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  1. Most good butchers should be able to supply you with SN in the amount that you would be needing
  2. Further to Shinboners, any of the Holy Goat range are brilliant, particularly the black silk, and the mature veloute!..... makes being a lactose intolerant chef an even more difficult task. A cherry ripe Tarago triple cream brie came in last week which was rather impressive.
  3. In Sydney on holidays for 2 weeks, can some of you Sydneysiders point me in direction of a good butcher that has a good source of game products. Preferably closeish to the Ryde/Parra area. Cheers, Pete
  4. Thank you Pat, will give those 2 sources a go tomorrow. The ones in St Albans, where sold in big loose bags, so there wasn't any markings on them. I would assume they would of been dried baby apples, by the time they were dried they were about the same size of a full sized crab apple. Cheers, Pete
  5. As above , i need some whole dried baby apples, has anyone seen these in Melbourne, a local grocer in St Albans used to have it which is now shut down. Haven't seen them anywhere else. Can anyone tell me where they have seen some. Help appreiciated in advanced. Cheers, Pete
  6. Was panfried, and served with some sort of zucchini spaghetti, with what looks like some sort of sauce vierge with cucumber ?? through it... errr was a while ago that one. The crabs would of been lightly dusted in flour, seasoned with salt and pepper and pan-fried with some olive oil before being drained on paper. Love them pan-fried
  7. Pat, im a little scetchy with what im after exactly. I can only remember using them in a place i worked in when i was an apprentice. They are basically polycarbonate moulds, with about 30 truffle moulds per sheet. It would allow you to make round truffle 'shells' and allow you to come back once they had set and fill them with the ganache/fillings of your choice. I know you can buy the shells pre made but pfff to pre-made stuff.... Theres 15kg or so of Valrhona and then another 8kg of Callebaut someone went a bit crazy. Definatly know that chefs hat wouldnt have them.... Essential didnt have them....and Cake Deco didn't know what i was talking about...when i can get up to Savour school next week and see if they have the ones im after, ill post you a pic. Pete
  8. ignore that, found some on the previous topic reply i posted, didnt know they had started to sell truffle shells:P
  9. Savourschool if your after something that would offer more inspiration and some finer skills
  10. Having a suprisingly difficult time trying to track some down in melbourne. Anyone seen someone who stocks them?
  11. Pine mushrooms!!! ......in early april .......we need rain in Daylesford....the forest is so so dry
  12. Hey guys, apologies on the late replies, and a big thank you to all the input, i just haven't had the time to reply. We've been in the process of building a new website with out web designer which should be up soon! , just holding off on the blog at this stage to concentrate on other priorities at the moment. Pat, The soy beans believe it or not can be bought frozen from KFL supermarkets, they are unbelievable quality, and only around $1 or so a packet. I can get them fresh through my veg supplier with reasonable notice. Though this lot was bought on impulse for a special. Cheers Guys!!
  13. Hey guys, have just posted some New photo blogs, and we're thinking about encorperating a blog into our website at work... does anyone have any links to restaurants who use blogs to interact with their customers, or any ideas?? Input appreciated. Cheers
  14. ahhh yup they will be the ones....admit ive never heard of them....until stumbling across some..... perhaps now i have the correct spelling google will help me out more!! Cheers, PJ
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