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  1. espresso ice cream with a fleur de sel caramel swirl and cocoa nibs or Strawberry-rhubarb sour cream ice cream with streusel bits.
  2. This is a complicated topic, because just about anyone who has worked in pastry for awhile has had the unpleasant experience of having other people copy/take credit for/make money off their recipes. But on the other hand this whole forum is based on the sharing of knowledge, ideas, opinions and sometimes recipes as well. I have a book of personal recipes that I usually keep at work. They are recipes I've been collecting since I started working as a pastry chef, and many have been given to me by other chefs. A few of the newer ones are recipes that have been shared on eGullet. Any of my coworkers are welcome to look through it or copy recipes if they like, but I have had situations in the past where I was asked by one restaurant for a recipe from another place I've worked or just felt uncomfortable with a specific person and in those cases I do not share recipes. I have also been in a situation where an employer screwed me over.....so I photocopied all their major recipes. Not for spiteful purposes, like to give out to a competitor or try to market as my own. I have a copy of those recipes because if someone is ripping you off, you should get something out of it. Sharing recipes is one of those areas where I aspire to be generous, but there are exceptions.
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    I made some banana caramel spring rolls once, they were pretty good. I think the recipe is on Epicurious. Just make sure you fry them in clean oil........banana spring rolls that taste like fried chicken aren't so nice
  4. Last month, the restaurant where I work specially ordered some sort of truffle that was black, oozy looking and smelled like a high school football teams locker room. It cost a $30 (for one) and I had to accept the cook's word that it tasted better than it looked since there was no way I could taste anything that smelled like THAT.
  5. I'd like to say "Never again", but I know better........ I will PROBABLY never again play with my cats on the weekend then go to work on Monday and forget to put on gloves before juicing 30 lemons for the lemon curd. OWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I agree with the previous posters. I've made ice cream sandwiches with the regular oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I make, and they always seem to absorb some moisture from the ice cream after a couple of days in the freezer (well wrapped). Just use any cookie recipe you really like unless you have your heart set on the rectangular shape. What kind of ice cream are you planning to fill them with? If you made double chocolate cookies with cocoa nib ice cream I'd eat 3 of them!
  7. yes its called OTTAWA ← Umm, there ARE cute boys here, just they are the exception, not the rule so they are used to more attention than the Montreal folk, who are accustomed to passing 40 or 50 cute guys on the same street! You Montrealers don't truly appreciate what you have there I'm sure! Anyway, Ottawa is still better than TO because it's closer to.............Montreal!
  8. Hi Christine! I had a "Food on a Stick" party last weekend and one of the things I made was mini sandwiches on a skewer. This is a great option for the indecisive.........one of the cutest sights from my dinner party was a couple trading sandwiches......he liked the ones with meat and she liked the veggies ones. I did 2 per skewer because there was other food, but for a lunch you'd probably want three. I made: Proscuitto, St Paulin cheese, maple mustard and hydroponic watercress. Goat cheese, avocado, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, sea salt and greens. Brie, red pepper jelly and watercress. I used sliced baguette but you could also make these with small dinner rolls. I used grape tomatoes on either end of the sandwiches to hold them on the skewer.
  9. I'm not sure what constitutes "guy food" but I have met a lot of guys that HATE mushrooms (how can this even be possible?) and other foods that seem relatively unpopular with the guys but very popular with us girls are cheesecake, and avocado. Girls seem to enjoy dairy foods in general more than the guys, but this is just from my observation. If I "break" a piece of cheesecake at work, the girls swarm around in a feeding frenzy, and the guys usually take a pass.
  10. I second that! If bracing the bowl is a problem while you whisk, just wet a kitchen towel, roll it up and arrange it around the bowl in a "C" shape. I do this all the time at work when I need to pour liquid into a bowl while whisking and don't have a third hand to brace the bowl. Hope your arm heals soon....you have my sympathy, I wouldn't be able to work injured....I need the use of both arms and I have to be able to be on my feet all day. And you are pregnant as well? Well I guess there is no "good" time to break an arm, but still.........
  11. Sorry no pictures but, this is what we ate: Chicken Satay Sweet Potato Brochettes Watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe and mandarin orange....on skewers Brownies on really cool bamboo skewers with a looped handle Peanut Butter cheesecakes (on popsicle sticks) dipped in chocolate and peanuts Roasted fingerling potatoes on frilly toothpicks with chipotle mayo and garlic and herb sour cream Black Forest Cheesecake with a chocolate mousse topping (my boss cheated and brought something with no stick.) Sandwiches (2 per skewer, with watercress and grape tomato garnish) Red pepper jelly, brie, watercress and cucumber Goats cheese, tomato, avocado, cucumber and sea salt Proscuitto, St Paulin cheese, maple mustard and watercress Consumed with various wines, sparkling lemonade, mineral water etc. Music menu: People For Audio .........And this will be our homecoming Do Make Say Think.......Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is Dead Form One............Self Titled It was loads of fun.............everyone should plan their own "Food on a Stick" party. Do it!
