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  1. In Lisbon "Restaurante Tasca da Esquina" T. 210 993 939 info@tascadaesquina.com Restaurante Bocca http://www.bocca.pt/ Tradicional food, Solar dos Nunes, http://www.solardosnunes.com/
  2. Fortaleza do Guincho is very good for lunch, as you have great views over the ocean.
  3. The best restaurant in Lisbon is Tavares, one of new michelin star restaurants in Lisbon. I will recomend surprise menu. http://www.restaurantetavares.pt/#/pt/home The site is only in portuguese For booking reservas@tavaresrico.pt fone +351213421112 Chef site http://joseavillez.com/index.asp?l=4 Fortaleza do Guincho one hour driving from Lisbon http://www.guinchotel.pt Restaurant Panorama at the Sheraton Hotel http://www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=292&language=en_US&ES=LPS_292_EN_SI_LANGDD_IB_EAME
  4. Finally, Can Roca has won the third michelin star.
  5. For the 15th I'll recomend Restaurante Tavares http://www.restaurantetavares.pt Chef's site http://joseavillez.com/index.asp?l=4 e-mail Near Quinta de La Rosa, excelent restaurant in Douro river http://www.restaurantedoc.com/ Other good restaurants is Lisbon area: http://www.bocca.pt/ http://www.guinchotel.pt/Default.aspx http://www.portosantamaria.com/ Enjoy !
  6. Near Sintra you have Leitão de Negrais, but Mealhada is by far the best.
  7. The best restaurant in Lisbon is Tavares. Chef José Avillez worked in the kitchen at El Bulli the year 2007. d'ont miss. http://joseavillez.com/index.asp http://www.tavaresrico.pt/ In Guincho beach, 20 minutes driving from Penha Longa, Fortaleza do Guincho and more tradicional Porto Santa Maria. http://www.guinchotel.pt/Default.aspx http://www.portosantamaria.com/ In Lisbon, more relaxed Bocca restaurant http://www.bocca.pt/ In the hotel Penha Longa Arola Restaurant. Sintra, G Spot restaurant.
  8. Port, but not a vintage. With milk chocolate a tawny 10 years is perfect.
  9. John. The only question is that in the next 20 years, this cuisine, is no more contemporary. The same for "avantgarde cuisine" Honestly, Tecnoemocional, reflects what I felt in restaurants such as Alinea, Denis Martin, Can Roca, Mugaritz....
  10. I've got a table... hope the dinner worth the 500 miles driving... Once in the region, I would like to go to another restaurant ( in France ). I already know all the good restaurants, in spanish Basque Country . I'm thinking in Cordeillan Bages. Any other sugestions ? Thanks in advance Paulo Rodrigues
  11. And, for the 1st time, a portuguese chef. José Avillez, who worked in the kitchen at El Bulli last year, is now the head chef at Tavares Restaurant in Lisbon. Tavares, is probably the oldest restaurant in town, where, its decadent decor, contrasts with the modern cuisine. His presentation at Madrid Fusion, will be in the last day, with the name " renovation of the great culinary temples " http://www.joseavillez.pt/index.asp?l=4
  12. Last year, I received my No, end of November. Good Luck... ← What a party pooper (hoping to make El Bulli part of honeymoon in June and haven't heard anything yet). ← As late as you receive the e-mail, the chance to get a table increase. But....
  13. Last year, I received my No, end of November. Good Luck...
  14. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark Amador, Langen, Germany Denis Martin, Vevey , Switzerland
  15. I went to Alinea, end of July. It was the best meal I had recently, including the dinner at Fat Duck in February, and the lunch at Pierre Gagnaire. The service was outstanding. By Michelin standards, IMHO, it deserves no less than 3 stars.
  16. http://www.worldsbestbars.com/public/categ...p?categoryId=27 Panorama Bar, at the Lisboa Sheraton Hotel.
  17. Taxi,( is not expensive). You can have lunch at Fortaleza do Guincho. Great views from the restaurant at lunch time. IMO, Fortaleza do Guincho, is the best restaurant, in all Lisbon area. For dinner , 100 Maneiras restaurant in Cascais, 10 minutes taxi from Estoril. http://www.100maneiras.com/
  18. In Estoril for the best restaurants are Fortaleza do Guincho, and Porto Santa Maria. http://www.guinchotel.pt/english/ http://www.portosantamaria.com/uk/eentrada.htm Both restaurants are in Praia do Guincho ( 6 miles from Estoril ) In Lisbon, Eleven ok, and Veranda Restaurant, at Ritz four Seasons Hotel ( only dinner, lunch is buffet service ) http://www.fourseasons.com/lisbon/dining.html regards
  19. My very best wishes to you, and your's.
  20. I'm sure it was not your photos. I spoke with the waiter about your report in eGullet, and he told me, that was not the same case.
  21. My favorite dishes was Odran and Alsos, follow by your favorite Unda. As you, I found Aprillis the least interesting. It was not possible to make photos. I was told this was recent decision because one person, used his photos of a meal at L'Esguard, for is own profit. Regards Paulo Rodrigues
  22. it is a unique experience. I expect that you will enjoy it. While I am not sure that it would be the kind of restaurant that I would want (or could afford) to go to every week, it would be a treat to go to every now and again. ← I went to L'Esguard last week. The menu was exactly the same and I agree with doc., in most of it's comments. This was one of my best meals ever. IMHO, this meal was better than other recent experiences at Can Roca, Fat Duck, Pierre Gagnaire and Mugaritz. I did not went to El Bulli recently. I can not compare it with L'Esguard. I have a booking for Alinea end of July. I'm very curious about it...
  23. Wine shop in Lisbon Coisas do Arco do Vinho. Take a taxi and go to Centro Cultural de Belém. The wine shop is in the same building.
  24. Thank you for your report John. I have my booking at L'Esguard, beginning of June.
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