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  1. Does anyone know if either of these Japanese snacks is available locally? Was hoping to get some as christmas gifts, and online shipping is a bit pricey. I haven't seen either of these at Fujiya stores, and I also checked a local japanese store in Burnaby on Lougheed and North Road. Calorie Mate is a food block/cookie meant to be well balanced nutritionally. It has TV commercials with Keifer Sutherlund as Jack Bauer. Calorie Mate '24' Commercial F-Cup Cookie is a snack meant for women and claims to increase their chest size and contains an herbal ingredient.
  2. I'm no teramisu expect, but I've always enjoyed eating it at Amarcord. Tastes to me like what a good traditional teramisu should taste like. Portion is a little on the average/slightly small side.
  3. Thanks everyone for your help. I was in Richmond today so I gave Qzina a call. They had it in stock so I drove down there and picked it up. It was much cheaper than I thought, at ~$11/kilo. I also found the staff very friendly which suprised me, since it's obvious they're setup for large order business sales, but they still welcomed my measily one kilo purchase.
  4. I see that there is a Qzina in BC. However, I'm unsure if it's a consumer retail store or warehouse only dealing in commercial sales?
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! King Fortune had great dim sum.
  6. I'm going to be hosting a birthday cocktail party at the end of November. I know white peaches are not in season, but thought that a Bellini would be great surprise drink for the birthday girl. Is it possible to buy white peach puree anywhere?
  7. Just curious if anyone has tried some B-52 variations or has some suggestions. I served B-52's to some friends who did not particularly enjoy the Grand Marnier with the other flavours. Has anyone tried other sweet liqueurs that could complement coffree and irish cream flavours? I was thinking maybe amaretto, or maybe even creme de cacao (although creme de cacao may have layering problems?). I ask because my bar is limited and doesn't currently include amaretto or creme de cacao. I'd hate to buy a whole bottle and find it doesn't work. thanks
  8. There is a Chinese seafood restaurant called King Fortune, upstairs on the second level, SW corner of Alberni and Burrard. It is beside Shabusen. I think I remember they serve Dim Sum all day, their hours are Mon-Sun 11AM-10:30PM. It's not cheap, but portions are quite large and the food is tasty. I don't think out of towners would be disappointed. where2eat.ca on King Fortune
  9. Has anyone been here? They were part of the Dine Out 2007 event and several people said they were going to try it, but I never heard any experiences. Their menu seems reasonable and interesting, plus they have 2 for 1 tapas on Tuesdays. http://www.unwined.ca/
  10. I like a heavy bitters taste as well, maybe because Angostura has an odd psychological relaxing effect on me. An ok Manhattan I had last week consisted of: 2oz Knob Creek Bourbon 0.5oz M&R Sweet Vermouth 4 shakes of Angostura garnished with cherry The Knob Creek is rather upfront and spicy, that's why I like adding the cherry. I'm rather disappointed I bought this Knob Creek to try out, as after tasting it I think I like Makers Mark a lot better. Another favourite is a Perfect Cuban Manhattan: 2.5oz demerara rum 0.25oz M&R Dry 0.25oz M&R Sweet 4 shakes Angostura lemon twist This one tastes great even with a cheap demerara rum like Lemon Hart. It adds a pleasant smoky sweetness. The rum actually has a lighter flavour profile than most bourbons, so I use it in a higher ratio to vermouth, and cut the sweet vermouth with dry vermouth. Lemon twists seem to work better as a garnish.
  11. I tried my hand at layered drinks for the first time today. I attempted a B-52, substituting Cointreau for Grand Marnier. It was pretty easy separating the bottom two layers of Kahlua and Baileys, but I found it very difficult to layer the Baileys and Cointreau. Is it because these two orange liqueurs are not perfect substitutes? Or do I just need more skill? I was very slowly pouring from a jigger onto the back of a coffee spoon, into a 1.5oz pony glass.
  12. Over the summer I went to Star Trek: The Experience, in Las Vegas. At the bar/restaurant they serve these huge fishbowl drinks (full size has 10oz of alcohol, mini has 5oz). However, the most intriguing part is the smoking effect that happens, and seems like some result of using dry ice. I was wondering how it could be safely utilized in drinks like this? I remember being specifically told by the waiter NOT to touch the glass parts, only to touch the metal base that holds the glass. I also remember the drink remained cold for a very long time, so much so that there was no dilution effect and the drink was quite strong.
  13. Well I think it has to do with the fact that once Campari is in the glass, it is indistinguishable from bright red fruity and sweet concoctions. I find it rather amusing to hand one to an unsuspecting victim who is expecting something sweet...and watch their face as they get the taste of bitter.
  14. Maybe I have different experiences these types of drinking establishments but...everytime I order a Campari and soda: 1) the bartender has a hard time finding the bottle, not knowing what it looks like. 2) it is considered a girly drink due to its bright red colour. I instantly get tongue in cheek giggly looks from all the ladies. Still, none of that stops me. Campari is something I drink the most out of anything mixed.
  15. Is Baguette Box an ok place to grab a quick dinner? Or is it not filling enough? Coming from Vancouver and going to a Mariners game tomorrow, hoping to get an ok dinner before the 7PM game time.
