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  1. what visa are you planning on getting for mynamar? as not all visa will give you acess to other parts of the country, ie they can be regional depending on where you enter the country, unless you have secured a visa prior to arriving.... And you should be aware of current conflicts inside the country as they frequently change and leave areas inacessable or cut off, staying in the major cities is advisable unless you have local guides / friends. We recently returned from tachilek, and inle lake in the shan state, and all was not well as of a 2 weeks ago with skirmishes bEtween the UWSA, SSA, BGF, USDA ect. food was ok, not really a big suprise, best meals we had were in tachilek and a few grilled fish from inle..heres a good news source from the shan state, located on the lao border. Also if you do go forget travelers checks and atm's theyare totaly useless bring, usd and or thai baht. Im assuming you will be traveling via lao, make sure the border is open before you try as i think the lao border is sealed as we speak.. So you would need to fly or cross fromn china or thailand. shanland.org
  2. strange review they are pretty middle of the road it, reads more like a menu list than a review. He sure didn't come out and say what he was thinking positive or negative
  3. hmm pad thai, been here for 2 years now only had it twice.... ive seen it plenty of times in tourist spots, and eaten it once in nakhon suan supposedly the best in thailand and once at home, its for the tourists as far as i can tell, but what do i know.... peter when was the last time you were served pad thai in the los?
  4. I can think of several instances where the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and 60 Minutes have done that. The Feedbag probably gets some stuff wrong, though no clear examples are coming to mind and none have been cited. But the Feedbag is certainly not a rumor mill. Most of the information is either fact or opinion. ← I know this is bringing up ghosts of the past, but here one example to speak of. Not to say it was done intentional, he may have assumed it was true, but you know the old saying about assumptions .
  5. Has anybody read Ozersky's Alice Waters vs. Per Se story? Funny how most all of the comments are negative and directed to him and his lil tabloid peice. Then he updates that maybe it wasnt even her,,, at least a tabloid would have gotten the identity right, or at the least done little fact checking before posting it up as truth....... http://www.the-feedbag.com/elsewhere/alice...oxious-mischief
  6. We did get to bo.lan and it was quite interesting (I mean that only in a good way). I'll let Peter blog it in sequence, since this is his thread. (Hijack: Tim, could you tell us more about your latest projects? I for one would love to check them out!) ← well we have a bakery that just opened about a month and a half ago, were gonna be in paragon starting tomorrow for a event , runnning for the next week, maybe longer if all goes well,
  7. peter check out bolan restaurant hearing some good stuff about it here in bkk
  8. Of course this is exactly why serious food reviewers wont take comps. That way they cannot be accused of blatant favoritism, How often do you see the bloggers ever put anything bad out about there "favorite" places. Such as I had a bad dish at xxxxx restaurant the other night blah, blah, blah. Never, because if they get a not so hot dish they will let it slide in fear of getting the chef angry and the freebies and vip status no longer exist,
  9. px status will get you comp courses, its pretty much the norm at all nyc fine dining places
  10. lets be honest some of these blogs are simply pay for play. Restaurants use the bloggers for a desired outcome, ie public exposure for a new dish or opening of a restaurant, Its a marketing tactic. The bloggers use the restaurants for food, attention, the ability to tag along at industry parties, ect ect.
  11. I dont think his reviews and/or blurbs about food are much to argue over, they generaly stay fairly positive and tend to not be terribly serious. One can tell the man generaly likes food and the whole restaurant scene for that matter. Yes he has some chefs that he favors, but how different is that from any other of the bloggers/ serious reviewers. Where he tends to go wrong is when he comments or prints "stories" involving restaurant politics and or incidents in the buisness without fact checking i can think of several cases where he has printed false information based upon rumors. If he sticks to food hes fine, anything more than that is questionable.
  12. Ok guys my gf has a bakery that is having lots of trouble with the cupcakes drying out after a few hours, we have resorted to air tight containers for storage, i know invert helps to retain moisture, any ideas for ratio of invert to add to a batter heres the recipie she is currently using, any other shelf life prolonging / moisture retainer info would be great to hear, oh by the way we live in a tropical environment, 35c minimum most every day... recipie: 1. ไข่ไก่ 2 ใบ 2 eggs 2. น้ำตาล 1½ ถ้วย (360g.) 1.5c sugar 3. นม 1 ถ้วย 1c milk 4. แป้งเค้ก 2⅓ถ้วย (560g.) 2.5c cake flour 5. เนย 120g. 120 g butter 6. B.P 1 ช้อนชา 1 tsp baking powder 7. B.S 1 ช้อนชา 1 tsp baking soda
  13. korea town saam blue ribbon inoteca la isla <cubans sandwiches and other stuff not fancy by any means> st marks <kenka for lots of cheep beer> sushi seki congee village punjabi <vegetarian indian kiosk lots of cabbies> landmark izyaki rikki stanton social sake bar hagi kampucheua <sp? this should be a good start for you
  14. we use cane sugar , for the beef sauce, you can toast uncooked rice until almost burned crush it in a mortar and pestel<sp>? add to the sauce base issan style,
  15. let me know when your in town, always more than glad to do a little eating/ tour guide "day off" if my schedule allows, little update for peter so we have 2 places now and are opening 2 more pastry shops as of jan 16th
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