  12. I go out to hear bands playing fairly often, and squalid (and I mean by Canadian standards, not some of the freakier stuff you would find while travelling) washrooms are part of the deal,......... rarely do clubs that have bands in ever have clean pleasant washrooms. I have noticed that none of you have mentioned something you will find plenty of in Canada, especially in places that have basement washrooms........freezing cold toilet seats! Up here in The Great White North we have pre-chilled toilet seats. How's that for class?
  13. Food on a stick party is on! Sunday night, 6:30-ish. Peanut butter cheesecakes have been cooked and are in the freezer to harden up for dipping in chocolate. I've parboiled the fingerling potatoes with about 5 cloves of garlic, they'll get tossed in olive oil, garlic and whatever tomorrow night and roasted off. I'll get the stuff for the sandwiches on skewers tomorrow morning. My boss, who is French, does not seem to get the concept at all. Friday he pulled the other pastry chef aside and asked her to explain this "Food on a Stick" party to him. She told him to make some food, put it on a stick and bring it over....then we eat it........pretty simple, no? His reply...."I'll bring wine." Speaking of wine, I don't really know what people are bringing food and beverage wise so I picked up: 1 bottle of Syrah 1 bottle of vinho verde 1 bottle of rose 1 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc since I don't know what foods will be served apart from the ones I'm making, it seemed wise to go heavier on the white wines. If I can get someone more technologically capable to post pictures of the food I will.
  14. I found out a few days after buying the magazine that Pinback will be playing in Montreal in May. Since all I ever get to see in Montreal is the view from the Voyageur bus, the metro and the inside of whatever club the show is at, this time I will be planning to stay the whole weekend and hope to have a list of things I want to see and do planned out before I leave. I have stayed overnight after concerts before but these experiences have ranged from staying up from 2 am to 6 am at the bus terminal and being the scariest looking person on the bus to Ottawa the next morning, sketchy hotels (never let the cab driver choose your hotel at 2 am if you don't know the neighborhood ) and even sketchier hotels (don't arrive in Montreal on thanksgiving weekend without having booked a room ahead ) So despite having experienced Montreal the wrong way, 3 times and still having an amazing time, I very much plan to take advantage of these threads to have an even better time. I can't remember if the article mentioned the abundance of cute guys in Montreal, I wonder if there is a suburb where all the ugly people are banished to?
  15. I am allergic to shrimp. I developed the allergy while working as a line cook (this was before I went into pastry) one summer during patio season I peeled about a gazillion pounds of raw shrimp and started to get hives on my arms up to the elbow whenever I touched them (raw) and the one time I ate them ended in wrenching gut spasms that I haven't quite forgotten even though it was 16 years ago. Two things.........I did not grow up eating shrimp so I never ever ate them as a child........and I never really did like them, the one time I ate them it was out of unwillingness to offend the extremely nice and very new to Canada hosts of the dinner I was at. Anyway, my point is that perhaps extreme aversions to food could be because of allergies or potential to develop allergies to that food. Also, I am fairly sure I wouldn't die from accidentally eating shrimp....but I wouldn't want to find out the hard way!
  16. Excellent suggestions........you're all invited! (Like anyone in their right mind would visit Ottawa in winter) Some of these are things I never would have thought of! I already know what I am making, no idea what my guest are bringing...they were told to bring ANYTHING they could come up with, as long as its on a stick. I have to say, you guys really know how to take a theme and run with it! CanadianBakin........you should do a "Food on a Stick" party (you could reference your username and make something with....bacon! You could even have a "Food on a Stick" brunch.
  17. I think I'll pass on this one........I don't know if my friends would want to wear bibs!
  18. I'm thinking of having a "Food on a Stick" themed potluck next weekend. I will be making: Peanut butter cheesecake (on a stick of course) dipped in chocolate and crushed peanuts. Roasted fingerling potatoes with various dipping sauces (aioli, chipotle mayo, whatever) on sticks Mini sandwiches(3 different kinds) threaded onto skewers. There will also be a fake "First aid station" stocked with cotton, gauze bandages and eyepatches.........in case of any tragic "food on a stick" related incidents. So, what would you bring to a "Food on a stick" party?
  19. I'm not a fan of Jello either Rebecca, but I'm thinking of trying it with layers of panna cotta.
  20. When I was in high school here in Ottawa, in 1986 a group of my classmates went to a place in Chinatown that got around the whole restaurant licensing thing by giving tea leaf readings.........supposedly you were paying for the fortune telling, they just happened to feed you lunch while you were there. I thought fortune telling was silly and didn't go with them. How stupid was that!
  21. One of our chefs GROWS his own heirloom tomatoes in his garden at home. With those I have to ask before taking some for my sandwich.
  22. This is what I make for lunch, when the chefs in the restaurant aren't guarding their mise too closely....... Sourdough bread Goat cheese Sliced avocado Sliced tomato Sea salt (Malden) Microgreens Obviously better in the summer. I can eat this for lunch everyday for a week when local tomatoes are in season.
  23. I will never again try to catch an egg that is rolling off of the counter.........with my hip!
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