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  1. Hi Rico, nice brisket! I have the same problem with brisket thinking its done before it really is. Your bark looks impressive..any clues on proportions of ingredients?
  2. Awesome thanks! I may have to try it now!!! Obviously if its good it will have to be rationed since there are only 3 bottles left!
  3. Thanks...I suppose I'm going just going to have to taste it and see....kind of wanted to keep the bottles intact if it wasn't worth drinking...
  4. I am in the process of cleaning out my parent's house for sale and finally got to the wine cellar (more of natural pantry below grade but we always called it the wine cellar). Anyway amongst all of the bottles ranging from root beer schnapps from the 70s to 18 year mccallan I found 3 bottles of this mysterious stuff that my parents reportedly bought on their honeymoon in 1962 in the Caribbean. I have no idea what this is and a search for Liqueur Ahenho turns up nothing. The top of the bottle is wrapped in silver foil and there is another small sticker attached to the bottle which says "excessive use of this product can become habit forming"...not sure if that is specific to whatever this is or a general alcohol warning which I would find strange for the time. Anyway can anyone tell me what this is and if it is any good?
  5. Seems we've been down this road before? Oh No OTTO!
  6. I actually have the old style grate with the rectangular cast iron insert that quite a few people have referenced in the past. I love it but it is a royal pain to keep seasoned and rust free (leaving it in the grill after use isn't a good idea ) This new iteration might be only offered through C&B? Not sure what I think about the round center insert but it might be easier to have the hot zone there instead of off to one side. I'll pick one of these up anyway and maybe use the ring from my WSM to hold the coals in the center hot zone.... New grate
  7. I have used this with some success on our non magnetic fridge door. Choopa
  8. Mmmmmm, barbecue. Maybe I judged you in CT if you did that event last summer! Haven't done any comps in CT yet. We've done the 3 in Jersey as well as Hudson Valley Ribfest in New Paltz (that one costs me alot since the wife insists on spending 3-4 days at Mohonk when we go) Anyone who wants to learn more about smoking and good bbq should really go to a KCBS event, walk around and talk to the teams. We did this when we started competing and were surprised at how approachable and willing to share information about technique, etc people were. You can get a great amount info and meet some pretty nice people. Keep an eye out for us next time you judge stop by and say hi...Smoke on the Water NJ.
  9. I started competing in KCBS competitions a couple of years ago around NY and NJ and we have had excellent results running 3 WSMs. That being said I am thinking of migrating to one of these as our need for capacity grows. http://www.capitolbbq.com/products/Backwoods-Party-Smoker.html
  10. This comment always baffles me...don't you still have to preheat a gas grill for 15-20 minutes? I have a Weber performer (and a WSM I use for competition as well) and from the time I put a chimney of lump over the burner to the time I can cook it isn't much more than 20 mins (ok maybe 25 tops).
  11. I will be smoking a brisket as I am honing my recipe for an upcoming KCBS competition on the 25th
  12. You can check out Classic Thyme in Westfield Mumfords in Shrewsbury Taste and Technique in Fair Haven I have been to both Mumfords and Taste and Technique for single session hands on classes, but I have heard excellent things about Classic Thyme
  13. I know it isn't Bergen or Essex county, but my local Spirits Unlimited in Red Bank has Barritt's in both bottles and cans. Might be worth an hour's drive to you.
  14. Interesting about John's. I haven't had meat from there in a while. I see you are in Middletown. Where do you buy meat locally? My go to place is Citarella in Red Bank. They have been in business for over 100 years and they dry age as well. Check them out sometime. Jimmy Nelson is the man behind the counter you want to talk to. He knows his meat.
  15. Great blog Suzi. My family used to rent a bungalow at Lk. Hopatcong when I was a kid in the late 60s and early 70's. My one great recollection (besides this great big moose head in the living room) was eating out at the Windlass. That was the epitome of fine dining for me in the summer. Is it still there?
  16. Sugar for hard ice cream and cake for soft. I am surprised nobody has mentioned the approved way of eating ice cream from a sugar cone, which is of course after a few cursory licks off the top, to bite the bottom of the cone off and suck the ice cream through the hole in the bottom.
  17. Finnegan's across from the Post Office.
  18. I used to wear a plain white apron that belonged to my grandfather since I am the messiest cook in the world, but if I am dressed up at all I have taken to wearing a denim chef's jacket that my wife bought me purely for the full coverage aspect. Is it pretentious to wear a chef's jacket at home?
  19. We had our reception at the Molly Pitcher in Red Bank. Food was outstanding.
  20. I'll agree that the food at Shea sucks but at CBP you still have to watch the Phillies play . (P.S. I know they aren't great but I've always had a soft spot for an Italian Sausage and pepper sandwich at Shea)
  21. I have tried to use the side towel many times and it just doesn't work for me. For moving pans around the stove, maybe. For taking a cast iron skillet that has been preheating in a 550 oven for half an hour? No way. I use these gloves exclusively in both the kitchen and around both my charcoal grill and smoker. I can even pick up a preheated grate directly off the grill without feeling the heat. Try that with a side towel.
  22. 151 Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte is Young Frankenstein. Sorry I have been away from the board for a bit. Congrats Petite tete de chou!
  23. Patisserie St. Michel in Teaneck hands down.
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