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  1. I didn't actually say Cath Gradwell was a 'big name' The actual expression I used was 'well known' which she is. I've also had some hit and misses at Aldens over the years and on my last visit my hubby almost came to blows with their restaurant manager over a remark he made under his breath (but heard by both of us) that was aimed at me and rather offensive. Belfast's restaurant scene has moved on slightly over the years, but not much. Until the little boys cut their apron strings to their mothers, get out of the country and learn what's going on in the real world, then come back all fired up
  2. Doing a bit of work in Belfast at the moment and there's a bit of a buzz about this place that's due to open in April. Bit more about it here. It's planning on giving the likes of Malmaison and Ten Square a bit of a wake up call as it's going to go to the trouble of training its staff (unlike the former Hotels who never bothered) I managed to blag a look at what will be the main dining room, which seems to have taken some of its styling from the Wolseley. There's a rather well known Chef on the sidelines ready to take on the mantle, too... Watch this space.
  3. The first time I read this, I thought it said prospective.
  4. And the relevance to our experiences at Pengelleys is? None whatsoever.
  5. Oh dear! Real shame, had some good food there over the last few months
  6. We'll go to The Star instead, Jacqui always looks after us there.
  7. I'm in Helmsley this week and now have somewhere to go for lunch! Do I get a free glass of something for being a member of eGullet (albeit not in the clicky club)
  8. Where are all the women? If only to keep the peace!
  9. Oh dear, it's all gone a bit odd. Shanks to re-open as 'Moore' (a dumbed down golfers' jaunt for all that's served in a basket) and Barry Smith at Oriel in Gilford is hoping to move his business and its coveted star to Finnegan's in Kircubbin
  10. Can anyone point me to recruitment websites or anything related to finding employment as a Chef in Aus or NZ? All help and advice appreciated. Thanks Emma London
  11. Have to big it up on the pork tenderloin front. You never see it on menus, but it's a regular purchase on our bi-weekly trip to the butchers. Marvellous stuff. Poached in garlic and sage milk and then roasted? Splendid.
  12. Gordon needs put over my knee and spanked with a palette knife, interspersed with pleas for him to stay off the telly and get back into the kitchen.
  13. My sentiments entirely. Let's get Christmas out of the way first!
  14. Emma M

    The F Word!

    Bleak House. Brilliant. ← Yes, kicking myself I missed out on it and watched Ramsay's nonsense instead. I won't be making the same mistake next week
  15. Emma M

    The F Word!

    Well, I gave it half an hour, then went and did some ironing I don't know what Optomen were really trying to achieve and which pigeonhole they thought the programme would fit into to, but I sat there dumbfounded that such nonsense would get screentime from Channel 4. As for that public school mincing hack Giles Coren? Good God. Ramsay's sold out. Something he accuses the likes of AWT of, but is quite happy to do it himself now. You'd think with all that money he's raking in now he could afford to get that chiselled chin of his corrected. Thursdays at 8pm? Do your ironing, it's a lot more sa
  16. And here I am, reading the 'rules and regulations' that abound eGullet before I start to join in, when I come across this and say to myself 'I'll endeavour to ensure I don't waste space on any pages and edit any quotes' then lo and behold I pop in here to find the very thing being done. And by a hack! Do these rules not apply to the beautiful people ?
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