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  1. I kind of regret not getting the La Favorite Rhum Agricole Blanc while I had the opportunity. There are just too many rums available in the US that aren't in BC, Canada...
  2. Up here in the BC Liquor Stores we have the full Appleton line (minus the soon to be released Master Blender's Legacy and 21 Year Old). I already had a bottle of V/X and enjoyed it as an ambitious sipping rum or excellent mixer. Definitely picking up another bottle of V/X soon since nothing else I have mixes as well (next best mixer I have is Mount Gay Eclipse). However, I also wanted to pick up one of the other Appleton's. Reserve and Extra are both priced similarly. I have read around the forums and it seems more people buy Extra than Reserve, but I have no idea if that is due to preference or availability. I also read that the Reserve was reblended around 2003 and many may not have tasted the updated version (Ed Hamilton's note in the forum at the time said he had not had it). Has anybody had both? Comparisons? Right now I'm thoroughly enjoying English Harbour 5 Year Old recommended to me by DerekW. My other rums include Pampero Aniversario, Pyrat XO, Cruzan Diamond, Bacardi 8, and Flor de Cana 5 Year. I'm also experimenting with Marie Brizard Blackberry liqueur right now.
  3. Through web searching I came across a very nicely presented miniature. It is a 50mL bottle of Pampero Aniversario, and it even has its own miniature leather bag like the full size version. I aquired a 750mL bottle of Pampero recently...still saving it for an occasion since it is so hard to get here.
  4. In order to qualify as a stinger, does a cocktail need to have Creme de Menthe in it? I came across a tasty drink listed on the Appleton site which is 2oz amber rum and 1oz coffee liqueur, however they call it a Stinger.
  5. You and your husband are very fortunate to receive such a wonderful gift. I think most members on this forum would agree that this rum is best enjoyed when its own distinctiveness is allowed to come through. Drinking it neat, with a splash of water, or with an ice cube would probably be the best ways. Keep in mind an ice cube cooling the rum will detract a little from the experience. However, the paramount rule is to drink it how you like it, no matter what other people say. My opinion is merely a suggestion.
  6. The other day I picked up the Blackberry liqueur after having a Fidel's Choice (rum, muddled cranberries, MB blackberry liqueur, brown sugar) at Century Lounge in Vancouver. Great stuff, although its a little expensive, costing ~$20CDN for only 500mL. For some reason, BC Liquor Stores only stock the blackberry one in 500mL. The other Marie Brizard products they stock are Strawberry, Blue Curacao, Raspberry, and Watermelon (all 750mL).
  7. Perhaps this is a stupid question, but I was wondering if it is safe to use fully developed petals from a rose flower as a garnish in a drink? Maybe I should just stick to those tiny rose buds you can buy to make tea...
  8. Wow you got that episode nailed down to a tee! BTW in Canada we did have a show on Food Network about liquor. It was a male host travelling the world learning the different manufacturing processes and traditions. He did all sorts of spirits, wines, and beers. It was called The Thirsty Traveller. Ed, you have another book coming out?
  9. I was watching TV late the other night and they were showing a rerun of Conan O'Brien when his guests were Lucy Liu (promoting Lucky Number Sleven), and John Lovitz (promoting The Benchwarmers). The last guest he had on the show was a beer expert, and he went about showing them different beers and such. I was just curious if Ed had ever thought of doing such a show? I don't really know what exactly is involved...whether the show contacts the potential guests, or the guests contact the show. However, I think it would be good publicity for rum and perhaps would generate more traffic for the Ministry of Rum and Egullet forums. btw if it comes up, yes I have listened to the Jason Perlow podcast where he does a show with Ed Hamilton.
  10. Hey I just became a member of Appleton's Rum Academy, and I'm labelled as a Rum Expert now haha... They send you a membership card with your name on it, as well as a newsletter. I'm sending in two referrals so I can get the free t shirt.
  11. hmmm...my bottle of Appleton VX stated it was bottled in Canada, and I think several others do as well (just don't have them in front of me right now). That means almost all of the rums I have could have Canadian spirits blended in. I'll have to check when I get home...
  12. DerekW, you have a PM. I refrained from taking this thread more off topic by discussing rum in Vancouver.
  13. jlo mein


    Sounds like a fun event. I hope to pick up some Appleton Estate Extra soon, hopefully its good stuff. Although, I may hold off as apparently soon they should be distributing their new product in Canada, called Master Blender's Legacy (purple bottle, priced between Extra and 21 Year Old). Odd that Ron Barrilito samples were available since I have heard it is difficult to acquire in the US. Also funny how Malibu and Captain Morgan's were there, but a certain other big brand name was not present. The Cachaca didn't happen to be Agua Luca was it? I've been wanting to give that a try...available in only four states in the US.
  14. jlo mein


    Would be interesting to hear a little bit more about what kind of evening Rum Fest is. Such as what kind of rums were available, what else you could do besides tasting?
  15. that's stupid they would refuse to serve you a virgin mojito....what if you are the driver for the night? Still have yet to find a place in Vancouver that has crispy skinned unagi.
  16. do they do grilled unagi with crispy skin?
  17. reply sent. Unfortunately just buying the rum from Puerto Rico and having it shipped to me in Canada is not possible due to law.
  18. I have to agree. When those types of drinks are ordered in a club or restaurant, it is for the taste of the mixers, not neccessarily the rum. In regards to Ed Hamilton's post, I have yet to meet anyone else locally who has even the slightest interest in rum. However, I do know several people who have high interests in beer, wine, and vodka.
  19. A very good idea in concept, however price updating would have to happen quite regularly for the spreadsheet to be up to date. If you are specifically looking for prices on certain spirits, I like to use froogle.google.com , as it helped me find the best deals on the rum I bought online.
  20. hmmm...odd, since around where I live, a lot of the popular mixed drinks ordered by women at clubs and restaurants contain rum, such as Blue Hawaiians, Mai Tais, etc. However, when I do see young women buying spirits from the liquor store, I see them reach for vodka much more often than rum.
  21. Can this rum be bought somewhere in the US or Canada? I managed to find it at a restaurant in Vancouver (oddly it was on the top shelf, yet was the only one not listed on the drink menu). Gave it a try and found it very good (light taste, creamy butter, smooth finish). Right now I can't stop thinking about it, and was wondering where I can get it (hopefully not just Puerto Rico). I asked the bartender how they got it and he had no idea.
  22. I just ordered spirits online in order to make it convenient for a friend of mine headed to the US. I went online and ordered stuff from Witty's Wine Store in New Jersey, and I'm having it shipped to his family's house in Illinois. It makes it super easy, since I don't have to ask him to go out and buy anything for me, it will just arrive on his doorstep. Once his vacation is over he's going to bring the spirits back to me in Vancouver.
  23. Just read the article. It states that you were comparing the Bacardi Havana Club with Pernod Ricard's Havana Club that is "aged 3 years". Does that mean you were using the Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos? I thought the best comparison between the two would be to use PR HC Anejo Blanco?
  24. As did I...due to Bacardi's tricky marketing. On the bottle specifically (Canadian bottle of Bacardi 8), it does not say any age in english, but it does say "Ron 8 Anos" which means 8 year rum. As well, on the Bacardi Canada website, Bacardi 8 is described as "the premium dark rum from Bacardi that is aged for eight years in small mature oak casks to develope into the world's most exquisitely smooth rum". I guess they can get away with this since this description is only on a website, and not printed directly on the bottle.
  25. btw you should really try a good rum with that cigar.
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