it and enjoyed it thoroughly, commenting that although the taste was prominent, it went down much smoother than Bacardi (their reference).
  6. What province are you located in? I better not be missing out on an opportunity to pick up some cheap rum...
  7. Went to Century on Thursday for the City Dine event and had the Spanish Paella. It was definitely not an enjoyable entree. My full thoughts can be found here: City Dine thread
  8. Went to Century on Thursday. First off, it was rather dark, being dimmer than any other restaurant I have been to. The website shows very nice pictures of the restaurant in sunlight, and it looks amazing. However, at night there is almost no lighting at all, and so it's very difficult to appreciate the decor. I even had a hard time reading my menu. I started with a Fidel's Choice, which is rum, blackberry liqueur, muddled cranberries, and brown sugar. It was quite good, I have to go pick up some Marie Brizard Blackberry liqueur now. Also given flatbread as a starter with a smokey salsa that had a little spicyness. Then came appetizers (note I ordered from the menu, gf ordered from City Dine menu). I had the Barcelona Salad, which had some wild greens, maple vinegarette, braised pork bellies, and candied pistachios. The pork bellies were very juicy and tender, and the candied pistachios were refreshingly crunchy, although they stuck to the plate. Girlfriend had Prawns with Black Beans on Rice. It was ok, very peppery. For entrees, we both had the Spanish Paella. Big disappointment. Had boneless chicken, mussels, chorizo, pearl onions, and peas. The mussels had meat inside the size of the peas. The peas tasted dry in the centre, much like the freezer bag variety. The rice was TERRIBLE, much like a watery risotto and not anything like the paella I think about (it looked like the type of grain used for risotto too). The menu also says that clams are included, yet I did not see any clams. The one highpoint of the paella was the chorizo, which was very tasty and not too spicy. The guy walking around (possibly the owner) mentioned they special order them from a place on Granville Island. For dessert I had the Limon Tart. It was quite bad, as the tart shell was so hard and dense that every time I tried to cut it with my fork it would send pieces flying (might have been still frozen), and did not make for an enjoyable chewing experience. The filing was extremely sour and made my cheeks hurt. It thankfully came with some delicious ice cream that had a hint of coconut. My gf had the Mango Flan, which was amazing. It wasn't like a flan at all (I think of flans as being custard like), instead like a heavy mousse and had a nice mango flavour. Crunchy coconut shavings on top made it wonderful. Overall I think Century is ok. Our server (possibly the owner) was very friendly and tried to make conversation with us quite a bit. The Barcelona Salad with pork bellies was great, as well as the Mango Flan. Their cocktails are very good. From what I could SEE of the decor, it looked nice. My complaints are the extremely dim lighting, and a dish that absolutely cannot be called paella.
  9. I'm curious to know what other people do to clean their flasks? I really don't know what to do as the opening is so small, I don't want to put soap in it because I can't scrub it out. Do flasks need to be cleaned when they contain hard liquor?
  10. What happens when from the moment I enter a restaurant, I sit down at a table for my meal and order a drink as well. Does the bartender not receive any tips from my payment? That seems rather odd to me since although I am having dinner and the waiter/waitress is serving me, the bartender is still making my drink.
  11. My goodness! That is a mighty paella...all I can see is seafood stacked on top. Perhaps the next step is a homemade paella for some friends.
  12. Has anyone special ordered the Paella at El Patio? The fact that it requires advance ordering and minimum of 2 people makes me wonder if it is a rather special dish tehre. I have had the tapas paella at La Bodega and am planning to try the spanish paella dish at Century this week. The one at La Bodega had a very enjoyable soccarat (sp?). Of course, my obsession with paella stems from the foodtv episode of Tyler's Ultimate, where he featured a traditional paella as well as a cuban version. As well, if anyone has any more recommendations for paella please voice your opinions.
  13. So under new flight regulations, liquids are not allowed into carry on bags, it must go in your checked luggage. I have a friend going to Illinois for two weeks, and asked him to bring back two bottles of rum for me (live in Vancouver, Canada). He will be putting the bottles into his checked luggage that includes all his clothes and personal items. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how these glass bottles of rum should be packed?
  14. Went to The Reef yesterday and it was great. Fun place with decent caribbean food. I wanted to try the Appleton 21 Year Old but they said they did not have it in stock and were having trouble getting a bottle. Instead, I ordered the El Dorado 15 Year and they cracked open a new bottle for me. It definitely tastes like a well aged rum, as it smells like smokey sweet licorice (VERY strong smell), and has a strong oak flavour, and leaves my mouth very dry. I don't have an experienced palate for rum tasting so excuse me if I am described it all wrong. Not on the drink menu, but on the shelf I spotted the fancy glass decanter that the special Don Q comes in. Not able to buy Don Q at the stores here, I ordered it and found it quite pleasing. It has very little aroma, and starts off with a rich buttery taste, then finishes smooth. I find the buttery start to be very similar to my Cruzan Diamond. I don't think I will be buying a bottle of the El Dorado 15 Year Old. I can tell it probably is a very good product, but for my amateur tastes at the moment, it is very strong. I do wish I could buy that Don Q, however it is not for sale here and am unsure of it's availability in the US. I think I'm going to be visiting The Reef again sometime to sample even more rums.
