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  1. It is not as close as some of the other restaurant, but I think that Brigtsen's is a must stop when in New Orleans. I have not ever had a dish that I didn't completely enjoy. It is probably only a 10-15 minute cab ride there and it is a beautiful drive down St Charles. you would be able to drive by Tulane and Loyola Campus. Hope you enjoy your trip.
  2. Don't forget about Brigtsen's in the Riverbend area. My favorite!!
  3. Does anyone know if there are any videos of the awards ceremony last night on line??
  4. Big Country

    Deep fat fryer

    Peanut oil is safe, clean and has a high smoke point. This is very important. Different fats have varied smoking points. Be very careful when useing animal fats because the last thing that you need is a fire in your kitchen. The two best fats that I have ever worked with in a frier as far as flavor is concered is 1) Under an Italian Chef who used olive oil at a lower temp around 325 F. It was the best fried calamari I have ever had. Also fried Spinach in it is awsome. 2) Rendered Beef Fat- I worked part time in a authentic German restaurant and butcher shop. 4th generation in the US and 7th generation in the family in upstate NY. It was the best fried anything. The flavor was incredible and the crispness of the food was second to none. They had access to a lot of beef fat since they had the butcher shop and it saved them a lot of money. I still dream of the schnitzel, potato salad and the red cabbage.
  5. Which of these three liquid coconut products do you use in your cooking? much more information on these coconut products ← I love using both coconut milk and cream of coconut (coco Lopez is my brand of choice) to make a exteremly easy coconut sorbet take three cans of coco lopez, juice of 4 limes and hot water to make a total of 1 gallon of liquid, let cool and run in your ice cream freezer and it is a great, simple sorbet. I use a mixture of coconut milk and coco lopez to make a delectable coconut ice cream. Coconut Milk is a must in curry sauce for me, and I love to make coconut rice with coconut milk.
  6. Big Country

    Fresh Morels

    If you have fresh morels just remember less is more. Keep it simple and let the flavors and aromas of the mushrooms come out and stand by themselves. When I use morels i try to feature them in a dish and create things around it to complement them. It is a true sign of spring and they are a great treasure to have when they are in season. As far as the wine goes think Dirt. I would pair with a really earth Syrah or maybe a Chateauneuf du Pape. I consulted the Sommelier on this but it would have been my personnel choice also. Hope you enjoy the Morel. I want to come over for dinner.
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