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  1. That would be a deconstructed Fray Bentos
  2. Wow, I never clicked he lost his star at the Abbey, not surprised if food is like Junipers. Are you any good at painting Thom, it is just I have a room that needs doing
  3. Wel done Marc truly deserved!! I knew Juniper would lose its star Also well done to The White Bull in Ribchester in keeping its Bib, again truly deserved. Well done to everyone else who has done well. Few Bib's lost in Manchester, not good news. Also the Millbank, whats happened there Bapi? Why has St John got a star this year and not in previous years, when I have heard nothing but luke warm reviews this year about it.? And is there going to be another lame self serving article on the OFB about losers like us, discussing the Michelin results or congratulating those that have achieved????
  4. They don't do crushed cucumber as in the one at Red & Hot, but do a delicious sliced cucumber with crushed garlic. Like you Gary I am not up on chinese food, but have always found how Shiczuan cooking in particular treat veg is fantastic.
  5. Funny that Bertie I have just returned from a weekend at Devonshire, unfortunately had not booked restaurant so had to do with the Brasserie ( which was poor). If the service in the restaurant is on a level with the service in the hotel, they have a long way to go, particularly when a service charge of 12.5 is added to absolutely everything!
  6. I will do my usual outsider punt..... To Win Sat Bains 2 L' Enclume 2 Tom Kitchin 2 Northcote 2 Fraiche 1 To Lose Juniper GR @ RHR
  7. Just to add to the MPW porn society, really enjoyed the clips. Funny to see Gordon in a very subservient role, but even more strange to see him so coy in front of a camera
  8. Had a very pleasant pre christmas lunch at Northcote, all dishes in our party were a success. I opted for the white beef tartar with cauliflower, bone marrow toast and quails egg, which I just love. I had a venison dish for main which was again very, very tasty. I really think Northcote is very consistent food wise, and I even thought service was more polished this time around, albeit it was not full. Speaking of consistency, went to the White Bull on boxing day. Feeling a little jaded from the previous days festivities, this was a welcome retreat. I had an amazing hare dish, totally blown away by it. It was actually my first time tasting hare, and I was very impressed by it as a meat. Again prices are low and quality high, I am sure it will maintain its Bib. The White Bull is without doubt my find of the year, if you are in the area do go.
  9. Seems like you had a similar experience to me Howard both in food and service. Interestingly I was bored rigid with the name dropping, in fact I may have misheard him, but I am sure he stated he did a stint with Escoffier at the Savoy!
  10. Howard if it is any reassurance all the 'professional' critics have raved about it, and no doubt I am totally wrong. I will be really interested to hear the opinion of someone who appears to eat out as much as you!
  11. There you go Howard Now it may be said that my love affair with the old Juniper was obsessive and sycophantic, and yes it was, but I honestly did not let that taint my experience at the new Juniper. I actually found some of the Manchester based reviews a little silly on this point, the only comparison between the two is the name and the shell of the building, and these two elements a restaurant do not make. In fact after reading such positive reviews I was expecting the Michelin level hole to be filled nicely after the departure of Mr Kitching. I ventured in with my mind as open as it could be, and expected to be wowed, unfortunately this was not to be. I opted for the menu surprise, at £69, which was billed as five courses, but with amuse and petit fours ended up being ten. Amuse: Celeriac and parsley foam ( I think): The start of a series of foams, which really throughout the meal did not taste anything like they were billed to do. Really bland and disappeared quickly into a scum stain on the plate. Foams are good when they taste of something, the foams I experienced here were vapid beyond belief. Foam for the sake foams, not good. Two other amuses served with the above that do not stick in my mind. Sea Bass: Olive -Potato- Fondue: This was one of the best dishes, fish in a deep rich stew, which also contained veal head, cheek, and tongue. Fish was well cooked and fresh. I would say the best dish. Scallops: Ceviche-Tartar-Chorizo. The scallop was good, the Ceviche-Tartar-Chorizo were much better. Came with another pointless foam, and