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  1. Just had a weird #nosql moment replying to a comment on comment that wasn't there - the little bunny will catch up #geek

  2. My mum got potatoes for #mothersday but they were tiny Jersey royals #noms

  3. I liked an @YouTube video http://t.co/FKCnFpOl Raquel Welch - Aquarius & Let The Sunshine In

  4. #Alien are cats the equivalent of canaries, if so happy bunny as got 2 of them.
  5. Loving watching Alien again on Film 4 - unexpected benefits of being on escalation

  6. Just had my first jersey royals of the season, tiny, covered in soil and tasty like the old days, set mum some for mothers day #noms

  7. Brilliant, and probably illegal under stupid health and safety. Next week fun w (@YouTube http://t.co/jo5Mbm3K)

  8. Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! http://t.co/WVWW5Wpy

  9. I liked an @YouTube video http://t.co/uuZtONWr Royal Vauxhall Tavern,Edna. "On top of the world"

  10. There is miming as a drag act but Adrella took it to the next level, and she al (@YouTube http://t.co/bmKwmiK1)

  11. With a suburban hoe right now http://t.co/YrlIQ6E3

  12. Arse just just dropped Satan's insulin by tripping over Sylar - £100 down the drain


  13. #homeofthefuture get over it insects taste nice if done right
  14. #homeofthefuture of course sous vide steak not good as fried, should have seared/blow torched it to get the maillard reaction for taste
  15. Anyone know what vegetable this is ? http://t.co/INL8skqb

  16. Interesting the LP version I have it's "Alive and kicking at the country club, (@YouTube http://t.co/dEcCuHiS)

  17. Balls deployed, had to use all 72 pong pong balls, but kept them in their bags. It's for my... http://t.co/VWC8fVTh

  18. Loving having multi

    touch on my PC using Bamboo Medium Pen and Touch

  19. Star Trek really IS a good guide to the future... Scientists now able to produce transparent aluminium http://t.co/mP00ecFO via @MailOnline

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