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  1. martinwa

    Ile de Re

    Does anybody have anything more recent to add to Ile de Re? We're there for two weeks in June.
  2. "He implored me to give the place another try, asking me to phone him in advance, so that we could sample his food at its best." Blimey! Loosely translated as "Let me know you're coming and I'll cook it properly otherwise you'll get the same crap as everyone else." Oh to be in such a privileged position. I can't believe you made that public.
  3. I would recomend Fire and Knives, a quarterly publication. It isn't so much about cooking but contains some of the best food writing around, great art, typography and, essential I think, a sense of humour. It's philosophy seems to me to be, it's only food, let's have some fun with it. But surely you don't need to buy yet more glossy mags from supermarkets to work out what to eat this week. You've got shelves full of cook books going back to before you were married. And the little shelf under the kitchen counter is groaning under the weight of recipes torn out from Sunday supplements. However, if it is food porn you desire go no further, simply pop to the UK dining thread and check out the meaningless shots of platefuls of grub from restaurants nowhere near you and way beyond your means. You'll be relieved you can't hear the panting and the tearing of tissue paper. Add to that the tragic loss in the quality of writing on this site recently and the hijacking of egullet as some kind of live chat room pointlessness, "might go next week, yeah?", " anybody know a good Sumatran place between Gatwick and Crawley?", and you'll be rushing back to the safety of Elizabeth and Nigel like a scalded cat. Good food writing is out there. Just not in the UK section of this site any more. And no. I am not the publisher, printer, writer or otherwise, of Fire And Knives.
  4. Tea in America's weird........ http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/video/2011/feb/04/paul-simon-pegg-nick-frost-clip
  5. I have to travel a little further north and would appreciate any overnight stop recommendations within an hours drive of The Borders.
  6. Try typing "wine" into the iTunes app store and you get 2 pages of em.
  7. 27 quid at Mark Hix Lyme Regis on Friday night. Bread sauce, parsnip chips and some lovely cabbage. Marvellous. My local butcher didn't bother last year, too expensive, even for SW London.
  8. Saveur - singular - from the US, in English is easy to get here in the UK. Saveurs - plural - in French from France is what I'm trying to find.
  9. I did that already. Unfortunately it's all about the US and no mention of UK source for magazine.
  10. I'm trying to get a subscription for Saveurs for delivery in the UK. The French website won't work for me and says it's only good for France - even though they offer a drop down list of hundreds of countries including Royaume Unis. A lengthy Google trawl came up with lots of dead ends. Anyone know where I can get a subscription or at least find a stockist?
  11. My previous post got moved to a global thread where no-one in the UK will see it so I'm trying again here. I'm trying to find properly labelled gelatin. i.e. bronze, silver, gold, platinum. My local Waitrose has 2 brands, neither labelled with any grade information. Where's a good place in the UK to source an accurately labelled product?
  12. martinwa

    Gelatin Conversion

    Here's an update. The gelatin I used was indeed the platinum grade so brilliant work Nickrey. That's why my panacotta came out like rubber. However a quick browse of the shelves in my local Waitrose - that's in London by the way - yesterday revealed 2 brands of leaf gelatin and one powdered, none of which displayed it's strength. So how do you know what's inside? Second question therefore: Where can I get properly labelled Gelatin in the U.K.? Thirdly: And what about agar agar?
  13. Bar Italia - it's legendary, Flat White, Monmouth.
  14. martinwa

    Gelatin Conversion

    Nickrey Thanks for that, I'll look closer at the packaging. MW.
  15. martinwa

    Gelatin Conversion

    Tried to make a simple panacotta last night from a recipe in Silver Spoon which, you might imagine, should work, it being the Italian housewife's bible bla bla. Bloody stuff came out like putty. The recipe called for 10grams of sheet gelatin dissolved in a little warm milk and added to 500mls cream with the usual vanilla and sugar. Simple enough. It's got to be too much gelatin right? Any tips, favourite recipes from you pro's?
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