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  1. Depends upon who it is with....smile.....my daughter despite my ex husbands and my efforts to educate her palate has a very "elementary" palate. Her idea of a great night out is White Spot. White Spot has some sentimental memories for us because when I was younger and a single parent and a struggling student we could only afford a night out to White Spot to buy her the pirate pack. After I graduated and got a job as a social worker, I took my first pay check and took her to White Spot as that was her choice. We would go every pay day. I think to this day now that she is grown up and married, she still chooses it for birthdays,etc., because it has pleasant childhood associations. So I suppose although it does not have pate,cavier and champagne...sometimes we forgo gourmand delights for sentiment. Personally, I used to love their hamburgers but I now find them quite awful..not sure what they did to them but if I go with my daughter and her husband, I can eat them. Samasutra thank goodness, we do not have to go there often..sometimes she lets us pick and we compromise
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, my local Superstore doesn't carry the pistachios. ← Galloway's has a new store in Richmond at 7860 Alderbridge Way...well at least the location is new to me. They sell nuts and would probably sell pistachios as they sell everything else and I have never had any problems with anything not being fresh. Samasutra
  3. This also gave me a giggle....thank you.....very clever. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously so it was fun to see someone having some fun with their pastry. I know sometimes I just die trying to get it right. Samasutra
  4. I ended up splurging on a bunch of cookbooks that were on sale that interested me. One of them was local and featured many recipes from Vancouver's leading restaurants. Dining Out At Home Vancouver Served by Myriam Leighton and Jennifer Stead Has some really wonderful recipes that I want to try. Feenies Apple Galette Frangipane with Caramel Sauce is in the book. Also from Deliah is a decadent looking Chocolate and Passion fruit Truffle Torte. There is a recipe for the Flaming Prawns from the Fish House in Stanley Park. Does anyone know what I could substitute for feta cheese. I just cannot eat it. Also, thought I might try to make the crab ravioli from the Blue Water Cafe. The book had 99 recipes and was only 9.99 and with my discount card it came to 8.99 at Chapters so I thought it was a great deal to have recipes from Karen Barnaby,Feenie,Larouche and many others. S.
  5. Don't worry about it ... some folk just get their knickers in a knot over the oddest things. IMO the first class (of which I was a part) shared a lot more info in this forum than the current class. I don't think anyone's giving away the farm ... just a list of grocery stores you can pick up anywhere. Besides, unless you have commercial grade BTU's, a staff of helpers cleaning and prepping for you, and Chef Tony's joyous banter in your own home, you still wouldn't be getting the full effect. A. ← I cannot speak because I am not taking the glass and I guess some people feel cheated when they spend alot of money and the goodies are shared with the masses. However, to me we are just getting a peek through the looking glass. A wee taste and I would say that you are 100% correct that nothing can take the place of "being there". You need to soak up the words of a great teacher, the vibe and I am sure there is all sorts of nuances that are totally going over our heads because we recieve information second hand. A few pictures, a grocery list and a couple of techniques are just a tease and nothing more. If I win the lottery with one of my super 7 tickets, I will be signed up for the next class. S.
  6. (Nose pushed up against the glass) wry smile...looks like I will not be taking any classes. A little too dear for my budget. I have been off work on disability insurance through my employer and its highly unlikely I will return. It does not leave alot of disposable income so with a mortgage and car payment, it does not look like almost 700.00 for chefs courses is in the writing and especially with a crown coming up next month. I guess I will just have to do my own training. I bought a good book. John Ash Cooking One on One Private Lessons Contemporary Food From a Master Teacher. He goes through sauces,stocks,marinades,pestos,vinaigrettes,savory sauces, and then on to technique in which he covers a wide range of topics and then on to main ingredient lessons. So I will work my way through that. I also have a French Cooking book laid out similarily so I will just teach myself. I have never had the time to experiment alot and cook since I have been on my own since I was sixteen earning a living and then a single parent raising a child in my twenties. Not to mention earning a degree to support her. So life has always been so busy. Perhaps this would be a time to look at cooking not as a chore which it had become but as a new adventure. I really had been become a consumer of other peoples meals and put together fast and convenient meals for myself. So this might be a good time to start being creative and inventing recipes and stretching myself in the kitchen like I used to when I was younger and used to enjoy the kitchen. The problem is I hate my kitchen I currently have. anyway, I am getting off topic...so better stop here. Keep up the good work everyone who has the good fortune to take this course. S.
