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  1. First off, Jen should not be dismissed (i didnt like her at first, but now shes growing on me. she had an attitude at first)

    At the beginning of this season, I seem to remember her saying something about how she was SO tough as nails, that she made other chefs cry in the kitchen.

    I find that hard to believe!

  2. Yay for Dave! :biggrin: Any other day I would have rooted for Kevin . . . but Dave truly deserved

    the win with the agony he's had to endure with that arm. And I would have FIRED Amanda!!

    As for Robert, I sincerely hope we've seen the end of that arrogant douch-bag (sorry, but I just can't

    help myself). I've never seen a bigger cry-baby when he gets reprimanded. For Pete's sake, HK producers:

    DO not bring him back for a 3rd season!!

  3. Ash has been in the bottom quite a few times and has seemed to talk his way out of being kicked off. His speech about how he hero-worships Mike almost came across to me as a smokescreen to get Mike kicked off - by stressing how much of the dish was Mike's direct responsibility.

    I saw it the same way . . . I was actually kind of surprised at how grateful Mike was for Ash's commmentary.

  4. I, too, am enjoying this show.

    I enjoy the fact that we're actually seeing more actual cooking in the kitchen

    and less drama. I do understand that there will be a bit of bickering between

    regular Top Chef contestants, but I can do without watching them snuggle on

    the sofa and worrying about what their significant others are going to think.

    As for Defresene, he reminds me of Ray Manzarek of the Doors in an odd

    sort of way.

    Must be the sideburns.

  5. Yes, Claudia, that annoys me too when Ramsay doles out insults regarding

    people's weight. It's really not necessary. Now if one is a total boob like

    Seth portrays himself to be, then that's another story! He deserves what's

    coming to him.

    Yes, Charlie goofed in the dining room - but, for the love of Pete,

    Seth hides butchered up meat in the cabinet?? What the bloody hay . . . ??

    Seth needed to go, not Charlie.

  6. I don't know why I keep watching this show. I guess it's the 'train-wreck'

    aspect that keeps me coming back.

    We need to say buh-bye to Colleen, Lacey, and . . . omg . . . Seth.

    Why the hell is that dude still around? :laugh:

    Too bad "the one who broke her ankle" (can't remember her name) had

    to bow out so early. My early money was on her.

  7. My biggest surprise of this round was that they couldn't come up with something more interesting for "something blue".

    My biggest surprise was that Fabio (I think it was he) proudly stated to the

    ladies that "green and yellow make blue". And they all "Oooohed and

    Aaaaaahed" with glee. No, dear, it is blue and yellow (2 primary colors)

    that make green (a secondary color).

  8. I had high hopes for this show, but I was sorely disappointed. Like Jane,

    I don't even know where to begin. The concept was hopeful, but - I don't

    know if it was due to the guest themselves - but I found it irritating, to say

    the least. I enjoyed Tim Allen to a point, and the other brown-haired guy

    (sorry - can't remember the name) was tolerable, but the others (particularly

    blondie) sounded like 3rd-graders.

  9. I know you are all in denial here, because there is some unexplainable worship of Bourdain, but all of the shows are very shallow and not very informative.  He has fallen into the celebrity trap where he believes that his snarky comments is the story and he fails to be able to see the incredible opportunity that he has.  What  a wasted opportunity

    Huh? :huh:

    Apparently, you haven't even seen the Spain and Tokyo (I have not yet seen

    the Egypt show, so I cannot comment on that one), 'cos these were two of the

    most sensitively done programs Tony has done. Snarky? hmmmmmm . . .

    As far as 'all of the shows' being 'shallow and not very informative', nothing

    could be further from the truth.

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