an Aitkens type smear of Juniper, which worked nice with the cauliflower (puree and powder) Langoustine: Pearl Barley- Asparagus- Jus Crustace: The signature dish I am led to believe. This was ok, nothing that exciting, did not blow me away in originality, taste or combination of ingredients. The asparagus itself did little to the dish, Samphire may have been better. As I say it was Ok. John Dory: Ratatouille-Oxtail-Beetroot: This has to be the most horrid dish I have had in a long time, anywhere. Here’s the idea if I have got it right. Two pieces of dory served on a slate, one side is cold the other is warm ( Mr Riemenschneider does not served hot food as the taste buds apparently don’t work above a certain temperature). The problem being both sides ended up being cold ( is slate the best heat conductor)? Anyway the slate was all visuals, swirls of colour everywhere, ‘jellies’, foams etc etc. Really over the top in presentation, which could have been forgiven if it all did not taste so bad. Some examples, the so called vegetable jellies, were horrid, especially the grey ones (aubergine maybe). Why would you want a jelly made out of vegetable? Which in fact did not have the texture of jelly at all, but more the consistency of reconstituted and moulded mashed up, cold, under seasoned and bland vegetables. The oxtail was in the form of pasta I think which suffered the fate of going cold and rubbery. The worst was on the warm side which is now the cold side, mashed potato, wrapped in a courgette, which was stone cold and under seasoned, no one can get away with cold bland mash, really made me wretch. What a waste and insult to such a fine fish that is the John Dory. Funnily the chef told me later that a customer complained about this dish because she did not get what she ordered, that is, ratatouille. He explained that some people may not understand the concept, regarding temperature, form, texture etc. I understood the concept but it does not distract from the simple fact that this dish is wrong in temperature, form, texture, but more importantly taste. Sorbet: Passion fruit sorbet. Venison: Boudin Noir-Beef-Sweetbreads: A really strange dish. What you have on the plate are slices of venison on a bed of beef tartar, sweetbreads, black pudding and potato slices, duck wonton, three slices of courgette and a tasteless foam. Far too much differing meats on one plate, almost like a bizarre mixed grill, with the courgette acting as the grilled tomato. The foam of course turned to scum and left the dish a mass of dry and again under seasoned meat. Not sure if tartar is best served under slices of vension? The duck wonton was clumped dry meat, lacking flavour and the wonton coating was very dry. Really could not work the dish out at all. At this point I was hoping no more mains would arrive, thankfully they did not. Pre dessert: Chestnut, which was ok, but unmemorable Plum: Mascarpone-Almond-Doughnut: This was nice, good combination, one plum was soaked in Sauternes, and the doughnut although a good idea, was quite dry. Usually at the end of tasting menu, I feel quite happy and reflective over the meal, here I felt very disappointed and unsatisfied about my experience. I actually was craving some good well cooked, basic, and flavoursome food. I then got to think was it me, was I being over critical, but after reflection, I really do not think so, this was mixed up cooking that has forgot about the simple point that what makes food good is how it tastes. It is a shame as I was hoping to make Juniper a regular, like I did the previous incarnation. Service was quite good in the main , very polished and reflective of the heights it was trying to achieve. In fact bar a sommelier trying to take me above the drink drive limit, it was all good. I spoke to MR afterwards who was very charming and I know is really putting his all into this venture, which I hope it works out for him. I know this is a little negative but I am really disappointed, maybe I came on a bad day or maybe my dining alone put some form of pressure on the staff ( the dreaded ‘is he an inspector’ phenomenon)? Yet again with the background of the team working here you would not expect so. I hope to hear conflicting reviews’ from others on here and if so I may have to dig deeper into my psyche to see if the absence of Paul Kitching has caused more trauma than I realised
  12. I have posted about it on one of the Manchester threads, I really enjoyed it. Menu long and portions huge, but the food is spot on. Not that I am an expert on chinese food, but what I liked about it was, it tasted nothing like what I associate with chinese food.
