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  1. Guys I need some real help here. I am a lowly country boy from Indiana and am headed to Spain to see my friend who is playing basketball in Gijon Spain. I went last year with a friend to Germany to see him and had a great time. However this year I will be traveling alone and am on a mission to eat my way around Spain and possibly Southern France. I am a young cook/chef that has been a sous chef on Iron Chef America (battle carrots) and am trying to find my place in the kitchen. I would love to spend a few days working at a restaurant in Spain if at all possible. That is why I have come here. I know of no one over there other then my friend. Please lead me to the best restaurants that are around me and any tips that you can offer. I would love to eat at Azark. What are the possibilites? Again any help at all would be amazing!!! TIA Prost! Blake
  2. Here is how I had my oppertunity to cut my finger on national TV! When FN was filming the Throwdown in Louisville, KY they used our kitchen as a prep area. After seeing some of the menu and the things we were preping they decided to make a reservation for 8 and had dinner. After talking with Chef's Todd Richard and Duane Nutter they went back to the network and said that they had to put them on. It was pure luck that they were using the kitchen and then the food talked for itself. We have still not heard a date that it will air. We are thinking it might be shown right before derby.
  3. Chef Cantu will air in January before the start of the new season.
  4. Wow I never thought it would all come to this. I was just in a "mood" at the time i wrote my post so I apologize for the harsh statments i made. I had not read the whole article nor have I. my post was to let off steam about my hometown that is sooo far behind the times that it ticks me off. I want to move back home but it would be hard to do the food i want to do. I was just tying vent through the actions of the writer. And if anyone else had listened to the conversation i had with the writer, you really wouldn't have jumped my ass that bad, because she really had no idea about anything i was talking about. And sorry for trying to come up with a creative use for chocolate like in a sauce, other then in a dessert as I assume other will do.
  5. That sounds exactly like the Indiana I am from. My hometown newspaper does a "iron chef" challenge in the paper ever two months where they ask two "chefs" what they would make out of 5 ingredients. Now granted there are no chefs back home in my opinion so I decided to try my hand at it and write in my menu. The food writer had me call her to explain my dishes that i threw together. Ingredients that had to be used. Carrots Mushrooms Shellfish Chocolate Pasta Starter Chilled Carrot Ginger Soup Orange, Soy, Star Anise Foam Entree Butter Poached Lobster Tail White Chocolate Chai Emulsion, Morel, Truffle Baked Mac and Cheese, Mayer Lemon Sabayon She had no clue what star anise was. No clue what a foam was. And the best question.... How is a butter poached lobster made!!!!!!! And i guarentee that she makes more then my lousy cooks wage! Easily!
  6. We have two white soys, a sweet soy, a mushroom soy, regular soy, and a white soy powder that we use at work it allows us to vary flavors.
  7. bdkollker


    The crazy thing about the Craft at the W Hotel in dallas is not just the fine dining restaurant but they are running all outlets of the entire hotel. They're are only two kitches cooking food for everyone in and out of the hotel. Something Chef Maxey didnt know he was getting into untill he got down there but hes having fun doing it.
  8. Oh how I miss home! After cooking fine dining six days a week that food looks delicious! I can't wait till the first full week in October to go home to Evansville, IN. for the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. It's the second largest street festival in the US behind Marti Gras with four blocks of glorious street food, all for non-profit groups. Just no topless women!
  9. Chef GEB, Menu looks brilliant i love your style and cant wait to get up there. I'm going to be up there after the construction in Aug. Anyways i would love to know what your reasons behind the drink pairings. With only having 4 cooks in the kitchen it seems like it would be more of a headach then it is worth. please elaborate.
  10. who's running the kitchen? ← His name is Kevin Maxey and he is the Chef de Cuisine. I THINK he used to work at Gramarcy with Coliccio, but I'm not 100% sure. ← That is correct Kevin Maxey is the chef and did work as tom's right hand man at Gramarcy ny. He then traveled to louisville Ky (while his wife went to school) ran a couple of kitchens there and also worked at the Oakroom at the Seelbach Hilton the only 5 and 5 in KY
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