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  1. Having a fun time in

    Camden 

  2. Says it all about gay marriage http://sgp.cm/cd6ffc

  3. Arse and bog roll missed last tube home, but met fun people and bus here so no probs

  4. Mike @Voluptelounge one of the best bar men I know, why I rate this place as one of the best cocktail bars in London

  5. Proof the economy is tanked the maxi dress is back! http://t.co/5RYkjMF

  6. Just found The MacArthur Park Suite by Donna Summer for download and after a purchase compared it to my scratched 1978 vinyl version.

    The digital version was hammered into the floor, it even sounded better downstairs in the kitchen. I love my Linn Sondek and a few black boxes

  7. Let companies off billions, & the rich avoid taxes & make the poor pay. Then persecute peaceful objection to injustice http://t.co/hJA3ujE

  8. Is it me or are FB sabotaging twitter updates.

    Ie I see one post (from N E 1) and bellow a link that says and 28 zillion more posts from twitter. And everyone is included, before it would only be a single persons tweets over say an hour or so.

    Running scared I think iOS5 coming with deep twitter integration and Google+ actually respects privacy

  9. And paged again at 1am WAFL !

  10. "In Time" looks like an interesting film http://t.co/I8nSwJK

  11. Tell #Apple to stop funding anti #LGBT hate groups on CVN! #AllOut4Equality http://t.co/ctsnOeL

  12. Oh dear have to put drops in EVERY hour for 48 hours this will be fun

  13. Now the fire alarm has gone off in the hospital - sigh

  14. Ralph's birthday present sussed and purchased thanks to mum :-)

  15. New Toy, New Toy, Shiny thing http://t.co/PUMJtBw

  16. New #Torchwood reserving judgement, have they managed to do american action plus UK quirkiness, too early to tell yet due to scene setting

  17. RT @Joan_Rivers "Soccer in Hyde Park, however, a winner! 5000 miles to kick around a ball." well if someone is going to kick balls it's you

  18. Sodding grid lock in Tulse hill, taking hours to get home

  19. How long can it take for a bus to go on a diversion!

  20. Mum is really going to like this one http://t.co/3dUgcoi but then it sums up Gran Canaria and I ,,,,,,

  21. There is nothing as good as a good Welsh cake and nothing as bad as a bad one. S(@YouTube http://youtu.be/qt930NfW7Ec?a)

  22. The manor arms Streatham - excellent Noms

  23. A nice drink with Jill in Baltic after a goverment inspector http://ind.pn/oPBdQQ

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