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  1. I don't have a picture for proof but my worst looking, best-loved cookbook would have to be Bayou Cuisine. I think the Indianola, Mississippi Episcopal Church put it out in the 70's. It talks about the Spanish and French influence on the Mississippi Delta and has great recipes. My pages are stuck together on the "Oysters Johnny Reb." A recipe that's been at my family's holiday table since I can remember.
  2. You'll get nothing, and you'll like it. Classic! That's Caddyshack, of course. ← You got it... I love that Spaulding!
  3. #5 Crimes of the Heart? how about... I want a hamburger... no, a cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake...
  4. Runaway Bride? I think I finally got one... The Ten Commandments. They used Jello to part the red sea. So here's another... "And two fried eggs, two poached eggs, two scrambled eggs, and two medium-boiled eggs." "And two hard-boiled eggs." ←
  5. How about a foreign movie with almost lethal gazpacho?
  6. Here's what i've got... 1. It takes two 2. Super Troopers 3. When Harry met Sally 4. Something about Mary 5. Lady and the Tramp? 6. Repo Man 7. Soylent Green? 8. NOt a CLUE 9. Secret of my success?
  7. Barcelona is a great city with a ton of culinary options. I love Abac. The chef does amazing things with suckling pig and goat. Raco d'en Freixa is great. The chef is young and rising and the restaurant garners some attention. I am, though, a huge fan of Charles Gaig. It is an amazing mix classic catalan with the new techniques. Wandering around eating in Barcelona is one of my favorite things to do. Cal Pep is fun and young, but I prefer Taller de Tapas. It is my favorite Tapas place in the city. When I was there in September, I stumbled across a fabulous little gem called Semprillana (not sure of the spelling). The chef/owner was a woman and the food was fabulous!
  8. I think that Press is good and has a cozy atmosphere as well as good wine list. Bistro Jeanty is excellent but don't waste time or money at Go Fish. Of course one of my favorite places to go is Taylor's Refresher. The tuna burger is great and the garlic fries and the beer list rocks!!
  9. It's true that most recipes for Jezebel Sauce call for apple jelly, pineapple preserve, dried mustard and horseradish. It is very yummy and that lovely sweet, spicy mix that goes great with a variety of cheeses or smoked meats. It is this sticky link to my childhood and for some reason I just have to know where it originated. I'm going to check out that Biloxi Herald article right now. But, if y'all find anything or hear anything - Please let me know.
  10. I guess I don't really know much about much when it comes down to it. I've grown up and continue to live in the Mississippi Delta. I always loved church potlucks and dinners on the ground here and one reason was because of Jezebel sauce. All the little church ladies would bring it out to accompany smoked meats or adorn soft cream cheese and a Triscuit. It always struck me as odd that a sauce named after a biblical harlot who was thrown out of a window and consequently eaten by dogs would be so popular at church functions. But it was... My question? Does anyone out there know the history of Jezebel sauce and it there is a connection between it and Henry Baines sauce? Thanks y'all!
  11. Restaurant Berasategui at Guggenheim MENÚ “SENSATIONS, MEMORIES and FLAVOURS” Lightly baked egg on a ratte potato bed, Dressed with kalamata olive oil and red peppers nectar Roast Vine tomato stuffed with baby squids, With a black risotto and fresh cream Roast fish of the day, with a tender almonds puree, tomato juice emulsion and fresh herbs Glazed veal jaw, Served with polenta and dried tomato, black olives and milk emulsion Morsels of caramelized apple, Floating in a cream of eggs yolk and Tahiti vanilla, served with coconut ice-cream Curd of pistachio, With juice of concentrated coffee and cream Wines: White “Viña Cantosán” 2003 D.O. Rueda Red “Azpilicueta” crianza 2001 Bodegas AGE D.O. Ca Rioja Corn bread Mineral water Coffee and Petit fours DAY 7 (29/9) Mugaritz PLATO VINO TIPO Aperitivo en la terraza ni nos lo permite el día, sino en la caseta Vino Blanco Pending option Fillaboa 2004 D.O rias Baixas Gran Caus 2002 D.O Penedes VERDURAS ASADAS Y CRUDAS, BROTES Y HOJAS, SILVESTRES Y CULTIVADAS, aliñadas con mantequilla avellana y salpicadas de semillas y pétalos. Aderezo «generoso» de queso Emmental. VEGETABLES, OVEN ROASTED AND RAW, SPROUTS AND GREENS, wild and cultivated, seasoned