  7. Gotta say, I'm of very mixed opinion on this. As a student in the September instalment of the Serious Foodie Course and an active participant in this thread, there is a definite up-side to posting class synopses and photos here, especially when it comes to providing nuggets of Chef Tony's wisdom that may encourage people to take the course themselves. However, there is such a thing as "giving away the farm" in offering up too much information on the topics that are covered in class. Once that line is crossed, I feel that it becomes a disincentive for people to sign up for Serious Foodie and take it themselves. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? That's why I've never posted any of Chef Tony's recipes or posted any in-depth detail on the techniques that he's teaching: it would eliminate some of the primary benefits of cooking under his direct tutelage at Northwest. I realize that there'll be a lot of dissenters on this issue, but that's my two cents' worth. ← Actually, it has made me want to sign up if I can afford it. You can read about something and look at pictures but nothing replaces "doing it". Reading about everyones experiences makes me what to be right there experiencing it myself not being an observer. Sigh..... S
  8. Darn it, I missed the BC episode. I had watched alot of the episodes. Happy though a BC woman won and that BC presented themselves well. I thought the judges were a little harsh in their judging earlier on and had not agreed with some of their decisions. One of the guys that they chose as winner , I think it was Prince Edward Island but not sure, I thought should not had won. He made many mistakes and was a real dirty cook. Terrible hygiene. He had a cold and was wiping his nose on his sleeve. I am very fussy in my own kitchen and tie my hair back..heaven forbid , even a hair fall into my cooking...I am a hand washer at every juncture. So to watch this guy wiping his "snotty" nose on his sleeve and everything while he was cooking on "televsion" let alone what he might do when the camera was not on him was a real turn off. I thought the other girl did better on all counts. I am sorry I missed the repeats. I wish the food network alot so not sure how I missed them. S.
  9. I did like the creme brulée-I thought it was a classic and what I liked about the restaurant was that it was so unpretentious. I wished there were more people in the restaurant, as would have been cozier with more people. It definitley classifies as a hole in the wall that needs people for warmth and vitality. I kept imagining we were in the middle of a Winnipeg bizzard because the ventilation system was having an asma attack that was so loud it drowned out the music. But hey, wear a black turtleneck and a beret and channel Astrid Gilberto, and you'll have fun. ←
  10. How much are these classes and when does the next sessions start? They sound fantastic? Really interesting in this process regarding the aging of the steaks? S.
  11. So when is the next burger trip going to take place. I would like to join your numbers one of these days although I realize I am brand new to Egullet and probably much older then alot of you judging by your pictures. Probably not as knowledgable either. Ling seems such an expert at every type of food from reading her many emails. One area I have never seemed to master is pastry though years ago before I went into social work, I actually worked as a cook and had to make pastry. I cannot remember my early efforts. They must have succeeded but I now I think I am too scared of pastry. However, that is another forum. Ling seems to be the expert at pastry and cakes....have been looking at her pictures of cakes and pastry and wowed. I did try an Angus burger at the Burger King. Before you all snort in disgust. I had not eaten all day and I had left the gym and I figured well , its flame broiled at least and not lying on a greasy oil slicked grill. They have been tooting this Angus burger as real steak. It really was not bad and quite juicy if you need a quick fix as fast food but only in emergency situations. I have been quite disappointed in how White Spot hamburgers have gone down hill. Their burgers are becoming so miniscule that you almost cannot see the meat. Anyway, would like to take part in your scientific study of the Art of finding the excellent burger if the numbers permit. I do have to come into town so of course location is a consideration. S.
  12. I am so sorry we missed you as it was quite lonesome in there. Not sure if I would have had the courage to say, are you a fellow egullet fan or not. He told us about the sweetbreads to which we both said a quick "no". Neither of us being fans of sweetbreads....shivers going up my spine. I also have never developed a taste for lamb though I was married to a Jugoslavijian at one time who of course loved an excuse to roast a lamb. He owns a hobby farm and butchers his own and roasts them as well as suckling pig. Jugoslavjians are quite famous for their grill cooking. He likes to know that his meat is from organic sources and his animals eat better then humans. He and his dad actually cook their mash daily from all natural grain sources. If I talk nice , I can get lamb from him so I do plan one day to cook some for my mom and room mate who both love lamb. I just do not find the New Zealand lamb compares. I did buy some lamb from Black Creek from the Mennonites (outside Campbell River) and apparently from the comments of the company I served...( I never ate it) it was perfect!!!! they also organic feed for their animals. No garbage or chemicals. How did you like the cream brulee. Apparently, he makes it with milk, not cream which gave me some comfort when I thought about the diet I had to return to the next day. We also split one so that helped me feel somewhat virtuous. It does have an interesting vibe. If you ignore the outside and the garbage on the streets and busy traffic, you can pretend you are in a little neighborhood cafe in Europe. Lots of little places like that and space always at a premium. Sort of promotes intimacy. Really sorry I missed you. Maybe next time. S.
  13. There's always Senhor Rooster on Rupert. ← Thanks, dahling for the referral to Senhor Rooster. We went tonight. I wrote it up under the forum Senhor Rooster; thought perhaps that was more appropriate then here. Just one note, Daniel invented a new sauce today and worked on it all day. A curry sauce which he said had two different kinds of curry and coconut in it. He says it is quite difficult to make a cold curry sauce. It was perfect. He gave us a gift of a curry sauce to take home as we just adored it. I tried to buy it but he said it was on him. The texture was so creamy and like velvet. I don't even care for curry but became converted as of tonight but only for his curry sauce. I will probably become a regular to buy this curry sauce until I figure out how to make this sauce. Its very mild btw. Very subtle and has some ingredient in it that I just cannot figure out but when the sauce hits your mouth its just an exquisite explosion of flavours. My friend just used a whole bun to try out the dipping sauce;I was watching addiction in the making. Anyway, I guess you get the drift, we liked the curry sauce. He also was working on a new relish which I was too chicken to try when he said it was hot and my friend burnt the hell out of her mouth and was in pain all night....approach his green relish with "extreme caution". Now, I have to try out the Hamilton Grill and Chambers and some of the other raves. Thanks again for the referral. It turned out to be 3 min from Sunny Hill hosp.