  15. Appleton Estate 12 Year Old should be very good. I have a large bottle of Appleton VX which is a great value and a decent sipping rum, although I use it more for mixing. I'm definitely going to pick up a bottle of 12 YO soon ($33 at the BC Liquor Store), just can't justify it until I finish at least ONE of my 5 current bottles of rum.
  16. hmm....Havana Paella at LK Dining Lounge...or Spanish Paella at Century...lol. Tough choice, I will have to look into this further, as I think I only have time over the City Dine period to visit one restaurant.
  17. BTW, for anyone in Vancouver who is interested, I finally found a restaurant that has a decent list of rums. It is The Reef , a Caribbean restaurant near Queen Elizabeth Park. Their dinner menu is very reasonable, and they have quite a few interesting cocktails, as well as straight rums. I will probably check it out soon.
  18. Looking up City Dine I found a place called LK Lounge in Yaletown that does somewhat Latin food it looks like. On the City Dine prix fix menu they have a Havana Paella. I may check this place out.
  19. I'm confused...the site DarkDante linked, www.havana-art.com, has a menu filled with Italian items? They also have a cigar list, yet have no rum drinks? On a google search for Havana restaurant I found www.havanarestaurant.ca. It lists the same address (1212 Commercial), and has a latin sounding menu, and an extensive rum cocktail list. I wonder which website is the most up to date. i really want to have a Cuban paella... Thanks for the heads up on The Reef...I heard about them a long time ago but I never bothered to check out their drink menu, and they have quite a few rums.
  20. I've been looking for a Cuban restaurant in Vancouver for a while, may be a long shot. Just curious if there actually is one out there. Also if anyone knows about any restaurants/bars/lounges that have an extensive Rum selection, it would be appreciated.
  21. From what I can see, it looks like there's only the blue label available in BC, Canada. I probably won't get any right now since I saw it listed for $23US, which makes the $40CDN price seem unreasonable. What is rather odd is the fact that the Canadian version is 84 proof, the US version is 95.5 proof, and the German version 108 proof (from the official website). I like to have the Appleton VX with a little water/ice, or use it as a mixer because its strong flavour can still be tasted alongside anything.
  22. El Dorado 15 Year Old is something I want to try eventually. However at $60CDN I think there are others I want to try first like Havana Club, Gosling's Black Seal, etc.
  23. Would you happen to know how much he paid for that bottle down there? I'm kind of curious what the average price of Zacapa 23 is. Thinking of if it's worth it to see if anyone wants to share buying a special order case from the BC Liquor Store in Vancouver, or seeing if a good friend can snag me a bottle when he goes to Illinois next month (depending on availability).
  24. Hi, I am a new member to the eGullet forum. I found this site after buying Ed Hamilton's Guide to Rum, and then visiting his website. I have recently begun my journey into enjoying rum. My goal is defintiely not to become a connoisseur, but rather a normal guy who can enjoy a good rum. I have found some comparisons of a few prices (comparing BC Liquor Store prices to US prices I have heard of), and noticed a few are rather overpriced. Pyrat XO Reserve is one of them, retailing for $90CDN, when I have heard in the US you can get it for $20US. Below I have a small list of rums and prices (in Canadian dollars), and am just curious if anyone finds any of them grossly overpriced compared to the American market. Appleton Extra 12 Year $34 Bacardi 8 Year Old $31 Barbancourt 5 Star $40 Cruzan Diamond $27 Cruzan Single Barrel $50 El Dorado 15 Year $60 Flor de Cana 12 Year $40 Goslings Black Seal $30 Havana Club 7 Anos $30 Matusalem Gran Reserva $45 Mount Gay Extra Old $43 Pusser's Navy $41 Pyrat XO Reserve $90 If you would like to see the full stock of rums carried by BC Liquor Stores, you can visit their website and do a search for rum. Just FYI: my current very small collection of rum that I have acquired over the last few months consists of Appleton VX, Bacardi 8, Cruzan Diamond, Flor de Cana 5 Year Black Label, and Mount Gay Eclipse. Out of all of them, I seem to like the Cruzan the best, with a special mention to the Appleton for having such a unique taste compared to the others. Bottles I plan on picking up if I can find good prices (or just find stock) on them are Pyrat XO Reserve, Zacapa 23 Year, something Havana Club, a Cachaca (maybe Agua Luca), and a Rhum Agricole.
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