with browned butter and dusted with seeds and petals. “Emmental”cheese generously seasoned. TALLOS DE BORRAJA blanqueados en un caldo natural de moluscos. Pétalos de ajos encurtidos y flores de borraja. BORAGE STALKS blanched in a shellfish bouillon. Pickled garlic petals and borage flowers. NATA QUEMADA Y CUAJADA con brotes de higo y pulpa de cítricos rebozada en ceniza de verduras y algas. BURNED AND CURDLED CREAM with fig shoots and citric fruit powdered with ashes of vegetables and seaweed. Vino Blanco Castillo Monjardín Rva 2000 D.O Navarra Guitian Sobre Lias 2004 D.O Valdeorras Terras Gauda Etiqueta negra 2002 D.O Rias Baixas CHIPIRON DE ANCUELO SALTEADO, “CARBÓN VEGETAL” y brotes dulces acompañados con una “caseína de ajos”. SAUTED LINE-CAUGHT BABY SQUID, “VEGETABLE CARBON” and sweet shoots accompanied by a “garlic casein”. ESCALOPE DE FOIEGRAS TOSTADO. Nata fresca de soja y romero. Emulsión desgrasada de levadura. TOASTED FOIE GRAS ESCALOPE. Fresh soya and thyme cream Skimmed yeast emulsion. Generoso Matusalen Oloroso D.O Jerez Matusalen Oloroso D.O Jerez Matusalen Oloroso D.O Jerez LOMO DE SALMONETE TOSTADO Y REPOSADO. Confitura salada de pescados de roca y azafrán. Granos de sal gris. LOIN OF RED MULLET "GOATFISH," TOASTED AND RESTED. Savory confit of rockfish and saffron. Grains of grey salt. Vino Tinto Casa La Ermita 2001 D.O Jumilla Lynus 2002 D.O Ribera del Duero Alion 1999 D.O Ribera del Duero PECHUGA DE PICHÓN con la bechamel cremosa de nuez moscada[sin grasa y sin harina]. Corteza de leche y mantequilla. ROASTED PIGEON BREAST draped with a false milk skin and a nutmeg bechamel sauce. [no fat and no flour]. Torrija empapada en nata y yema de huevo, tOSTADA A LA SARTÉN Y CARAMELIZADA, crema helada elaborada con leche cruda. French Toast soaked in egg yolk, SAUTE BROWNED and caramelised accompanied by a reduced milk ice cream. Vino Dulce Moscatel Sarasate D.O Navarra M.R Moscatel 2003 D.O Malaga Molino Real 2002 D.O Malaga CILINDRO HELADO DE CACAO acompañado de una crema de almendras y otra de chocolate y lima. A CYLINDER OF CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM accompanied by a cream of almonds, another chocolate and lime. Restaurant Euskadi in Espelette A l’arrivée : Sangria Maison MENU Pipérade Basquaise Tripoxa Maison Axoa d’Espelette Pommes sautées Fromage de Brebis avec Confiture de Cerises noires Koka Maison Café Irouleguy rouge Pipérade Basquaise Œufs brouillés accompagnés d’une sauce tomate basquaise avec ail, oignon et piment, servi avec une tranche de jambon de Bayonne poëlée. Tripoxa Maison Petit boudin de veau ou de mouton, accompagné d’une sauce tomate relevée au Piment d’Espelette. Axoa d’Espelette Le plat le plus typique du village : viande de veau coupée en petits dés, revenue avec oignon et piment frais, assaisonnée au Piment d’Espelette. Restaurant Arzak MENU DE DEGUSTACION Entretenimientos Arzak Calabacín kéfir y frutas atomizadas Carabineros en césped ó . Huevo del momento Pescado del día Carne (cordero) Degustación de postres de la casa Café con chocolates artesanos VINOS: Blanco: Gran Feudo Chardonnay. Bodegas Julián Chivite. Navarra. Tinto: Arzak 1998. La Rioja Alta S.A.
  12. I was in San Sebastian for 3 days as part of a CIA tour that included Barcelona. We had an unbelievable luch at the Guggenheim in Bilboa and then bussed it to San Sebastian. We had pintxos the first night and ended the tapas crawl at La Cuchara de San Telmo whose owners used to work at El Bulli. We had an amazing rabbit dish and a caramelized foie gras at like $3 a plate. The next day we lunched at one of the gastronomic societies on a beautiful pisto and a lot of hard sour cider while the president sang "old Man River" to me. That night dinner was at Mugaritz where we toured the garden with Aduriz. He had us a taste a bud used in the amazon to deaden the mouth (toothaches) and used it with an herb salad where each herb was placed individually on the plate with tweezers and we were directed in which direction we should eat the salad to get the perfect taste. Then we deadened our mouth with the bud before the next course. We crossed over the border to France the next day to visit Espelette and sample their famous peppers before returning to San Sebatian for dinner at Arzak. Arzak was the most amazing meal I have ever eaten. I have never seen anything quite like the pantry at Arzak. Elena and her father were charming and the food! I will put the menus on another post if you're interested.
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