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  1. Anyone been to his Vegas place yet? Any info?
  2. Avenues is very close to the James, I hope you have it on your list! Incredible experience!
  3. Hung just seemed so comfortable with the challenge, I don't think anyone would have been able to make anything like what he did with those ingredients.
  4. I think there is a lot of talent in this season. I think Clay was like Michael of last season. Nice, likeable, but not suited to actually win. I think Michael would be gone faster if he was competing against the current people. I was impressed with the things they whipped up from a table of finger food in ten minutes. Hung has impressive credentials, the food he made looks great.
  5. I did the Chef's Bar about a year ago, never had better service anywhere. I'd bet they would do whatever you asked. I almost asked them to let me have the pile of scallops in front of me.
  6. Anyone know anything about Todd English's Bluezoo? I'm going to be at Disney in a week and was wondering if it was worth trying for dinner.
  7. Does anyone know how much the 3 and 5 course menus at Avenues are?
  8. Agreed! In fact I don't think I've ever seen any eG'er defend the restaurant scene in our fair town. It's pretty dismal! ← I have. A few years ago on an Orlando thread I wrote, "I just don't find the food in Orlando all that good." Somebody, presumably a local, took offense, and wrote: "I love comments like that. Metro area of 1.2 million, hundreds of restaurants, and a throwaway sentence to denigrate the whole city's options." Defensive as he was, I think we're all agreeing that as a rule the restaurants of Orlando are really poor. ← C'mon markk. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but sorry, I can't let this slide. *One* person wrote that *one sentence* to you a couple of YEARS ago, and here we are in 2007, with you throwing all of the eG Orlando & vacinity citizens to hell in a handbasket, as "people" who "yell?" Not quite, not from where I'm sitting. In my opinion the local folks in our small forum try to steer visitors toward the few beacons of hope that we spot in this culinary wasteland. ← Sorry. I was only replying to your comment "I don't think I've ever seen any eG'er defend the restaurant scene in our fair town" to say that I have (seen an eG'er defend it). Why don't you get mad ad Tony for his comment "Hey guys, I will never get mad at anyone trashing the general food scene of Orlando, it stinks!" I have pointed out some Orlando restaurants that are pretty good (maybe it was on the other current Orlando thread), but this whole thread is specifically about the dining scene in Orlando being lousy. I didn't start it. Even you called it a "culinary wasteland". Why are you picking on me? edited to say: I never said anything about people "who yell". Are you confusing me with somebody else? ← Which restaurants do you like in Orlando?
  9. ROADTRIP!!! How far is the nearest Trader Joe's? Do you ever pass nearby for any reason? I was spoiled in Ann Arbor...Trader Joes and Whole Foods about a mile apart, in a town that small? Now I'm in Woodbury, MN, which has Kowalski's, which is pricey like Whole Foods. Knowledgeable staff...I asked a guy in produce there about Spanish onions, cause I was making Mario Barali's recipie for onions in balsamic glaze, which calls for that kind. He explained to me when they would be in season...sheesh, I didn't expect him to know that! Trader Joes has a lot of neat things that aren't insanely overpriced
  10. Sacre' bleu! Frozen fries? Is that typical in Vegas, or are they cutting corners?
  11. The fine dining side was not open on that night... ← That post of your was just stunning! I'm going to have to go now! If it were just me, I'd go to Joel Robuchon as well...
  12. What she said. Although I don't drink, the last time I did Bowle's chef's tasting my two friends did do the pairings and they were quite impressed with the pairings. I did the non-alcoholic pairings, and they were an exquisite experience all to themselves. u.e. ← I had that wonderful Meyer lemon drink when I was there...just wanted to smell it, it was the most intoxicating scent. I hope to make it to Avenues again, might have to stop by on my way to Michigan sometime this year.
  13. Not to disparage Flay, but that stack of "chocolate Johnny cakes" looked absolutely awful... that, I believe, was the first of 3 desserts. [edited to add: Chocolate souffle (how predictable?!) was the last dessert.] The dish that Bowles made that most intrigued me was the corn soup with cinnamon-infused whipped cream. And, of course, those goat cheese beignets coated with chocolate batter. u.e. ← Do you know if this episode will be replayed? I see the Food Network has Iron Chef America on Thursday, I was wondering if that's when they replay the previous episode.
  14. Elrushbo - Hue was also on my short list as I too was impressed by their website. Other than that I know nothing about the place. Good luck and let us know what you think. ← Might have to do that, not sure about Emeril's at Universal...do you have to go to the park to get in?
  15. I was just going to start a thread asking about restaurants in Orlando...sheesh! I'm visiting my folks there in May and would like to take them to a nice dinner out. We could always go to Emeril's, but I was wondering what else is out there? I really have no idea and haven't done much research yet-saw a place called "Hue" in Orlando that looked good...but sometimes bad restaurants can have nice websites, so I thought I'd ask first.
  16. I don't think they would have to be larger...Le Atelier is from what I have heard tiny-the counter seats 27 and there's a few tables. The thing I'd like about seeing something like Alinea or Avenues in Vegas is...with a truly captivating enviroment, you really do 'escape.' But walk out the door, and you're in downtown Chicago. In Vegas, you could walk out the door, and there's the canals of Venice!
  17. A coworker of mine gets to go to Vegas 3 times a year with his wife who is on business and has unlimited charging to the room. When he stayed at Caesars, I told him to try Bradley Ogden, and he got Kobe filet mignon and said it was the best steak he'd ever had, and he's been to many of the best Vegas restaurants. RJ-I appreciate the tips. I will do my best-should they be revolting, I'll let you know:) They pretty much let me make a list of places and we pick from it. My wife's sister really wants to stay at MGM, so Le Atelier might not be too hard to get them to go for as we'll probably want to go to one good place at MGM anyway. How's the ala carte menu? We went to Prime last trip, and loved it. Their steak was flawless-medium rare with a nice char crust and the best sauces.
  18. RJ-I've got a question for you. I'll be going to Vegas either in May or Oct(depends on wife's ability to get time)with a group of six all together, and we'll probably stay at MGM...we usually do a steak place and one other 'nice' restaurant. I'm leaning towards Stripsteak for steak...I'd like to know what you think of Craftsteak, though. And...I'm leaning towards Fleur de Lys, Bartolotta or Michael Mina for the second. Should I be looking at Le Atelier? I might be able to talk everyone else into it if it's really going to be a step above the other places I'm looking at.
  19. Go for the less expensive place and enjoy the food. MGM or NYNY would both be excellent places to stay-I'd rather stay at MGM and have all those restaurants right there! It would be fun to dress up, go down the elevator, and have a short inside walk to your restaurant. I've heard that with the ala carte, you can get out for well under $300 for two, I believe the discovery menu is $139 pp, so you'd have to go a little over to do that, but, if that's what you want, just do it, cause it sounds like it might be a while before you can do it again. With FIX, you can get out of there for $75pp easy if you have no more than a cocktail each and skip or split a dessert.
  20. I'm hoping Chef GEB opens a place in Vegas someday...
  21. Yeah...I'd have picked Marcel's menu. I'm suprised it turned out the way it did, sounded like the judges were complaining about the eel thing and Ilan doing what was safe.
  22. Go for it! We can say we heard you way back when... Why not?
  23. Just curious...there seems to be a lot of talented and knowledgeable chefs that post here, was wondering if anyone is going to try to get on the show as Bravo is casting for the upcoming season?
  24. I liked the way the show ended, either menu looked to be worthy of a major fine dining restaurant. I would pay for either one. I would LOVE to see Ilan compete on Iron Chef America...if Top Chef were on the Food Network I bet we'd see that.
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