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  1. Love this challenge, it's right up my alley! Did a 'cooking without a net' gig at a local prison the other day, great way to teach people to make things nice with what's on hand/donated! I'm working on some recipes for you! I also met yesterday with some people who are pondering how to use/freeze/cook/market 'ugly' produce so that nothing goes to waste, more on that later. Meanwhile, I'll suggest two other cookbooks for inspiration/mining of simple seasonal recipes (also available inexpensively used : ) Simply in Season Expanded Edition (World Community C
  2. I'm guessing you already got this written : ) But if not, re-post and I'm happy to help. I love writing these. And if you haven't found it already, post on goodfoodjobs.com. Looks like a fantastic job for the right person! ~ Dani
  3. Hello from North Carolina! I’ve lurked here for many years, finally joining. So first, thanks for all the good advice I’ve read here over the years! You are a kind and generous community. I’m a voracious learner, and look forward to even more insights and information from you. I have some pretty unique experience in the culinary and hospitality worlds, including work in residential and inpatient eating disorder treatment (using food, the garden and the kitchen in treatment and recovery) and with inmate culinary students, work release and post-release transition. I am most interested
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