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  1. Hi Lauren, I lived in Hawai'i for 8 years...came back to my native NY 5 years ago.... So I can't tell you what's new in the last five years, but here's where we went for great food - Roy's - in Hawai'i Kai (about 10 miles outside of Honolulu) - the food was great - the place a bit noisy - but sitting outside was an option. 3660 On The Rise - in Kaimuki - a neighborhood within Honolulu - Indigo - very unique Asian style cuisine - on Nuuanu Ave. in Chinatown Palomino - part of a chain, but you wouldn't know it by the food etc. Maple Garden - the best Chinese food you'll ever have I'm sure you can find these restaurants online for more details. There are other, but these came to mind instantly. If I think of any more, I'll let you know. For romantic drinks at sunset....go to the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki - their outside lounge for cocktails and pupus (hors d'oeuvres) with Hawaiian musicians playing traditional Hawaiian music and "the lovely Kanoe" doing modern hula - if she's still there dancing the hula she's terrific and the ambience of the location can't be beat. Be sure to buy yourselves some flower leis on Maunakea Street in Chinatown - there are lots of lei shops there but we used to buy ours from Cindy's. Leis are given all the time for all occasions! If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me at annevery@cookwithaloha.com Aloha! Ann
  2. Hi, I too just posted a review of The Cook's Book to my website page on "Cookbook Reviews" - I too thought it a beautiful work - except with one problem I had with a certain recipe - but overall a beautiful book. I'll forward your comment about a DVD or other electronic format for the book - great idea! Ann www.cookwithaloha.com
  3. Hi Dana, I'm a chef/instructor and in addition to teaching clients privately and at the Culinary Workshops held at the Hoboken ShopRite I"ve done several group hands-on cooking events but they've always been held at either the clients' home kitchen, or a rented facility like a cooking school that has the space for 20 participants. I live in Jersey City and if you'd like to discuss further or ask any questions you can do so here or contact me at annevery@cookwithaloha.com You can also view my website at www.cookwithaloha.com Best, Ann
  4. What kind of problems do you have rolling out pie dough? If you like, maybe I can help with some hints/techniques - let me know the pie dough recipe you're using also.
  5. Let's not forget that Mimi Sheraton was the critic that wrote about Rao's, despite the pleadings of Frank Pellegrino for her not to review the restaurant forcing Frank to become "Frankie NO" and having to turn down everyone calling for a table as a result of that infamous review - and then to keep his loyal and most frequent customers, having to offer them a private table Mon - Fri.!!! For a home-made Rao's experience, I just pretend to be dining at Rao's when I entertain and serve many of their famous dishes - whilst listening to a CD with their jukebox favorites! All that's missing are the famous and sometimes infamous clientele!!
  6. Hi Rosie, The printed Fall brochure should be in the stores that have Culinary Workshops in approx. 10 days. The program has been in existance for about 6 years. If you like, I'll mail you a brochure when it's available.
  7. Hi Rosie, I don't see Caldwell on the list of ShopRite stores for the Culinary Workshops - just getting used to finding my way around egullet!
  8. About the cooking classes at the Hoboken ShopRite.....I'm the culinary instructor for the Hoboken Culinary Workshops ! As Markk said, this ShopRite is more up-scale and has a lot of interesting foods - their cheese department is one of the best I've seen in a supermarket. Approximately 50 ShopRite's in the tri-state area have the Culinary Workshops all taught by experienced culinary professionals. If you go to www.shoprite.com and click on the link to Culinary Workshops you can see the new Fall Schedules of classes as well as the bios of the instructors.
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