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  1. Now I would be very dissapointed if I did not get the optimum heat factor at Red Chilli. I find the Oxford Road branch much more consistent and pleasant than the city centre one. I have becom addicted to the Geleshan chicken, this is loaded with chilli and peppercorns, dry and flavoursome. A real asault of heat and numbness, however nothing prepares you for experiencing this effect the next day when it comes out the other end. Real pain!
  2. I will miss them very much, however maybe they were just "pop up" bloggers Did you ever go to one of their dinnners David?
  3. I am not sure he has really got away with it. This has been all over the papers and on the main news. Getting a fine or whatever you get for shoplifting is nothing compared to the shame and loss of earnings that will come out of this (whatever shame or earnings existed before this). I mean cheese and wine from Tesco, he could have at least hit somewhere decent and got some a better standard of swag? Anyone know what the contents of the bag were? Please don't tell me it was Cathedral city and Jabobs Creek?
  4. Stumbled across this place by accident but was very pleasantly surprised. It is a Greek (Cypriot) joint albeit with a bit of a modern take on trad Greek. Nice modern interior with friendly staff. Went with three generation of women, a fussy older member and a difficult little one, however all enjoyed it. As it was over Xmas it was a “festive menu” which I think was more about price than festive fare thankfully. In fact Greek food provided a welcome ray of sunshine to a wet lunchtime in Wilmslow. Had a mixed Mezze, which included, minced lamb Dolmades in a tomato sauce, which was light and refreshing, Sesame Seared Sheep’s Cheese, chickpea and aubergine spinaki , sesame dressing (an interesting and delicious way to do Halloumi); well-cooked calamari; good Pitta with some of the best Taramasalata I have ever tried, other dips present; green beans spiced lentils and clams (which was original and bold in flavour); chicken Souvlaki roasted red peppers, kalamata relish and Greek village salad. All in all an excellent array and cooked well, with some original style and taste emerging. Also consumed was a” stolen lamb burger”, halloumi cheese, salad ,cucumber tzatziki , mama’s chips, which was served pink and was quite pleasant, chips were very good and coated in maybe semolina and a large version of the chicken souvlaki. Presentation was very modern with the use of all the trendy vessels which food arrives in nowadays. It was a very good take on Greek food. All in all I was impressed and will return to try the main menu.
  5. Hey whats the fuss, as you may well know Paul Kitching used to serve a dessert that tasted like tootpaste was served on a tooth brush and was accompanied with mouthwash ;-)
  6. I don't think its a photo no photo's debate, the issue is boycotting a restaurant because one is not allowed to take photos, and the sheer lunacy of such actions.
  7. I find Gill gets it right consistently , he did with Pollen street and has done with Hedone.
  8. Well presented photographed food is the Perfect way to " polish a turd". A lot of dishes Can appear beautiful but taste like shit.
  9. What I find strange about this is that you are eating out simply to provide reviews How about going along simply to enjoy a meal without having to make it public? I also find this absolutely bizarre. Why would you boycott a restaurant based on not being able to take photos? If all restaurants banned photography would you stop eating out? So whether you go or not we will not see any photos,however if you did go you may have actually enjoyed yourself and the food experience. I think your reaction reveals something about your motivations for eating out.
  10. Oh dear. There seems to be a theme emerging here and in other posts, that chefs are getting a little peeved with bloggers and bloggers are Feeling hard done by that they are being challenged and treated " badly" by chefs etc. I find bloggers are deluded by their perceived rights and feel any challenge to their fragile food egos should be publicised. I would hate to be a chef in these times, bad enough having food critics judging but having every subjective palate pontificating on what is right or wrong publicly must be relentless.
  11. A British pub with two michelin stars, no one expected that, absolutely brilliant!! Sat Bains well overdue and easily deserved. Edinburgh is really where it is at outside of London. The only consistency that remains with Michelin is you can never predict them,!,,!,,,!
  12. ...I know, Paul Kitching must not have received his early copy
  13. I'm sure another star will do no harm to the forthcoming book sales ... "Too many cowboys, only one Indian" (really!) due May 2012 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Too-many-cowboys-only-Indian/dp/095589302X/ {The book} "also offers the reader the exclusive benefit of being able to order dishes at Restaurant Sat Bains from the pages of the book, in addition to those on the current menu. " Novel? Yes (Really) and No, not Novel! Sat, it looks and sounds excellent on all levels. Just need Mr Kitching to release a book on his creations and i will be in heaven!,,
  14. Speaking of grouse, had an amazing dish at the freemasons Inn at wiswell on Saturday night. Served with beetroot, croissant velouyr And blackberries. Astounding. Excellent lamb dish. Even little ones "fish fingers" were Excellent. This place i predict will move from bib to star as they Are definitely working and producing at another level.
  15. According to the Big Fat Duck Cookbook, the then head of Michelin told Blumenthal that the stars were awarded solely for the food. I've not been to Dinner either, I was just going from what I've heard. If you had I doubt you would have come to that prediction.
  16. Caines ok, but not exactly Jm celebrity status. Rhodes not sure where he is based? Nutter are you joking,!,
  17. May this be the first time Manchester has had a 'true' celebrity chef open up? Even nowadays the general public have not a clue who Heathcote is. This actually might work? Could a Leeds man save Manchester? :-)
  18. For all the criticism I think these two are the hottest ticket in food at the moment. At their now legendary "dinner party" this time around not only did they have Alyn Williams cooking, but the diners included Pierre Koffman, Bruno Loubet, Richard Vines, Simon Hermanos ......
  19. If middle eastern go to Chez Marcelle my favourite restaurant at the moment. Your list is a tad French, maybe balance it out with some English, St John, Hereford Road etc etc or Italian, Locatelli or River Cafe etc etc
  20. Look forward to the review Adam. Although looking at your avatar is somewhat making me jealous as I never got and you gave me a technique to get in which did not work,!!!,,, Cheers
  21. I think he captures it well. Good on Dave read the article it may provide you with some balance. I know it may hurt to hear negative comments, but it will help you in the long run. Honest.
  22. Interesting when I went there were only about four tables occupied in the dining area and a few people at the bar. I was surprised, and thought it would have been jammed to the rafters. With respect to Moro, I think food is great, but also it has an excellent atmosphere to it.
  23. Yeah the classic dish with peanuts and chilli. I have cooked Fuschia's a few times and it seemed much more balanced. It probably varies chef to chef too. I watched it being cooked on Gary Rhodes around China, and it was prepared by a Heston style Chinese chef. Very interesting it was too.
  24. I visit Red Chilli (Oxford Road) at least once every two weeks, and have eaten nearly everything on the menu. Last week I realised I had never ordered gong bao chicken, so I did. Was quite disapointed as it was very very sweet, almost like sweet and sour chicken. Also it arrived two minutes after ordering. Oh well one dud out of many.
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