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  1. Korean BBQ in Manhattan

    my brother and i just had an incredible experience at kunjip (west 32nd btw 5th and bway). we arrived around 7:30 on friday night and yes, there was a line forming. however, we were handed menus and our order was taken while on line...and 5 minutes later, we were seated! 5 minutes after that, our food began arriving. delicious steamed mandoo dumplings, korean fried rice cake with beef and vegetables (my personal favorite of the night), juicy, flavorful bulgoki, and wonderful, slightly sweet yet also savory, boneless pork ribs (the bulgoki and pork ribs were both on the BBQ menu). the service was superb, the food AMAZING, and i would highly recommend it for your next foray into korean BBQ...
  2. Girl Scout Cookies

    definitely thin-mints and samoas... thin mints, when frozen, are even better
  3. Doughnut Plant

    their peanut butter and jelly donuts are to die for...
  4. Fast Food French Fries

    i don't east fast-food too often, but my favorite fries would have to be both wendy's and also arby's spicy curly fries (do they even still have them?? shows you how long it has been since i've eaten there...). least favorite are definitely mcdonalds (although when i was a kid, they were my favorite) - they have changed over the years and are now long, limp, and overly salty (for my taste, at least).
  5. Fruit leathers

    i'm eating an apricot fruit leather as we speak. yum!
  6. Fruit leathers

    Oh I'll be the first to admit it's very chewy and sticky...but the fact that it tastes good and is healthy more than makes up for it...in my book, at least
  7. Fruit leathers

    I am on a health-kick lately, and have been searching for something sweet, gummy, and fruity to satisfy my cravings throughout the day. Upon entering my local Gourmet Garage, I stumbled onto Stretch Island Fruit Co.'s Fruit Leathers - so far the flavors I have tried are strawberry, raspberry, mango, tropical, and apricot. They're delicious and very satisfying. They're sweet, using only natural sugars, and are 45 calories a piece. If you've never had them before, they come highly recommended...
  8. Peanut Butter

    skippy creamy all the way
  9. Pocky (and Pocky-like snacks)

    yes! that'd be them they're delish....
  10. Pocky (and Pocky-like snacks)

    thanks guys! tuna definitely doesn't mean tuna, as there is nothing in the ingredients even remotely related to fish.
  11. Pocky (and Pocky-like snacks)

    i found a new favorite stick-shaped snack from japan! it's called tunaage arare. the 'dressing flavor' is my favorite kind. they're about two inches long and they're like puffed-wheat sticks, almost, only crunchier. i bought a huge bag of them from sunrise mart (on broome street) for $1.99. can someone who speaks japanese tell me what tunaage arare actually means?
  12. Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

    Last night, my boyfriend and I baked a banana cream pie on a whim. We decided to go a calorie-friendly route, using Sweet-and-Low instead of sugar. And it was delicious! I wish I took a picture of it - I'll either have to go back to his apartment and snap one before he eats the whole thing!, or I'll have to bake one again. The process was really simple...it took us about 20 minutes to prep, and then 2-3 hours to let the pie cool in the fridge before topping with CoolWhip and devouring! If you'd like the recipe, just send me a message and ask!
  13. Pocky (and Pocky-like snacks)

    i would suggest sunrise mart in soho (on broome street). they have many different flavors of pocky, as well as tons of other asian snacks, treats, and ingredients. yum!
  14. katie - you might be interested to know that tony has quit smoking since his daughter was born
  15. Apple Pie

    I have a killer apple crisp recipe in which I use both granny smith and macoun apples. It's the perfect mixture of sweet and tart. YUM!