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  1. yum! Thanks for the help!
  2. I am making cupcakes for a friend's birthday tomorrow and was thinking about making chocolate cupcakes with a rasberry icing - problem is I can't find a recipe for the frosting. Could I just add rasberry puree to buttercream (or whipped cream) or would jam be better? Any other ideas?
  3. exactly. I would think that the big draw - for viewers - would be the spectacular cakes not the cheesy competition drama they tried to create.
  4. i'm planning on making the sticky buns soon, too. maybe this weekend. . .
  5. I'm going to single-handedly keep this thread alive! I've made a few things from Baking with Julia lately, though I only have pictures of the latest. . . I've made the Danish Pastries twice. I've made the bagels. I've made the Pizza Rustica. and last night I made the Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas (on homemade pita) and they were sooo good! (I added feta) <img src="http://baking.ericablu.com/wp-content/medpizza.jpg">
  6. A coconut cream tart with butter cookie crust. . . ><img src="http://baking.ericablu.com/wp-content/coconutcreme.jpg" />
  7. I don't have that recipe to compare - let's trade!
  8. Cook's Illustrated's 'Ultimate Flourless Chocolate Cake' <img src="http://baking.ericablu.com/wp-content/flourlesschocwhole.jpg" />
  9. I LOVE to make cupcakes. Here are some I've made recently: <img src="http://baking.ericablu.com/wp-content/cupcakes.jpg" /> From left to right - Sour cream cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans; Cinnamon sugar puff cupcakes also from Elinor; Lemon poppyseed butterfly cupcakes, again Elinor; and the chocoloate sour cream cupcakes, Elinor, with a vanilla buttercream recipe from Magnolia via <a href="http://www.52cupcakes.blogspot.com">52 cupcakes</a>.
  10. Ok - the semolina bread was made and eaten! It was delicious - I wonder, though, if it rose enough? - It was a bit chilly in my kitchen today. . . <img src="http://baking.ericablu.com/wp-content/semolinaslice.jpg" /> -- And yes, there's nothing like a gorgeously-photographed cookbook!
  11. I was beyond thrilled to find this thread, but I seem to have come to it a bit late! I hope there are some people still around to discuss this great book. . . So far I've only made the X-cookies (with dates instead of figs), and I'm in the process of making a loaf of semolina bread tonight. The cookies were good - definitely fun to make - but the candied orange peel was a little too strong. I wish I would have substituted dried apricots, but after a couple of days the flavor mellowed quite a bit. Anyway, I leave you with this photo of my X-cookies, and will update on the bread later. <cemter><img src="http://baking.ericablu.com/wp-content/forumxcookies.jpg" /></center>
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