  14. Today, a friend and myself tried out Senhor Rooster's restaurant. We went early and the restaurant was empty so it was great and had great service. Daniel waited on us and he is a wonderful host. He had just invented a new sauce today " a curry sauce" and wanted us to be his guinea pigs and see if it had enough curry. My friend adores curry and I am not really into curry. I am now converted though probably just to his curry sauce. I asked to buy a bottle if he had any as he had just invented it today. He had spent the whole day making it. Apparently, making a cold curry sauce is quite difficult. He sent us home with a gift of his curry sauce. We plan to have it on chicken tomorrow. He also recommends serving it with prawns. It has the most amazing texture. Texture of food is important to me as if it feels gross in my mouth, I cannot swallow it. It was like velvet!!! The taste when it hit your taste buds was like a mini explosion. I am usually really good at sussing out what the ingredients are but there was something in it that puzzled me. He did confess there was coconut in it and two different types of curries. We had two appies...barbecued mushrooms and the cod/mashed potato cakes. Both dishes were good but I would probably not order them again. The half game hen was excellent. The sauces were good and I liked the jalapeno the best; I also liked the fruit sauce. Everyone has talked about the piri piri but neither of us really found the piri piri memorable. It seemed to lack any substance in flavour. We shared a cream brulee which was good. Great capuccinos. My friend had a stomache ache when we left. I was a little smarter. I left most of the fries and only ate one bun and after a few sips of my coffee knew I had reached my limit and stopped and left it with regrets. Great meal, great service and great host. We will be going back. It is obvious that Daniel really has a love for what he is doing. Did not realize how tiny his place would be so was glad we got there early and had seating. We were a hour and half but we were purposefully sort of taking our time because we had to go out to Surrey and wanted to wait past rush hour traffic. Good food takes time to prepare and it is always nice to take time between courses to digest your food. If you want fast food, go to McDonalds! Thanks, to A. for the referral.
  15. Thanks, I have been to their website but they do not take credit at this time and they are on the island which means shipping over here. I was hoping to find a local supplier. Also, they do not post their cost. Old Surrey serves this with their steak as well as seafood and its scrumptious. If cooked properly it has a lovely crunchy texture though a little salty. The first time I had it , it was cooked with butter and garlic which was lovely and helped compensate for the salt. The last time however it was a little bitter so I would imagine its use as a vegetable has to be used carefully as the site suggests. Soaking it to help decrease its salt content would help. Thanks for the info. Will send you email as have a tip for your column on another restaurant. Give me a couple of days. Take care.
  16. Hello, I am new but have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts. Does anyone know where I can find " sea asparagus". I tried it at a restaurant and fell in love with it but have not been able to find it. Have tried everywhere including Capers and Urban Fare.
  17. I am a new member so please be patient as this is my first post. I love this topic. I need assistance in picking a good restaurant in the east end near Slocan as I am taking someone to a meeting there tomorrow night and have been told I have my choice of restaurants in that area as payment! I am not familiar with restaurants in the east end except the Pink Pearl and do not wish to go there again. My last three experiences.....Went to the Old Surrey Restaurant which is a French restaurant and always has excellent food and service. I did not show much imagination and had the Prawns Mistral pan seared with shallots and finished with garlic and wild mushrooms I could really taste the garlic which I adore. There was not enough of the prawns so I savored them and was reluctant to swallow them...grin as I wanted to keep the taste in my mouth. The next course was Cream of Asparagus Soup and accompanied with Cream Fraiche. It was excellent. Filet Mignon with Broiled Lobster Tail which was good but I have had better beef there before. I love the sea asparagus they serve though and I have never had it served anywhere before. I do not know where they source it from. I have tried to buy it and looked at Urban Fare for it but they do not carry it. They had tiny little puff potatoes that were deep fried that were excellent. I was quite full by then so had the Strawberries and Kiwi Romanoff splashed with Grand Marnier served with vanilla ice cream which is a very light dessert. For the Dine Out in Vancouver we went to the Boathouse in White Rock. Not my choice but my friend wanted to go there so off we went. Usually the service is supposed to be poor but we had an excellent server so that was a pleasant surprise. I had the miso halibut in some kind of ginger reduction sauce. I forget the rest of my meal. The salad was good and came with candied pecans. The dessert was mediocre; some kind of chocolate mousse which I did not eat. My friend had the steak and she felt her meal was mediocre. She said she would not return. I love fish and was happy with my halibut. The third place was I am embarrassed to admit a I-Hop for breakfast...I mean what else would you eat there. I had their whole wheat pancakes with nuts in them as they are quite edible with poached eggs. However, it came hot and the service was good and fast. Like this thread. Hamilton Grill now on my list as is Chambers. Samasutra My friend had the cream brulee and I had a tiny bite of it and it was excellent.
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