  16. After much anticipation from egullet reading, I finally made a visit to the Hamilton Street Grill on my birthday this past saturday. Started off with a Whisky Sour that was refreshing, although the choice of glass leaves masculinity on the bar floor (it was like a miniature hurricane glass without the flared lip). I was surprised at how fast our orders came. I had the Hanger steak, my girlfriend had the NY Strip, and we shared some yam fries. The Hanger steak comes with fries, not mashed potatoes, although the waitress indicated otherwise when I questioned the menu. From this mixup she gave us a complimentary side of mashed potatoes which was a nice surprise. Our first reaction was that portions were huge! I was glad we decided to skip appitizers. The Hanger steak lived up to all expectations. It was full of flavour, cooked to a juicy medium rare, and was indeed chewy as forewarned. Personally I think eating a whole Hanger steak is a little much for my jaw muscles, and would love to share half a Hanger and half a more tender steak next time. None the less, I was very impressed. My girlfriend's NY Strip was very soft and juicy, and she enjoyed it, admitting that she was not a steak fan. The grilled veggies are a great side and I wish more came with each plate. The mashed potatoes were fluffy and not overly buttered/salted. The yam fries were excellent, as many places tend to make them oily. They were soft and sweet without any greasy drips. We ended with the Gingerbread Pudding with Pumkin and Ginger ice creams. The dessert is large and more than enough for two people. My girlfriend hates gingerbread but thoroughly enjoyed this. My personal preference would be to have two scoops of pumkin ice cream instead of one scoop of each. Overall I was very impressed. Service was great even though it was a busy saturday night with only two waiters. I definitely need more of that Gingerbread Pudding. I only wish the dinner portions were a little smaller so I could try some of the appitizers which looked interesting.
  17. lol...sorry but please count me out. At the rate I'm using the Maraska Maraschino, it's going to last me for quite some time. Perhaps it's my natural reaction to hide it whenever I make cocktails for others...
  18. I was able to pick up the tray on the left from my local Daiso in Richmond, BC. It works decently. The top and bottom trays don't quite lock together tightly due to water pressure. Therefore when your three ice balls come out, they're connected by a thin sheet of ice. This can be easily broken away, but this does throw off the shape of the spheres, which become slightly oblongated due to the small gap between the top and bottom trays. Overall it works well, and is much easier than hand carving one.
  19. I found the Mai Tai on the Red Robin's menu through their website. Obviously it doesn't give you the exact recipe, but it at least says: "Tropical Mai Tai - a blend of Bacardi Rums, Orange Curacao, fruit juices, grenadine & sweet n’ sour. Let’s Rumba! " I agree with your earlier post that the juices are probably OJ and Pineapple. I would rule out lime juice since they include sweet and sour. Personally, I'm not so interested in what the exact recipe is, but the Tiki glass they serve it in is a real knockout!
  20. This year for the first time I saw Unagi skewers, on the backrow of stalls, near the place with sugarcane juice/coconuts. I definitely want to try it next time and see if they make the skin crispy (I was too full in my last visit). I was very disappointed in the lone crepe stand this year, run by a group of young teenagers. The batter seemed too watery/undercooked. Last year there were two crepe stands, and one of them was run by an actual crepe business from Vancouver.
  21. I think the limited Pusser's ceramic decanter line is pretty elaborate. The largest, the Trafalgar, has incredible detail. Myself, I'm hoping to find one of the cheaper mini 50mL decanters.
  22. Bob Blumer's new TV show has an episode about him being trained as a flair bartender and entering a competition in Las Vegas. I'm curious to know if it has aired yet? I've seen small pieces of it on the commercial Food Network is airing, but haven't seen any of the episodes.
  23. If you are interested in T&T, a closer location is at Central City mall, just up King George from the Hospital. This is also near where the Newtown Bakery is located (a little more North, behind the Safeway).
  24. I'm very new to cocktail mixing, however I was able to persuade family going to Seattle to bring back Maraska Maraschino and Peychaud's bitters. When I got them I tried a Casa Blanca from cocktaildb: 2oz white rum 0.5oz lime juice 0.25oz orange curacao 0.25oz maraschino 1 dash angostura I mixed it up with Peychaud's instead of Angostura. It was a very nice drink, and I could pick up the nutty flavours of the Maraschino, but I didn't notice the bitters at all. Tonight I'm writing a paper and trying to stay awake, so I'm just drinking coke. However, I put a few dashes of Peychaud's in it and WOW...I'm going to have to do this everytime I drink coke. The two work together magically creating a light tasting cherry cola.
  25. Well, not really. Ouzo and Middle Eastern Arak (Raki, etc.) are flavored distilled spirits similar to Gin, Absinthe, and Aquavit. Ouzo is more comparable to Absinthe, though with a simpler flavor profile. Pretty much all Anise and no other herbs. Ouzo, like Absinthe, tends to be pretty high proof.* Pastis is, (with the exception of a couple brands,) a sweetened spice and herb flavored liqueur which clocks in around 25% alcohol. As the primary way of serving Absinthe is to sweeten it lightly and add water, I think of Pastis as a pre-mixed Absinthe drip. Ouzo might be OK in a Sazerac or other drinks where you're just using the Pastis or Absinthe to scent the glass. On the other hand, it probably won't work in a cocktail where you're counting on the Pastis as a sweetener as well as a flavoring agent. edit - Hey, you're in Canada, why not just use Absinthe? ← Odd...Pastis available here is 45% alcohol. In regards to the Ouzo, the one I have is rather sweet, called TSANTALIS OLYMPIC. It is very heavy on the anise, so I can't really pick up any other flavours. I'm just hoping to find some cocktails that it would work with, as it is terrible straight up. Perhaps I should just invite some greeks over and let them have at it.
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