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  1. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/1cm9CY1m THE TIMELORDS / KLF - Doctorin' The Tardis

  2. Briliant trance version, trancy and sinister at the same time - love it

    (@YouTube http://t.co/LxYk1wHC)

  3. Grr now the washing machine has gone wonky sigh

  4. Solving the Riemann hypothesis would be easier than transfer gas and electricity supplier

  5. Written while after waiting for a driver change some arse wont pay fair or get off so 40min to BrixtonGetting on tube ....

  6. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/9cL2Pyn Portal: No Escape

  7. What's qr.net/eyqa all about. Domain info qr.net/eyp9 + bio hazard sign,

    guess protest about toxic finance and public paying for cleanup

  8. Rise of planet of the apes - loved it

  9. Birthday celebs start 11:30am Sun, End 9pm Tues not bad for 48.

    Would have gone for longer but the wheel came of my mobility scooter, the artificial hip has seized up and I've lost my bus pass.

  10. Can you believe nPowers systems are: leavers and joiners; customer account; outgoing etc. All distinct with no x coms between them #FAIL

  11. Frustrated at being good in prep for birthday celebrations tomorrow. But want to enjoy my birthday meal and have mega energy for fun after at the Vauxhall tavern etc etc

  12. The incompetence of nPower in transferring my gas supply is shocking

  13. Camerons "hug a hoodie" http://t.co/Gz0OpJm have a read LOL

  14. I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/YItK1izQIwo?a Nick Clegg "warns" of riots if Tories are elected (11Apr10)

  15. Bet the hackers were trying to improve the recipe http://t.co/1SvHGdF anyone notice new http://t.co/hr1PVss are a bit hershy. Ughhh

  16. Snarled up in a bus jam in Brixton and station closed due to police investigations. Wish these rioters would give advance notice. Got to see dr's at 1pm at this rate will need to leave for it as soon as I get in!

  17. Volume 1 of a modernist cuisine finished 4 more to go

  18. Torchwood - it grates the full on USA with the BBC make do, ironic will it settle down into something OK.

    OK - my guess is the kids taken by the 459 were freed by what happened in "Children Of Earth" and this is their revenge.

  19. Wow as good as it said on the tin, my new shaver Panasonic ES-LA63 does give a shave as good as a wet shave well impressed

  20. Oh dear, here's one for all you teapot collectors who are Amy Winehouse fans http://t.co/eqFAS0i

  21. Nasty horrible mosquito got me on the had, so it's now all swollen and anti histamines not helping

  22. A security tag on a £2 block of cheese WTF http://t.co/3emxuEm

  23. walking through Brixton and cleared my throat, male of couple I was walking about 8 feet behind, stopped and (cont) http://tl.gd/c2vv3o

  24. Which was followed by fun in Brixton today - missed Pam Ann though at the two Brewers

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