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  1. Come on Naebody surely a man of Celtic origins like yerself, would not make such a botanical error? Or did you mean to say clover "represents" shamrock??
  2. What a load of absolute nonsense, I think that man is a little unhinged and certainly never got over losing his second star. All very embarassing. Also I lived through the troubles and it never once reminded me of black squid ink
  3. I am in Nottingham this weekend and ever so foolishly left booking Restaurant Sat Bains to the last minute (purpose of my trip!!!!), anyway they could only put me on the waiting list for the Friday night, fingers crossed Sat Anyway if I fail to get into this temple of gastronomy, has anyone got any good suggestions around Nottingham or a bit beyond? Cheers
  4. From what I read Fergus did not reccomend anything, he took part in a blind tasting of pre -selected meats and stated which he thought was best.
  5. Well done ScottF it is indeed Titley's finest, over to you
  6. Nikki closest so far in that the head chef of this place is ex-Le Gavroche. Maybe that has given it away???
  7. It looks so Ramsay but what about The Orient Express as a through away guess. ← Sorry not the Orient express.
  8. Again, sorry Ravelda but not Drakes at Ripley.
  9. Veal sweetbreads with smoked bacon. Pan Fried John Dory with bouillabaisse sauce White chocolate and lemon cheesecake.
  10. Possibly a typo, but actually suprisingly accurate - It's Bapi in charge OR co-ordination, the two are mutually exclusive. I jest, obviously. The ball is well and truly in the court of the Bap-meister. A safe pair of hands if ever there were. Cheers Thom ← A typo indeed Now the onslaught of eating out in Manchester has reached almost surreal levels, with none other than Mr Winner laying the boot into The Lowry. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_...inners_dinners/ I must say I was there two months ago and had the worst starter ever, which was basically a cold, veiny and greasy lump of 'foie gras'.
  11. I would like that very much Thom, thank you. I am especially intrigued by your Juniper experience. Bapi in charge or co-ordination???
  12. A little old but a review none the less. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/ent..._modern_mission
  13. I would challenge you on Juniper but you have already accused me once of 'being on Paul and Katies payroll .' In my opinion unless Ferran Adria himself decided to upsticks to Alty no-one of any merit will replace Paul Kitching. Sycophantic and proud
  14. Yes, Grado was an upsetting experience. The more so because previously I had had two excellent meals there, and I was keen to show Jay a non-typical Manchester experience. Sadly, so soon after opening some serious and frustrating variabilities seem to have manifested themselves. Service is warm but inconsistent, and the it's pot luck as to the success of the dishes you get. The morcilla and duck egg, quail, and creme catalan are fantastic, the tomato bread, the squid and the treatment of some of the hams are appalling. Jay has, by his own commited to paper admission, had some wonderful experiences in Manchester though. Namely at The Bridge (RIP), Mr Thomas' Chophouse and Red Chill (all three long term favourites of mine). He's also had more mixed and ultimately unsatisfying experiences at Grado, Juniper and Dilli. I think that brings Manchester out at a 50/50 hit rate. "Could do better", as my teacher used to say... Ahah, apart of course from the time at Vernons, the Caribbean place in Rusholme, which was probably one of the worst meals of both of our lives. But to be fair he chose that so he brought it on himself. Cheers Thom ← I was only going by what I had read on Sunday which was a fair assessment by someone giving an unbiased account of his experiences in Manchester. I seem to recall his review of Juniper was by in large positive and if you are basing it on 50/50 then your figures are therefore a little more out especially if you take into account his review of Luso. Or as my Teacher used to say " Really need to stop daydreaming if you want to do well at all. "
  15. Kutsu, Hope you have a great time. The lunch menu is online at http://www.themodernmcr.co.uk/restaurant_menu.pdf. From experience, my tip is to quit whilst you are ahead after leaving Urbis sated, instead on carrying on in Mr Creosote fashion through Grado and Red Chilli... Cheers Thom ← Especially Grado, after Jay's review on Sunday, which in my opinion totally sums up my continual experience in Manchester. I actually took great comfort that someone (especially with such experience as Jay has) was seeing Manchester the way I do.I suppose the average punter and food critics have no vested interest in the places they dine except hoping for really good food. I am praying the Modern will deliver.
  16. Or 'vegetable tartan'? ( selection of Scottish vegetables)? This is served with 'comfit garlic'? (relaxed garlic)?
  17. If surreal is not your thing they do a 'normality menu'. Seen the chef prepare the award winning dessert on Market Kitchen, and it looked ok, it is called 'Tea and Toast', wonder where he gets his inspiration ( another clue 'molecular gastronomy' is mentioned a few times on the website). They do have a strange blurb regarding what they are about, moving from the predictable "we use organic seasonal...", to letting us know we will also be served syringes and test tubes??? If I am in the area I will give it a go.
  18. The great man himself adds his views on the Mancheter food scene and rules himself out of moving to the city centre. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/new..._for_star_award
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