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  1. That's what's so sad about Tre's dismissal. This one bad night completely doomed him. I just knew he would be in the top 2, but last night's disaster completely screwed him out of his chance.
  2. Well, I was devastated to see Tre go, BUT there really was no other option. He was the executive chef of his team's restaurant: he didn't lead, he made a couple of apparently awful dishes, and let another chef's subpar dish out of the kitchen. I do expect that we'll see great things from him later on though.
  3. Well, the outcome didn't really surprise me . . . IMO Roc deserved to win. Julia's behavior was juvenile. Suck it up, girlfriend and get over it! Geez, you're on your way to culinary school on someone else's dime and you can't manage to put a smile on your face and be a team player.
  4. I like Padma, for the most part, but okay hon . . . let's see you in the kitchen cooking in your high heels and low-cut sweater and see how you fare . . . but I digress. This challenge was idiotic. Maybe it's me, but I have yet to hear of a chef that plans on a night on the town and is then thrown an "emergency cooking" task. Even the best of chefs would be a bit put out, I'd say.
  5. Or elevating someone who will be remembered for picking out of the garbage.. ← OR for whining about how tired and hungry she is . . .
  6. Mmmmmmm . . . I'd love to try one of those dumplings!
  7. I'm sorry, but IMO, that was a total inane waste of an hour. Was there a point in showcasing the eternal, exotic beauty of Padma? I mean, yeah, she's attractive, but give me a freakin' break.
  8. If you haven't watched the episode, the safe thing to do would be to avoid the thread. Seems simple enough . . . Anyhoo, I was so irritated with Roc, that I truly wanted him booted off. His arrogance and constant "don't talk to me . . . don't say that" crap is wearing thin. So Josh finally got thrown out of the kitchen . . . . finally! I was sorry to see Julia go, too. I think that, when properly trained, she'll kick some serious butt in the culinary world.
  9. My eyes rolled toward the back of my head when that chick approached the kitchen to ask where her dinner was. The obvious staging is so ridiculous.
  10. That's the thing I liked about Eddie . . . sure, he was small and possibly a bit timid at times. However, there were times where he told the others guys to "back off" and leave him alone to do this thing. He took full responsibility for his actions: he knew full well what his weaknesses and his strong points were. And he didn't go run in a corner and whine and babble, like Aaron.
  11. Well, I for one, was sorry to see Eddie go. I don't think he was given a fair shot - IMO. Others screwed up much more royally than he did. I can't for the life of me understand why Aaron didn't hit the road. Let's see - sleeping for 4+ hours during the fish challenge and the guys doing their punishment, whining and crying, taking 15 minutes to debone at the tables, and sweating in the food. Can I imagine him running his own restaurant? Ummmm . . . NO!!! Can Ramsay imagine it? Of course, he can't. Little Eddie could've stuck it out and been given the chance to prove himself. Instead, Josh gets the break.
  12. I believe it's some sort of kidney ailment.
  13. Yeah, I was waiting for a Kenmore come-on at any moment!
  14. I don't know - maybe I'm in the minority, but last night's AllStar episode bored me to tears. Leave it to Stephen to head right to the wine rack without thinking it through . . . Aside from the money going to charity, I thought this episode was a complete waste of an hour.
  15. I noticed there was barely a mention of Eddie, particularly in the kitchen during the last half. Gordon seemed almost sympathetic toward him during the initial "signature dish" challenge. Do you think Ramsay will cut him some slack due to his disease? OR do you think his explosion at Eddie is only simmering for later episodes?
  16. Like kbjesq, my experience withh Emeril's in Orlando was bad. The china that was already on the table when we sat down was covered in dust. The rolls were cold and hard as rocks, the brocolli rabe was so tough I couldn't cut it with a steak knife, and the dessert tasted like it came out of a box. Hubby and I like the Flying Fish on Disney's Boardwalk. We've never had a bad meal there.
  17. I'm glad to see that even Tony has his limits!! I agree though - he handled it with style and grace. I just hope he didn't catch anything!
  18. All of the contestants signed an agreement ahead of time and one of the regulations is/was that one contestant is not to touch another in an aggressive manner. If only for this reason alone, yes, Cliff deserved to be booted out. Actually, I thought Marcel handled it pretty well. He wasn't nearly the crybaby I expected him to be after that little "episode" with Cliff. Speaking of Marcel, yes he does irritate me, BUT what was with that stupid poll near the end of the show, asking, "Who hates Marcel the most? Sam, Ilan, Cliff, or me/you?" IS that really necessary? Chocolate and liver - now that's more nauseating than watermelon and bleu cheese.
  19. I loved this episode. The challenge was interesting from the get-go. Michael really outdid himself, IMO. You know, Marcel doesn't exactly give me a thrill, either, but Betty going on and on ad nausuem about the guy is sooooo tiring. She can't even get booted off without whining, "Oh, I can't believe I didn't last as long as Marcel . . . " (or whatever). Get over yourself. And, the crap about "Don't you ever snap at me again." For the love of Pete, all she does is SNAP! I think Sam just released some pent-up emotion regarding Marcel, who is another one who needs to get over himself.
  20. Thought 1 - The beach challenge was insane. Thought 2- I was happy to see Frank leave. Final thought - Here's hoping Betty is next.
  21. Did anyone else find the cellular poll questions that took up one third of the screen every ten minutes as annoying as I did? And, then we have the question: Who do you think will end up being this season's villian? Are they kidding? Is this As The World Freaking Turns?
  22. That entire piece was nauseating to me. Like someone said earlier, being hateful is so easy. Jackie, how about showing a bit of class and writing something intellectual and thoughtful? Or does that take too much effort?
  23. Has anyone been yet this year? Hubby and I went last Monday and will try to go at least a couple more times this month. We really enjoyed the food at Japan, Thailand, and Mexico, among others. I also attended the Yellow Tail wine seminar and tasted some excellent wines. Who else has been and what are your thoughts?
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