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  1. Rather than a foam perhaps an air. You would need a strong base probably neat lime or lemon juice with lethicin and then made into air (think bubbles) via an immersion blender, could be used as is or frozen and the frozen "air" used.

  2. Can anyone verify the size of the acrylic book case? I'm fairly certain the set won't fit on my bookshelf, so I am hoping to build a home for them before my set arrives.

    I am measuring the one I have as:

    22 cm wide

    28.5 cm deep

    35 cm high

    Get it confirmed first by another poster before you start building. :biggrin:

    Wow, Anna. That's the same size as my case. :smile:


    Oh no mine's in inches, have I got a fake :biggrin:

  3. If doing mac and cheese for now, why the iota carrageenan ?

    The set and grate seems an extra step that while useful in a restaurant etc could be skipped at home. Could be wrong as it may change moth feel but when I made it with kappa carrageenan it worked fine, if doing it for immediate use can the carrageenan followed by set and grate step be skipped

  4. Take the 4 cardboard rectangle things that are on the sides of the cube and glue them into a square with some aquarium glue. Make a few slashes in them to expose a little of the corrugation. Spray with catnip spray. Add cat(s).

    Harder than you think as the cats are already in the boxes you 4 cardboard rectangle things that are on the sides from, and since you want the cat to go into YOUR box following cat rules your chance is lower than zero (I know that can't happen in the real world but cat's are quantum as proved by Shrodinger - LHC looking for the Higs, yeah right a secret acronim for Large Hungry Kat)

  5. I got one and it works well, handy having the readout on the wall and it's a neat solution, one thing to note as it's infra red then scale does need to be vaguely pointing at the wall mounted section also loads of clutter round the scale cat prevent it working. That said i really like mine, looks good on the wall as clock, thermometer etc and does it's job as a scale well when needed.

    Anyone recommend a good gram scale on sale in the UK ideally 0.01 resolution from 0 to 100g that takes ordinary batteries, my current one (0.1 resolution) needs 3 odd lithium ones I can't get so have to jury rig it with paper and tin foil and wrong size batteries to get it to work

  6. My friend who is in marketing just saw them, totally uninterested in the content but the printing, asking me questions I can't answer, I directed him to modernistcuisine.com but he wants to know more. I've never seen someone go so intense over a book - and that was just the prinbt quality. And for the kitchen manual I said it was made to be damage proof and he said can I rip it, heart said no, head said yes and it did not rip.

    The book itself is a new thing. is there more info on the printing process and color accuracy I can pass on to my m8?

  7. I tend to think the "not like it used to be" is down to me becoming more forgetful as the years pass by.

    That said, I bought a pack in Waitrose yesterday. Not only didnt they taste like they used to, they werent the right waxy texture nor were they the usual kideny shape (not for nothing is the spud sold for home gardening called the International Kidney. Disappointing.

    I must disagree with you saying ' "not like it used to be" is down to me becoming more forgetful as the years pass by.' I and my mum thought that, but I bet what you bought in Waitrose were semi cleaned, I guess by being blast washed and they were not covered "in dirt" as every jersey royal I've seen in supermarkets in the UK have been for the past few years but get the "dirty ones" and they are as good as your memory. If they don't need a good scrape they don't have the taste.

    Now if I can find where to get the tiny ones, covered in dirt ....... (Without pulling in a favour)

  8. I guess the question is should the wiki include common usage no matter how uneducated or crude. Many restaurant kitchens refer to a sauce as jiz; as on " needs more jiz on this plate ". Does that get an entry too?

    Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk

    Yes, and you should go write it now. Then we can have a pedantic argument (where would eG Forums be without them?) about whether it's spelled with one "z" or two!

    Thanks, Dave.

    I'm sure there is a premium price for that, in certain underground restaurants!

  9. In the UK I've only ever known "French fry" to be associated with fries or (as we in the UK would say chips) even though the Netherlands invented these, with current country boundaries this can now claimed by the Flemish portion of Belgium.

    Cue huge argument but I'd say "French fry" in Europe is taken as an Americanism for frites (or in the UK Chips, American Chips are called crisps)

  10. Yes the season is here but don't know if like me you find the taste is not the same as you used to get. Now all you seem to find are the semi cleaned ones in supermarkets where are the small bags full of small potatoes covered in seaweed loam that were sold at extortionate prices that didn't matter and you'd sell your mother for.

    Today these potatoes I've only seen at high end restaurants (Bibendum, dinner etc) however last year I found this company flowers by post that while shopping for flowers for mothers day which in the UK is the fourth Sunday of Lent I clicked on flower variety and noticed "potatoes"

    so as well as flowers (for delivery on the day) ordered a box of potatoes for Mum (and one for myself) as soon as they could be delivered. I also loved being able to tell people I gave my mum potatoes for mothers day. Last year they were as good as I remember, had some loam on them and the taste I remember, that you only seem to get when they have a bit of "dirt" on them.

    This year I did the same and they have arrived, they thoughtfully include some pats of Jersey butter and fresh mint just about to put them on.

    I have no connection with the company above however it seems to be the only way to get decent Jersey Royals these days (yes I know there are shops and places in London I could get them for a premium but my mum in Wales can't and when they arrived she thought it was one of the best mothers day presents ever, she thought her taste/memory had changed but these were as she remembered)

    For a plate of perfect, tiny Jersey royals that were covered in dirt when I got them, I'd happy pay the same per kilo as fillet steak, trouble is you can find the steak but not the tiny Jersey royals.

    This is what arrived


    Sorry I nom'd the cooked ones with butter and mint, before I could take a picture, 1/2 a kilo per person it not to bad is it? Thinking doing the other 1/2 Kilo with broad beans and smoked streaky bacon lardons

  11. Out off the four of us that went the "Black Foot Pork Chop" was thought to be the best the others tried were "Sirloin Steak with bone marrow", "Braised Celery" and "Powdered Duck" also get the triple cooked chips. I've also heard the "beef royal" well rated but it seems to be off the menu at the moment.

    Also I did see the liquid nitrogen ice cream machine being used at the chefs table when I was there.

  12. Im not sure where it should go, here or an MC thread, but could we start compiling a list of Modernist Ingredients, and the recipe they are used in?

    For Example

    Mac and Cheese - Sodium Citrate

    That way we could also ad generic name if a brand name is used, and successful alternatives if someone uses one.

    This would be good on the Wiki

  13. The best thing I've cooked Sous Vide was Ox Cheeks at 60C for 3 days. Simple rub with a mixture of crushed garlic, Dijon mustard, chopped thyme seal and off you go. Pork belly is another good one.

    3 days for ox cheek?!?

    that's commitment!

    did you sauce them?

    Used the juices from the bag to make a sauce, and beleve me it's worth the wait. I tend to get as many cheeks as I can when I find them and do them individually in bags. I can then freeze and when needed 1hr at 60C and they're ready to eat.

  14. WHats happening at Amazon UK? Any idea when they will have stock?

    I ordered last October, and there is still no delivery date. Did the consignment get lost?

    Jack Lang

    My delivery date was due 8-11 April,had the email from Amazon to say they would let me know when it would be available...

    We all seem to be in the same boat here. I'm still waiting.....

    This article in the independent at the very end states "On April 14, we shall be allowed to delve inside this new gastro-Holy Bible. " could this be the date shipments arrive in the UK ?

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