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  1. I was 1 year old at the time, native Montrealer... your description could be anywhere. The name reminds me of the Beaver Club at the Queen Elizabeth (https://www.fairmont.com/queen-elizabeth-montreal/press-room/beaver-club/). Maybe that's it?
  2. I tried Fromagerie Atwater to no avail... any other ideas to source italian lardo?
  3. epices de cru at jean-talon market is very good, lots of hard to find stuff...
  4. It does seem strange that so many reservations were no-shows... what's the typical reservation show/no-show ratio for an establishment of this type?
  5. Joe, I sincerely enjoyed the kobe beef burger, and I can afford a 19.99 main course, big deal. I must be a millionnaire! I dont think I was "gushing" or exhibiting an "ostentatious display of pseudo-gourmet luxury"... gimme a break. I actually respect LC for eating part of her burger without the bun to better isolate the taste of the beef. Smart, that was. I also applaud m:brger for doing something fun (even if not everyone is cool with spending 20 bucks on a burger, fine). That being said, it's just a friggin restaurant... save your condescension and self-importance for someone else.
  6. I suspect there are two factors at play here: 1. The management was very present that day and employees were visibly on edge. 2. The cumulative experience of the wait staff is probably best measured in hours. In fact, most of them were so young I wondered how much dining experience (as in eating out without their parents) they may have had, let alone work experience. I think mgmt hired mostly on looks and will put their trust in Darwin to shake it out over time. Any ideas on where I could score some of that Kobe beef?
  7. Went to this "burger bar" for lunch yesterday. I had the Kobe burger with truffle aioli + apple wood smoked bacon and a glass of Shiraz. It was fantastic, the burger was juicy and tender, in another league. This was my first experience with Kobe beef, I need to score some of that stuff to cook at home... I wonder where I can find Wagyu in MTL? On the negative side, I must say the service was quite goofy and overly attentive, to the point of being annoying (waiter asked me 4 separate times if everything was "to my satisfaction" while my mouth was full, etc.). That being said, I will go back...
  8. This is another good link, seems more fosused on American books (though I've only done a few searches so far). My Fernand Point should arrive any day, I will report back when it comes in...
  9. I tried book finder.com and was able to find exactely what I was looking for... Ma Gastronomie (Falmmarion, 1969) in French is on the way from some antiquarian book store in Pensylvania. cool. The book is even signed by Fernand Point's wife. It's supposed to be in excellent condition (fingers crossed). The ability to search explicitly for French language books made all the difference this time around. Thanks for the good advice.
  10. I collect cookbooks. At the moment, I'm trying to find Fernand Point's "MA Gastronomie" (Flammarion, 1969). This is the first edition in French. Not surprisingly, I'm having a hard time of it. I'm particularly interested in first editions, in the original language, which usually means French. It would be great to put together a list of bookstores that deal in rare/antiquarian cookbooks. Any suggestions?
  11. I like to buy fish at Le Pecheur on Sources boulevard in DDO (near the Starbucks). The fish is very fresh, IMHO. Note, I'm NOT refering to "Peche Peche" at the marché de l'ouest. That's usually more expensive and not as good. There was also a Japanese place on Green or Victoria that had so-called "sushi-grade" fish but I'm not sure they are still around.
  12. I just bought the new PDC cookbook from a local shop. I noticed that it's not available at amazon and the like so I'll post a review shortly for the benefit of out ot towners...
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