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  1. We currently use Homebase https://app.joinhomebase.com which you could use for free for basic timeclock and schedule functionality. It has a few quirks that make it tricky for us so we're looking at Hot Schedules https://www.hotschedules.com/ for next summer. Both have crew messaging which is a great feature and online scheduling.
  2. Saara

    POS Advice?

    Just to clarify, we gross about $350k per 4 month/season. We need to be able to run cards fast. Square is not there. We own our own terminals, but we just need to update so we're not getting screwed by our current provider. We're also bank-shopping since a certain American bank wants to charge us for making cash deposits over $10k. Another clarification, we're in the food service industry. We net approximately $20. No k's.
  3. Saara

    POS Advice?

    Hey DeliGirl! I've been researching the POS subject for a couple of years now and have not found an affordable "perfect" solution yet. We have a seasonal bakery/deli/pizzeria and a candy shop. Two different halves of the business, but we need a POS solution that can support both. They are out there, but they average about $20k. Since we only operate about 4-5 months/year, we can't justify that sort of outlay. Currently I'm keeping an eye on Android-based solutions and am hoping that they will develop quickly to become robust enough to support us in the next couple of years. Meanwhile we muddl
  4. When I started keeping chickens, I researched this since I needed to know how long I could "overwinter" the eggs while the hens weren't laying regularly. The definitive research is at Mother Earth News How to Store Fresh Eggs I do keep my eggs refrigerated even though they are unwashed, but if I'm taking eggs on a sailing trip, I make sure to not refrigerate those eggs and then I don't have to worry about taking up precious cooler space on the boat. However, I wouldn't store eggs that have been washed and/or refrigerated on the counter. Well, unless I need to "age" the eggs for hard-boiled. I'
  5. I'm here and haven't been expended yet! Things have been a bit hectic since my own business (drafting) has picked up a bit so we've been essentially spending long weekends at the shop painting, cleaning and organizing and then a few days here at home working and doing laundry. Compounding my problems is a broken hinge on my laptop so I haven't been able to drag it around with me. Hoping to get that fixed here someday. Since I last wrote, a few things have happened: We went to the FSA food show in Seattle. It was very informative and gave me some good exposure to that end. We got to do a
  6. Thank you for your comments! All have been noted. I think I definitely need to find myself a management course. Sorry for the late reply, we took off for a candy convention and it's all been a whirlwind since then with lots of work up at the shop and plenty in my drafting business as well. It was great to meet chocolatiers from the area and further afield. Lots of support in this industry! Since I last posted, we've had a good look at the books and records for the past decade. The "candy side" numbers are good, but the "cafe side" are, frankly, frightening. COGS = payroll, for one. I will be
  7. ... bakery, deli, and pizzeria! My boyfriend's parents have a chocolate/candy shop and adjunct bakery/deli/pizzeria in a small beach community that they've been operating for 38 years. They're on both sides of 70 and have been wanting to retire for a few years. Since the shop includes a building and property, it has proven to be a difficult business to appraise and sell. After much deliberation, we have decided to take it on instead of allowing it to be closed down. We're just in the preliminary stages of figuring things out, but we'll be transitioning into it over 5 years (or whatever works o
  8. In 2007, I will eat even more foods directly purchased from local ranchers and farmers. I will finally make doughnuts fried in lard that I rendered myself, but not too often. I will also render tallow for french fries. I will find morels, chantarelles and boletes in the forest! I will learn how to make my own puff pastry. This is the year I will try to grow more of our own food. I will, however, realize that I cannot win to the slugs with some things and enjoy the greens, carrots and radishes from the CSA box and not feel like a failure about it. I will taste more new wild foods that we can
  9. Saara


    Nutcracker I have one in this style that was made in France and purchased for me in Germany. I love it! It cracks all the nuts, even hazelnuts, without spraying nuts and shells all over. It has a good record of cracking the shell and leaving the nut whole as well. Not too much force is required for even hard nuts. I highly recommend this type of nutcracker, but I have no experience with that particular brand or that online store.
  10. Pizza Factory is what it is so if you like that then I don't imagine it's any different than any other Pizza Factory in the nation. Village is good standard pizza. At least when I last had it. I remember going there when I was in high school which is ... umm ... 20+ years ago so they're doing something right! Would be my choice of the two. Hong Kong is typical greasy Cantonese American, more focus is on the cocktail lounge. Haven't tried Lucky Chopsticks. I think it might have been replaced by something else similar in the same location. It's next to Compass Wines which Rockdoggydog mentione
  11. Good news! Cliff Mass just promised a warmish, dryish month to come so the tomatoes still have some hope. I hope the same holds true for here in the foothills, but I'm not putting my raingear away. I'll be sowing favas next month in an attempt to get a spring crop and condition the soil a bit. I still have half my spuds in the ground as well. I'll be digging them as soon as it's not so muddy. If sowing now, you don't need to do anything for them although heavy mulching would be a good idea. They won't come up until spring.
  12. If you have the room you can also cut the tomatoes at the base and hang them upside down in the windows. I had "tomato drapes" one fall when we had an early frost. Most of the tomatoes ripened quite nicely. The method may not be a good idea if you entertain a lot.
  13. Don't give up on the tomatoes yet! All mine were green until last week and now they've suddenly been ripening. This is the first year at the new place (been here 3) that I've actually had tomatoes ripen. It's exciting. Last year I made an Indian green tomato chutney which turned out quite nice. It was a great alternative to fried green tomatoes. Sounds like you've put in quite a bit. I hope it all grows well for you! This is my first year that I'm really attempting anything so I'll just have to see. I think I'll plant more spinach too while it's still warm enough to germinate. Seems like the
  14. Last week I planted out cauliflower and kale under a cloche. I still have to set out broccoli and chard in the same manner. Mustard greens, radishes, parsnips, lettuce and carrots have come up. I'm waiting to see if some later seeded carrots will germinate in my season extender greenhouse. I'll also be bringing inside my chile plants (2 seasons old now) and an eggplant that is just now flowering. I've freshly seeded some basil pots to bring in. I'm considering sowing some favas now for next year and I'll be planting some garlic soon as well. The promise of an El Nino winter has me thinking ab
  15. Gere-a-deli at the corner of 5th & Commercial. Excellent sandwiches and treats for both kid and parent tastes. They're only open during the day so keep that in mind. Grab a menu and next time you can call your order in ahead. I was just having a Supremo craving the other day.
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