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  1. Paul, Yes, we focus on creme de la creme hot spots, and it's sooo obvious considering three of our last six reviews were: Papaya Hut Congee Noodle House Taiwan Beef Noodle House Along with the ever so posh Vera's and Modern Burger. All were positive except for Vera's, which is arguably the least independently owned of the bunch. And I'm sorry but Mexi Cali sucks ventworm nut, and if you'd broaden your horizons a bit and try authentic mexican food, you'll find that it can be just as cheap and infintely better. If you like crappy mexican rip-off food, buy a packet of el paso taco seasoning at safeway and some premade taco shells, and save yourself a few bucks. If you have any other problems with myself, or my website, send me a PM and we will discuss it. Very truly yours, Jason
  2. Correction: Mexi Cali is neither very good, nor is it Mexican, and unless by southwest you mean south of Broadway and West of Granville, you are again sorely mistaken. The meat is dry and overseasoned and the tortilla is store bought and crumbly. But at 5 dollars, I agree, it'll do in a pinch.
  3. the review is up now. and what's this business about apologies? i don't recall being offered one.
  4. I love this qualification. In Vancouver! or, you know, a different country altogether. So I'm assuming the tacos come in soft corn tortillas, doubled up?
  5. To further fuel the debate, not one, but two reviews of Vera's appear on this week's edition of eatvancouver. Expect another one written by egullet's own Lorna Yee next week, to boot. Fair is fair, but I do hope gerald is enjoying his 500 hits a day of free publicity.
  6. Speaking of crab, I wonder if you are all aware of this little essay: http://www.chowhound.com/midatlantic/board...sages/7171.html It was written by Joe Heflin, an acquaintance from the DC dining scene, where he is somewhat infamous. I find it quite entertaining.
  7. I finally have the chance to try Chambar next Wednesday, and before I go, I'd like to know if there are any must-try dishes you all would reccomend. Thanks!
  8. In an effort to add to the already substantial burger knowledge base, my friend Dan Fishman recently reviewed Moderne Burger for Eatvancouver. Although his obsession with Jack in the Box is somewhat troubling, I think most of his observations are on point.
  9. I've heard the same thing. Today at Moderne Burger, for instance. But, of course, many restaurants in the area serve less than totally cooked meat, including ground beef - Feenie's comes to mind - so surely it can't be applicable to all restaurants. My feeling has always been, if a restaurant is wary about serving their meat less than well-done, maybe I should take that as a sign that they aren't entirely confident about their meat.
  10. Alright I have a few comments and questions not related to recent developments. I went to Rare a few weeks ago for drinks and to try a couple of the plates mentioned here. I didn't get to talk to Tim or Brian or get the full tour, but the service was friendly and I really enjoyed my visit. Since then, it's become obvious that to fully appreciate this destination, I'm going to have to try the full chef's choice tasting dinner with wine pairing. Unfortunately, I'm on a budget and I forgot to note the price of this option - I was hoping someone could pass along this information (I was also unable to find it online). Cheers, Jason
  11. I think at the heart of the issue here is whether it's appropriate to review the clientele along with the restaurant. I believe that it is useful in some cases. For instance, my recent review of the Congee Noodle House here in Vancouver. Clearly, there is some informational value gleaned from describing who frequents an establishment, and Gill's mention of egulleters loving this place may have served this end. But when she began to judge the clientele, well, she lost the mission.
  12. I went to Kim Phung about a year ago and had exactly the same problem, and it didn't even taste good. I haven't been back since. About how common is this phenomenon?
  13. made the long drive out to chilos today and was greeted with a big closed sign - this was about 2 o'clock. went to the place next door and it was okay.
  14. the opening soon dinner and black box dinner links both point to the same place.
  15. I'm partial to all seven, but right now, I'd go with wrath. Anyhoo, I heard the sutton place hotel has an all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet. Sounds pretty disgusting to me, but it might be up someone's alley.
  16. Wow, those look about right. The meat looks good, cilantro, double corn tortilla - I like what I see. Add a wedge of lime and bit of shredded radish relish, and they would look exactly like images I carry around of times long past. Looks like a roadtrip is in order.
  17. Yeah they make the spicy soup pretty spicy, which I think is great and shows they aren't tempering it for the masses. Although I have never failed to finish it, I do find it noticably spicy, which is pretty rare for me. It also makes me really happy. A bubble tea and the cold appetizers are a good foil for the hot and spicy soup.
  18. A friend and I went to the Taiwan Beef Noodle restaurant on Granville around 70th. It was really quite good. I like contrast between the hot, spicy soup and the cold (also spicy) little appetizers. The relevant post on Eat Vancouver is here oh and it's 24 hours. great after a trip to the casino.
  19. I've never tried the bread here, but I'm interested in why you think it's so bad.
  20. Welcome! And thanks for the tip, my curiosity is definitely piqued and I will try to check it out this week. As some may know I'm quite critical of the Mexican/South American cuisine in this city and it seems like this place could be a step in the right direction.
  21. i didn't want to start a new thread and this is the closest to the topic that I could find through a quick search, but what do you guys use for muddling? I mean, is your "muddler" store-bought, or just the end of a broom or something? thanks!
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