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  1. I spent the Weekend in Chicago and the Violet Hour was one of the many highlights!! I have had an opportunity to travel and dine out quite a bit in my life. In my opinion this is the best bar in America!! From the Cocktails to the Service to the warm Staff. I had 2 great experiences in 3 days there and will be back next time I am in Chicago. I am not going into Detail of all of the cocktails I had, frankly I can't remember them all. I do know they were all exceptional and I did prefer sitting at the bar rather than the table, but I wasn't on a romantic getaway either. Eden waited on me at the bar and was spot on on all of the drinks, she was very busy making drinks in the Service well for the floor but made plenty of time to chat with me and other customers at the bar. Thank you to all of the Bartenders, Management and Staff for such an incredible experience!!
  2. I would say as a Chef and Owner of a Restaurant in Kansas City that KC Restaurant week has been a huge success!! There has been increase in traffic in the restaurant and have been very busy the last week of January!!! This week if traditionally a very slow week and we have been packed. I also was very pleased that I believe that most of the people I saw were new faces, which is very exciting for me! I hope all of the Participants in the Restaurant Week had good results as well!
  3. They don't, Colby. The only place that I have found is Krizman's and they didn't have very much on hand. They said takes about 3 weeks to make. I just waited to long.
  4. Does anyone know where to get Local/homemade Saurkraut here in the Kansas City Metro Area?
  5. Become a fan of Starker's on Facebook. We are working on the page but do sent out menu updates and upcoming events.
  6. I went there a couple of weeks ago and the boudin was as good as I have had anywhere.
  7. Good Job Joe, You've come a long way. Keep up the good work.
  8. Park Kitchen!! They have a bar and I had one of the best meals in a long time there in Feb. Everything is fresh and very inovative!! Laid back atmosphere with great food, Friendly staff.
  9. Why are we even wasting time, energy and posts on the monstrosity I am forced to look at every day!!! Everybody that is enlightened to good food knows what they serve is crap. I have been there once (3 years age) just to see what it was all about. It is like going to the circus. I WILL NOT RETURN!!! Do you all realize how depressing it can be sometimes watching thousands of people going into that place when they could be having a healthful, locally procduced, organic, fresh picked food at a locally owned restaurant right across the street!! That is why I try to be conscience of where I eat and whom I choose to spend my money on!! Therefore when I am enjoying my Sunday brunch at bluestem and dinner at Le Fou Frog this Sunday I know whom I am supporting and that my dollar is staying in KC!! Beings this is the Justus Drugstore thread: Get up there and have a lovely dinner this summer. I was there about 3 weeks ago and had a nice dinner. I love their cocktails!!!!! I am thinking of getting 8-10 people and renting a limo so we can have the full dining experiance. I think you can get a limo on a Sunday for about $30/hour. It has been a while since I posted last so I appologize for running on.
  10. I can think of only one exception . . . and he has so many personalities, perhaps . . .?? ←
  11. I lived in New Orleans for 2 years, that was 5 years ago. I have been back several times since, but not when hansen's was open. there isn't a hot day go by when I don't think about having one. It was a Sunday late afternoon staple for me. What I wouldn't do for a necture or peach snoblitz with canned milk on top. I might have to come down there is summer just to have a snoblitz and a softshell from Brigtsen's.
  12. I have been there several times and I think that it is the best sushi in KC. My girlfriend went there last night and said that it was great. Her friend that she went with had the Toro and loved it.
  13. Yes 40 Sardines is closed. No note on what is to come. It is a very sad day. It was a great restaurant. I for one would not have moved back to KC 5 years ago if it wasn't for 40 Sardines. I worked with Debbie at the American and at 40 and learned many lessons from her. There are so many young cooks and chef in this city and around the country that she has taught and inspired. Thank you Debbie!!
  14. Although all of that sounds great, I'm waiting for the ramps to arrive! Are there any forecasts of them on the horizon? ← I should be getting some in next week so I have been told from my suppliers.
  15. Glad to hear it was a success but it concerns me that you can't comment on the food - surely you tasted it before you sent it out? This is the first I've heard of morels . . . do you know (in a very vague sense, I mean - no one in their right mind would tell you precisely) where they came from? My "spotters" who usually have the first ones around haven't had any sightings yet - and they are fortunate enough to have some come up in their window boxes. ← I am getting my morels from the west coast. They are beautiful and have great flavor!! We just got in local sunchokes on friday. Prettiest and tastiest I have ever had!
  16. I can't comment on the food, but we had a great turn out. 50 people were at the dinner and we all had a great time cooking it. I am very excited to work with such a very special product. it is so tender and the flavor is second to none. We have the strip on the menu now but will probably sell out tomorrow. We will also have the short ribs on the menu this weekend. Also I was very excited that we have our first morels of the year in now. They are beautiful!!
  17. I've heard that Cafe Trio is going into the Frondizzi's space.
  18. We are having a wine dinner with Adam Lee and Brian Loring. Adam is the Wine maker of Siduri and Novy, while Brian is the winemaker at Loring Wine Co. That is this Thursday. Our next event is on March 17th. We are having an Akaushi Beef Dinner. We are pairing the dinner with wines from Dain Winery. David Dain Smith is wine maker and he will be there speaking about the wines. Also we are planning a charity wine dinner the first part of June and all of the procedes will go to the fund that we set up at the Broadmore tech school in Cliff Bath's name. We are going to bring in the heavy hitter in the wine world for this one. That is what we have on the horizon right now, check the websight out for details later. starkersrestaurant.com
  19. One of the best meals of my life was at Peristyle. I live in New Orleans for 2 years. Her food and approach to food is amazing!! I have Trailed in her kitchen and got to know Anne and Tom over a beer or 2, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met!! I will be making a trip to the new restaurant with out a doubt.
  20. I know that Frank doesn't have a PR firm working for him. I just do not see it mentioned here as often. I just think that it is a fantastic restaurant and if someone is visiting New Orleans and wanting a New Orleans Experiance then Brigtsen's is the place to go.
  21. I am going to pose a question to everyone, Why is Brigtsen's not talked about more. I think that it is the most consistant restaurant in New Orleans. I have never heard of anyone ever having a bad experiance there and the food and service are outstanding!!! Chef Frank has been at the helm for 20 years at Brigtsen's and I think that he has gave as much or more back to the community then any other Chef in the city. Also there are so many Great Chefs and Restaurants in the city but I think Brigtsen's does New Orleans food the best. I actually flew through New Orleans and was there for a 23 hour lay over so I could have dinner there. There is no question where he is from or where his heart is. It is the same place, New Orleans.
  22. I have only had a couple of differant kinds of pizza there and the potted pork as an appitizer. I had a very good experiance each time that I have went. Though I have not been to Italy to compare, Pizza Bella has the best crust of anywhere that I have been to in this city. Simple fresh ingrediants and crunchy/chewy crust makes this Chef happy. I will give them a pass on inconsistancies here and there for now. They have only been open a month!! I am just happy that there is a new place open on Sundays. It is my only real day off and there are only a handful of places open after brunch hours.
  23. KC's idea of a dessert restaurant is Cheesecake F*ctory
  24. I believe they are going to be open lunch and dinner. Not sure of the Days or Hours though.
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