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    Rice Pudding

    Thank you Sanrensho, Aphra, and Kerry. You all are so helpful. Do any of you or other readers have an opinion on the glaze or gel that goes on strawberry pie? I used cornstarch according to 2 different recipes, and like I said, I think I have come to the conclusion it should be a firm gel, but not like jello. It still moves. Kerry mentioned tapioca powder and arrowroot as a glaze. Was that for strawberry pie? I think there was mention in something I read about using cornstarch because it is rather clear. One time I added some strawberry jello to the equation and refrigerated the pie over
  2. toni

    Recipe question

    Oli, I am glad your cake was a success. I would like to duplicate this also but have a couple questions at the outset. I can't picture being able to put strawberries around the first layer. The layer is 8" and the cake ring is 8" so it would seem there would be no room to arrange the strawberries on the outside of the cake but inside the ring. Also, I don't see any mention of spreading an icing around the sides. It looks like an icing above the strawberries. The directions say to top the bottom cake with the remaining layer of cake and spread the reserved filling over the top. Did you j
  3. toni

    Rice Pudding

    Hi, thank you for your input, Sanrensho. As for the strawberry filling, I am about to experiment. I just got the Just Desserts book and one recommended by Wendy in a past thread when I went way back into the archives. That book was Professional Baking by Gisslen. I am not a professional baker, but I am willing to work hard to try to get what I want. Of course, that means multiple questions to ask you wonderful experts. One question is about ingredients I have never heard of and cannot find at any store: I have looked at a few grocery stores, Bristol Farms, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods for
  4. toni

    Rice Pudding

    Thank you, Sanrensho, for your suggestion to me a while back to get Gordon Ramsay's book, Just Desserts. It took me a while to locate it, but I now have this book and I completed his Thai Rice Pudding with coconut and lemon grass this afternoon. Yummmm!!! It is very similar in ingredients to the Sticky Rice with Mango recipe on this site, but it is quite easy and quick, cooking the rice, lelmon grass, water and salt in a heavy-based saucepan for only 12 mins. He does not stipulate to soak the rice. After waiting only a couple times for 5 mins. each after the rice cooked and adding sugar
  5. I just got my Magnum delivered today after reading this thread. A question, please...how do you change the grind? I thought I had seen something before about twisting the center but it seems to just open to fill with the peppercorns. It's probably so easy, but the booklett that came with it simply shows the different peppermills, nothing about using it. Thank you for any help. Okay, I see it is on the bottom. I was sure as soon as I asked, it would become clear to me. The tightest twist seems not very fine, but I guess I'll have to just use it to see. Maybe it was a different mi
  6. Bluechefk, what a fun project. I have lived my whole life in the south bay of Los Angeles County, CA and I remember our desserts and snacks were Hostess Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Snowballs in the 50's and 60's. In Feb. 2004, the Los Angeles Times Magazine printed an article about Sno Balls. The article said that flour and sugar were rationed after World War ll and America was devouring manufactured sweets, of which the Sno Ball was a big hit. I have more history on the Sno Ball if you are interested, and I have the recipe that appeared in the magazine for a face-lift version using a rich cak
  7. Great ideas, Snowangel and Jgm. I did get the vegetable soup for take out the other day, but other than asking if they use fresh or canned tomatoes, I didn't think to dissect the soup when I got home. I just ate it and loved it. They used canned tomatoes, and I liked your suggestion of using parsnips and then discarding them after cooking. I am armed with better ideas for soup making this weekend, thank you!
  8. Thank you so much... those are my footsteps to go buy Just Desserts.
  9. Thank you, Jensen, I appreciate your help. I had read through all the soups in that thread and did not find one I thought seemed similar to a regular vegetable soup, but I will read through them again. As in the case of the wonderful cooks in eGullet, I should experiment and be creative. I was just not sure of the base for the broth and thought someone might know about Marie Callender's vegetable soup or one that seemed similiar. Thank you for your response.
  10. Middydd, Sanrensho, and ludja: I am beyond appreciative that you all responded with really helpful suggestions and even recipes. I was hoping for just such help as I have been stumped until now. I loved the ideas and am hoping to try out the different cakes and fillings. I'm not sure which one I will try first, but I am so excited. I watch my 2 grandchildren everyday so I've got to try to work in my other love...cooking as best I can. I have copied the recipes. Can you tell me what eau-de-vie de poire is? A liqueur? Also, do you have a favorite book you recommend that I would find a good
  11. Can anyone help me with a recipe or a recommendation for a book that would tell me how to make a strawberry mousse for a cake filling? I made it a goal to make my daughter a cake with a filling like one you would get at a very good bakery. I do not know if it is a mousse. I would think it has fresh strawberries or bits of fresh strawberries in it, and I remember it being absolutely wonderful when I tasted a cake with a strawberry mousse-like filling about 3 years ago. I'm hoping to surprise my daughter at the end of the month. Could this also be used as a cake topping, too? (Maybe with ad
  12. I'm hoping someone has a recipe for vegetable soup like the one at Marie Callender's. I have read many posts on this forum but haven't found one that could help me replicate the restaurant soup that is really delicious...not too tomatoey but it has a reddish tint and a few bits of tomato in it. I don't care for much onion and I just pick out any onions which is easy.
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