  13. http://www.citylife.co.uk/restaurants/revi...star_perfection ← I had prob the worst tasting ever at Juniper a few weeks ago, will write up soon. In fact it must be hard for you food critics to be motivated to write about bad food!!!
  14. Hello there, long time no speak! So they do it at Red Chilli? Excellent, that's on the menu for my next trip then (give me a week or two). Possibly for another thread but have you tried Juniper redux yet? Great reviews and I was on the phone to Michael Rimenschneider only today. All sounds very exciting and I'm hoping to get down next week. Cheers Thom ← Hello indeed. No, sorry it was at Red & Hot I had it. No am hoping to go at some point, in my mind I am calling it Restaurant Michael Rimenschneider to avoid any previous associations
  15. Funny that Thom, I raved about the crushed cucumber on another post somewhere on here. It really makes cucumber very exciting and as you say moreish
  16. Just to add to the pizza express love in, their range of pizza's you can buy from supermarkets are excellent. They are a staple in our house, and I am sure they are partly responsible for Pizza Hut rebranding themselves to Pasta Hut.
  17. Great pics. So far the best dining experince I have had this year was at the Kitchin. I had the tasting with matching wines, which was a real treat. The sommelier was excellent and played around with some of the wines based around some of my favourite regions. The food is astounding, it really is. The sig dish which YKL talks about is truly amazing. I think Tom Kitchin is one of the best chef's around at the moment. After my meal, the head waiter came and asked for some feedback on each course, as the kitchen wanted to know my opinion, which I thought was nice. Also when I asked for a copy of the menu they had already 'done it' and arrived scroll like with a little tartan ribbbon, another nice touch.
  18. Try asking people who appreciate writing as much as they appreciate food ← I think the majority of restaurant critics main ambition and drive has always been journalism/writing (secondary gain of fame/money/power/appearing on market kitchen) before food. That is why I have always trusted those individuals who have dedicated much of their life to eating out for the sake of pleasure, experience and the love of food.
  19. Ramsons better than Locatelli, does better mean more authentic Fifteen better thane Deanes, Purnells, Vineyard, Ledbury, The Capital etc. What better for pseudo ethical issues? 26. Panoramic Restaurant Liverpool!!!!! Best for panoramic views of Liverpool.
  20. It hasn't been cancelled because Matthew Grant was suffering from severe anxiety at the thought of Anthony Demetre not being in Arbutus or Wild Honey for one night???
  21. Sounds good, I only wish they would change the name. To me Juniper was Paul Kitching and his unique style of cooking. If Heston left the Fat Duck and was replaced by another chef, would it still be the Fat Duck. Or if John, Paul, George and Ringo were replaced by four other musicians would they be the Beatles. I know I am being pedantic but this new place can never be Juniper, however I hope it is fantastic and a gret addition to the food scene. Saying that, knocking out 18 courses is quite reminiscent of the previous chef
  22. Why does everyone want to book at 8!!! I have a table at 6.30 to vacate at 7.30 (Coronation street is on) or 10pm vacating at 10.45pm (last orders in local). Tasting menus only available 4 weeks in advance.
  23. Well every year I am miffed that Michelin never pay the kitchen in my house a visit. For years now I have been serving consistent cuisine, using the best ingredients, with both classic and modern techniques. Although I double up as front of house, service is excellent. The guests that dine there rarely complain and I have had some amazing feedback. I think the fact that Michelin do not visit my kitchen, shows a real bias.
  24. Howard I really love reading your reviews, but this one was extra special. The struggle with the sea urchin was priceless, but the optimistic endurance just to see if you 'had missed anything' is truly valiant.
  25. As you say such soundbites are obviously very good for publicity. In reality when I have spoken to RC he has a lot of very positive things to say about many chefs, however I doubt these compliments would grab the headlines. Did you enjoy it Corrina?
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