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  1. I'm going to have to disagree. Although it might be a good value, there is no way Guad. is traditional mexican fare, unless in my absence the mexicans have begun layering oily yellow cheese over everything.
  2. There are some forums where this much yet to be deserved exuberance would be labeled... Plant!! I tried a quesadilla and while it was tasty it had too much orange cheddar melted in it to be particularly authentic. I agree about the fish taco needing to be deep fried to be authentic but I bet there are a lot of people who will prefer them the way they are. Still, this is going to be a great addition to Kits Point once they iron out the details.....and add carnitas!! With a scorcher of a weekend on the way and fireworks Wednesday after that the learning curve is gonna be steep! ← given my history with mr. tritt, i think it's safe to say i'm no plant. i only tried the tacos, so i can only comment on those, and as I said, they're good. i've been to places in LA that grill the fish in the taco, but yeah deep-fried seems to be the norm. as long as they are treating the ingredient and the concept with the proper respect, it's authentic enough for me. re: the quesadillas, sounds like they need to find a place to source some queso fresco, and crumble some of that insead. regardless, a serious taqueria that is not a 30 minute drive away and subject to variable opening hours gets a thumbs up from me. the service was good, but then again, i was one of only a couple people in there. we'll see if they can withstand a signficant rush.
  3. Jeeezuz! Why'd you have to go drag Taco del Mar into the conversation? This is like saying Holt-Renfrew kick's Walmart's ass in clothing. I've had more than my fair share of burritos at TDM since my kids have developed a liking for them (totally their mom's fault!). I know whereof I speak. TDM is crap. I won't insult Daved, Noah and Gerald by making the comparison. I'm with Vancouver on this. Reserving judgement after my lunch today. I really liked what I had ... and I'm pretty sure they're the best I've had in BC. But as we've established, that's not saying too much. A couple early notes however: * I agree with eatvancouver ... sauce for the fish tacos is really good. * I thought the fish in fish tacos was supposed to be battered and deep fried. The Yet-To-Be-Named-Taco-Place-On-Cornwal doesn't do it that way. It was good ... but I thought we were going for "authentic". Or maybe this gringo has it wrong? A. ← I think it's an appropriate comparison simply because TDM one of the few places in Vancouver that sells a fish taco. i think go fish might have one as well, but i haven't tried it.
  4. Had lunch at the new taco shack today and I believe I can say without reservation that Gerald, Noah and crew nailed it. For just under seven dollars you receive three tacos (any combination of beef, chicken or fish). The tacos speak of a genuine time, place and feel and are true to their taco truck routes: moist slow-cooked meats on homemade tortillas (one, not two, as their rendition is slightly thicker than what you might get in a taco truck), served with cilantro, lime, and your choice of sauce - roasted tomato based or tomatilla based, as well as optional pico de gallo. The fish is served with cabbage and a nice creme based sauce that has a nice smoky kick. Kicks taco del mar's ass, as well. To me, a large part of authenticity is respect for the ingredient and means of production. In this sense of the word, the taco shack is right on. These guys obviously know and care about the roots of what they are doing, and it is evident in the product. And don't worry Ling, it tastes good, too.
  5. doesn't appear to be open yet but i will try again tomorrow!
  6. So has anybody been yet? I'm going today for lunch, but was interested to here from others first. ← went by today and they definitely ain't open yet. looks very close though. give it a day or two.
  7. sounds like an unusual steak. maybe you mean hanger?
  8. congrats, you and your team deserve it.
  9. i'm pretty sure they have a la carte as well, but i'm not 100% on that.
  10. I believe they are open for lunch, and they have a lunch buffet.
  11. Are you serious? Get thee to a Home Depot and ask them to cut you a 12" section of 1.5" diameter dowel. Muddle your brains out with that bad boy. Now ... the industrious among us would figure out a way to market that akin to the "planking cedar" folk. Best marketing plan EVER! A. ← Thanks Daddy-A, that's a fine idea.
  12. last i checked they had ancho chilis, but not powder. i suppose i could grind them up
  13. I'm impressed that she gave it two tries, but I suppose that it was neccesary given she was taking on such a respected Vancouver institution. It does appear that she/the paper she works for is coming around and listening to the widespread criticism of her stuff.
  14. You don't like crunchy yam fries? I do...I guess it's a matter of personal preference. The best yam fries are at Elements in Whistler! Thin-cut, salted, super crisp, not greasy at all. It came with some sort of aioli. ← I second that. Its a Garlic aioli. ← I believe aioli is, by definition, garlic.
  15. i was at sea harbor about a month ago for dim sum and it was very good. but yes, one of the most expensive dim sums in town. don't miss the baked baos.
  16. Yes, please do this because $130 is an outrageous price for 5 dvds. or anything for that matter
  17. Chilo’s may have its kinks to work out, but it helps fill an important ditch in Vancouver’s culinary landscape – a family run taqueria featuring authentic tacos made with a passion for the craft.
  18. hiya, i'm considering las vegas as a surprise birthday trip for my girlfriend. considering i expect to spend a lot on the trip, is there a nice spot for a romantic (birthday) dinner where i can get away spending less that $200 including wine/tax/tip? very appreciative, jason edit: I should clarify, although I normally seek out great culinary destinations, that's not really her bag. so a nice romantic spot is more important than amazing food. although i would appreciate it.
  19. Thanks Henry. It looks like a phenomenal place, but I think it's closed on Sunday. I saw a place in the same area called Zoe, do you think that would fit the bill?
  20. Hi Seattle Egulleteers, I'm driving down to Seattle this coming Sunday (the 14th) for my girlfriends birthday. We'll do a little sightseeing, go to the space needle, and then I was hoping to solicit your advice on a nice place for dinner. Price isn't a huge deal - I'd like to keep it under $200 including wine/tax/tip. Normally I'd go for the huge gastronomic blowout, but that's not really her style, so a nice scenic or romantic room is the main goal. Bonus points if there is a nice hotel nearby. Many thanks, Jason
  21. I'm pretty sure they are potatoes, as that's what all of my sichuanese friends call them. but maybe they are just dumbing it down for the stupid american. i will ask for clarification.
  22. They actually do bring out the cold dishes at the Vancouver location, but I think only on weekends - at least that's the only time I've seen them. I also think the Richmond location is a little better, the flavors being a little more on point. Boiled beef is the way to go, or if you can afford it, the same dish with fish. GS was actually my first review, oh the memories.
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